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2014 HS Catchers

This list isn’t all that I wanted it to be, but it’s still a fairly strong representation of the players that I’ve either seen up close or feel like I have enough information on to make an educated guess about. Information becomes more scarce the further down the list you go, so keep that in mind if you’re the type to think the guy listed at 43 is WAY better than the player listed at 27. In fact, it might just be best to focus on the rankings closer to the top of the list while using the back end as just a quick shorthand for the most notable tools each player possesses. Lastly, this list is just a quick version of what I have. If you want to know more about anybody — or want to add something — please don’t hesitate to ask/contribute any way you see fit. If I didn’t have enough intel on a player as of early June, he was not included on the list.

  1. C/OF Alex Jackson (Rancho Bernardo HS, California): good defensive skills; plus-plus arm strength; serious power, called plus to plus-plus by some; strong; can hit any pitch; could have the bat to move to RF down the line; solid athlete; bat could be special; above-average bat speed; prefer him as catcher, where I think he’s underrated; overrated bat at this point, but still one of the draft’s best; interesting McDaniel comp: Hunter Renfroe; FAVORITE; 6-2, 220 pounds
  2. C/RHP Jakson Reetz (Norris HS, Nebraska): strong in all the right ways; above-average to plus arm; excellent hit tool; average or better power; can also play OF and 3B; like his defensive tools quite a bit; good athlete; below-average speed; reminds me of a HS version of Max Pentecost; 88-92 FB, 93 peak; good 79-81 SL/CB; 6-1, 200 pounds
  3. C/OF Chase Vallot (St. Thomas More HS, Louisiana): plus raw power, shows a lot of it at present; legit plus arm strength; average speed; really strong; quick bat; uses whole field well; good athlete; young for class; defense still a work in progress; slow; fitting BA comp: Mike Napoli; 6-0, 200 pounds
  4. C/1B Evan Skoug (Libertyville HS, Illinois): like the bat a lot; great approach; strong; slow; above-average arm strength, plays down; steady defender, like him back there way more than most; still undeniably rough glove, but I believe; easy above-average or better raw power; love his approach; BA comp: Kyle Schwarber; FAVORITE; 5-11, 200 pounds
  5. C Simeon Lucas (Grant Community HS, Illinois): very strong; average power upside; good arm; good defensive tools; impressive approach; good athlete; below-average speed; FAVORITE; 6-2, 200 pounds
  6. C/1B Bryce Carter (Cascia Hill HS, Oklahoma): love the hit tool; impressive raw power, average or better; slow, but solid glove; average arm; beautiful swing; very strong Stanford commitment; PG Travis Harrison comp; 6-1, 200 pounds
  7. C JJ Schwarz (Palm Beach Gardens HS, Florida): quick bat; average power upside, arguably more (above-average to plus for others); average hit tool; good approach; impressive defender, better than often given credit for; above-average arm, plays up due to precision; slow, but still a good athlete; 6-1, 200 pounds
  8. C/1B Michael Cantu (Moody HS, Texas): strong; slow; good athlete; capable defender, underrated in my view; average arm, plays down; plus raw power, plays above-average; swings for the fences, doesn’t get cheated; capable of hitting it all over; 6-4, 225 pounds
  9. C Devon Fisher (Western Branch HS, Virginia): good athlete; interesting bat, but still raw; average or better power upside; plus arm strength; slow; good approach; 6-1, 200 pounds
  10. C KJ Harrison (Punahou HS, Hawaii): good athlete; intriguing bat; average or better hit tool; defense still needs work, but rapidly improving; plus raw power; slow; young for class; 6-1, 190 pounds
  11. C Matt Morgan (Thorsby HS, Alabama): plus athlete; steady glove, love his defensive upside; good arm; plus raw power; slow; 6-0, 200 pounds
  12. C Cole Bedford (Deer Park HS, Texas): good athlete; good speed; power upside; good approach; good defender
  13. C Drew Lugbauer (Arlington HS, New York): strong; interesting power, above-average or better; good athlete; strong arm; big fan of his defense; 6-3, 210 pounds
  14. C Michael Rivera (Venice HS, Florida): good hit tool; average power; strong glove; average at best arm, others have it better (plus); slow; 5-10, 180 pounds
  15. C Joe Morgan (Sisters HS, Oregon): good defender; strong arm; good athlete; good hit tool; interesting power
  16. C Riley Jackson (Lexington Catholic HS, Kentucky): good speed for catcher; hits lots of line drives; good defensive tools; strong arm
  17. C/OF Slade Heggen (Loyola Sacred Heart HS, Montana): good defensive tools; great athlete; average speed; 6-0, 200 pounds
  18. C Blake Anderson (West Lauderdale HS, Mississippi): plus arm, flashes even better; good athlete; bat is a major question; below-average speed; 6-4, 180 pounds
  19. C Mitch Trees (Sacred Heart-Griffin HS, Kentucky): above-average to plus arm; great glove; good athlete; questionable bat; 6-2, 200 pounds
  20. C Riley Adams (Canyon Crest Academy, California): good arm; good athlete; average raw power; 6-4, 185 pounds
  21. C Nathan Rodriguez (El Dorado HS, California): good defensive tools; average or better arm; much improved bat; average power upside; 5-11, 190 pounds
  22. C Handsome Monica (St. Paul’s HS, Louisiana): strong; quick bat; plus raw power; strong but very inconsistent arm; average at best glove at present; below-average speed; 6-2, 220 pounds
  23. C Tim Susnara (St. Francis HS, California): quick bat; plus arm, very accurate; really strong defender; chance to be future backup; 6-0, 200 pounds
  24. C Matt Duce (Sierra Vista HS, Arizona): good defender; strong arm; quick bat; 5-11, 175 pounds
  25. C Zachary Risedorf (Northwestern HS, Connecticut): strong arm; quick feet; good athlete; interesting power
  26. C Tanner Gragg (Blue Valley West HS, Kansas): really good defender; really strong arm
  27. C Tommy Pincin (Upland HS, California): above-average raw power; chance for average bat; strong arm; raw defender
  28. C Jordan Hand (Arbor View HS, Nevada): good athlete; good glove; average power
  29. C Jose Lopez (King HS, Florida): good athlete; strong arm; power upside
  30. C Thomas Rowan (Santa Ynez HS, California): strong; good athlete; power upside
  31. C Aaron Rzucidlo (Walton HS, Georgia): above-average arm; average or better raw power
  32. C Roy Morales (Colegio Angel David HS, Puerto Rico): good arm; good athlete; strong; average power upside; questionable hit tool; slow; 6-1, 200 pounds
  33. C Ryan Miller (Venice HS, Florida): good speed; strong arm; good defensive tools; 86-89 FB; 81 SL; 6-1, 165 pounds
  34. C Benito Santiago (Coral Springs Christian Academy, Florida): good behind plate; strong arm; good athlete; average speed; don’t think he hits; 5-9, 165 pounds
  35. C Mike Papierski (Lemont HS, Illinois): average defensive tools; average hit tool
  36. C Joseph Freiday (Bridgewater Raynham HS, Massachusetts): strong arm; good athlete
  37. C Gunnar Troutwine (Shawnee East Mission HS, Kansas): good athlete; average speed
  38. C Ryan Oberg (Sunnyside HS, Arizona): good defender; strong arm; 6-0, 200 pounds
  39. C Marshall Gei (Eastern HS, Kentucky): quality defender; strong arm
  40. C/OF Spencer Levine (Miami Killian HS, Florida): strong arm; good glove
  41. C Michael Arroyo (Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico): good defender
  42. C Ryan McCullers (Jesuit HS, Florida): good defender
  43. C Hunter Taylor (Nandua HS, Virginia): strong defender; 6-1, 210 pounds
  44. C Zach Taylor (Horizon HS, Arizona): strong; strong arm; 6-1, 210 pounds
  45. C Justin Morris (Dematha Catholic HS, Maryland): good arm; 6-2, 200 pounds
  46. C Drew Landis (Red Lion HS, Pennsylvania): average arm; 5-10, 185 pounds

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