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2014 HS Second Basemen

This list isn’t all that I wanted it to be, but it’s still a fairly strong representation of the players that I’ve either seen up close or feel like I have enough information on to make an educated guess about. Information becomes more scarce the further down the list you go, so keep it that in mind if you’re the type to think the guy listed at 12 is WAY better than the player listed at 8. In fact, it might just be best to focus on the rankings closer to the top of the list while using the back end as just a quick shorthand for the most notable tools each player possesses. Lastly, this list is just a quick version of what I have. If you want to know more about anybody — or want to add something — please don’t hesitate to ask/contribute any way you see fit.

  1. 2B/OF Forrest Wall (Orangewood Christian HS, Florida): perfect swing; bat speed in spades; iffy arm (below-average), but rebuilding strength after injuries; easy plus speed; great approach; above-average hit tool, plus upside; sneaky pop, above-average upside if generous (average for most); average glove at least; instincts are big league quality; BP comp: Dustin Ackley/Todd Walker; plain fun to watch him hit; have heard him likened to Tim Anderson in HS; my own comp: Mookie Betts; FAVORITE; 6-0, 180 pounds
  2. 2B/SS Greg Deichmann (Brothers Martin HS, Louisiana): above-average to plus raw power; plus speed; steady defender; accurate arm; quick release; consistent hard contact; good athlete; PG comp: Chase Utley; shades of stronger Nick Noonan for me; only red flag: older for class; 6-1, 180 pounds
  3. 2B/SS Max George (Regis Jesuit HS, Colorado): quick bat; average or better speed; steady glove, flashes better; average arm; great approach; really impressive “now” hitter; FAVORITE
  4. 2B/SS Isan Diaz (Springfield Central HS, Massachusetts): pretty swing; quick bat; good defender; strong arm; FAVORITE; comp: Robinson Cano; 5-10, 175 pounds
  5. 2B/SS Liam Sabino (Blair Academy, New Jersey): great athlete; above-average arm; strong hit tool; intriguing defensive tools; average speed; 6-1, 185 pounds
  6. 2B/SS Trace Loehr (Putnam HS, Oregon): good athlete; average arm; gap power; good speed; can really hit; good defender; old for class; 5-10, 175 pounds
  7. 2B/SS Jack Gerstenmaier (Freeman HS, Virginia): good speed; good glove; strong hit tool; good approach; FAVORITE
  8. 2B/SS Tate Blackman (Lake Brantley HS, Florida): sneaky pop, chance for average in-game; solid across board; pro approach; smart hitter; average speed; average glove; average arm; very old for class; like his swing a lot; PG comp Christian Arroyo; 6-0, 190 pounds
  9. 2B/OF Luke Dykstra (Westlake HS, California): good hitter, at least average upside; strong arm; versatile defender; plays above tools; always goes max effort; average speed; impressed by defensive tools; 6-0, 200 pounds
  10. 2B/OF Bryson Brigman (Valley Christian HS, California): good defensive tools; good raw power; above-average to plus speed; like his defense at 3B a lot; 5-11, 180 pounds
  11. 2B Shane Mardirosian (King HS, California): above-average speed; average at best arm; strong; strong hit tool; all his tools play up; big fan of his glove; average power upside; FAVORITE; 5-9
  12. 2B/RHP Justin Twine (Falls City HS, Texas): good speed, others like it way more (plus-plus); great athlete; good defensive tools; good arm; can also play OF, 3B, and SS
  13. 2B/SS Keith Grieshaber (Marquette HS, Missouri): good athlete; good speed; good arm; good bat speed; power upside; 6-2, 185 pounds
  14. 2B/SS Chandler Avant (Pike Liberal Arts HS, Alabama): strong arm; smooth defender; above-average hit tool; plus speed; limited power upside; 5-9, 165 pounds

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