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2014 HS Shortstops

This list isn’t all that I wanted it to be, but it’s still a fairly strong representation of the players that I’ve either seen up close or feel like I have enough information on to make an educated guess about. Information becomes more scarce the further down the list you go, so keep it that in mind if you’re the type to think the guy listed at 13 is WAY better than the player listed at 7. In fact, it might just be best to focus on the rankings closer to the top of the list while using the back end as just a quick shorthand for the most notable tools each player possesses. Lastly, this list is just a quick version of what I have. If you want to know more about anybody — or want to add something — please don’t hesitate to ask/contribute any way you see fit.

  1. SS/RHP Nick Gordon (Olympia HS, Florida): great athlete; excellent defensive tools, will be average at least professionally; good hit tool, easily above-average; interesting power upside, average to above-average for me (consider him underrated here); average to above-average speed (some have plus); above-average arm, plus at times; hits it with more authority than his brother at same stage; comparison to JP Crawford makes some sense, but has gotten physically stronger and results have been encouraging; easy 88-92 FB, 93-94 peak; above-average 73-79 CB flashes plus; upper-70s CU; 6-2, 170 pounds
  2. SS Ti’Quan Forbes (Columbia HS, Mississippi): above-average arm; good range at SS; excellent athlete; impressive raw power, easy average or better raw; quick bat; love his defensive upside at SS, CF is strong fallback; plus to plus-plus speed; needs to get stronger; only thing “holding him back” is misguided view that all MS preps fail; huge FAVORITE; 6-4, 175 pounds
  3. SS/3B Josh Morgan (Orange Lutheran HS, California): plus defensive ability at 3B; average or better arm; love his approach; impressive game power, average presently; average speed; great approach; no problems squaring velocity; BP comp: Addison Russell defensively; FAVORITE; 6-0, 180 pounds
  4. SS/3B Cole Tucker (Mountain Pointe HS, Arizona): above-average arm; good athlete; average or better speed; above-average raw power; knows how to play; 6-3, 180 pounds
  5. SS/2B Ryan Lillard (Urbandale HS, Iowa): strong arm; good speed; quick bat; good athlete; average power; 6-1, 185 pounds
  6. SS Brody Westmoreland (ThunderRidge HS, Colorado): good athlete; good defensive tools; strong arm
  7. SS Blake Wiggins (Pulaski Academy, Arkansas): power upside; strong; has also been tried at C; 6-1, 190 pounds
  8. SS Milton Ramos (American Heritage HS, Florida): good speed, plus for some; good enough arm; very good defensive tools, plus to plus-plus; impressive footwork; has gotten stronger over calendar year; not sure if he’ll hit; PG comp: Oscar Mercado; 6-0, 160 pounds
  9. SS/OF DJ Burt (Furquay-Varina HS, North Carolina): good speed; strong enough arm; good athlete; quick bat; gap power; 5-9, 160 pounds
  10. SS/2B Dalton Guthrie (Venice HS, Florida): smart player; good defender; solid all-around; typical Kevin O’Sullivan middle infielder in a good way
  11. SS Quin Walbergh (Edmond Santa Fe HS, Oklahoma): good speed; good defensive tools; interesting bat
  12. SS Kyle McPherson (Western Branch HS, Virginia): plus defensive tools
  13. SS Alexis Pantojas (Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico): plus defensive upside; good arm; above-average speed; bat will be a question; 6-0, 165 pounds
  14. SS Justin Fowler (Aliso Niguel HS, California): good hit tool; steady glove
  15. SS/RHP Tristan Gray (Elkins HS, Texas): strong hit tool; 88-89 FB
  16. SS Nick Valaika (Hart HS, California): good glove; strong arm; 6-0, 175 pounds
  17. SS Henry Davis (Mayo HS, South Carolina): really good defensive tools; strong arm; good athlete; 6-3, 160 pounds
  18. SS Christian Hicks (The Bolles HS, Florida): plus defensive tools; plus range; strong arm; 6-4, 180 pounds
  19. SS Dale Burdick (Summit HS, Tennessee): smart hitter; good approach
  20. SS/RHP Grant Fennell (Scripps Ranch HS, California): good athlete; good defensive tools; plus arm; 85-89 FB; 65-66 SL
  21. SS/3B Jonathan Ducoff (Kingwood Park HS, Texas): strong; good athlete; strong arm; 6-1, 190 pounds
  22. SS Josh Garbrecht (Edmond North HS, Oklahoma): good athlete; good speed; accurate arm
  23. SS Bryce Evans (Savannah Christian HS, Georgia): plus speed
  24. SS Clayton Custer (Blue Valley Northwest HS, Kansas): good athlete; 6-0, 170 pounds
  25. SS Nick Roark (Broken Arrow HS, Oklahoma): good defensive tools
  26. SS Ryan Gridley (Milton HS, Georgia): steady glove; 5-9, 170 pounds

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