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2014 MLB Draft: Top 125 High School Pitching Prospects

I have a lot more to say here than just a ranking, I promise. I did, however, want to get this up as soon as possible because, you know, time is money and all that. I actually don’t know how that applies on a free site, but it’s late so let’s run with it. Tomorrow I want to talk a little about my methodology for compiling such a list, as well as brief explanations about why the names at the top are at the top. What I’m most looking forward to is a look at some of this year’s biggest HS pitching wild cards; there are a lot of intriguing names — anecdotally I’d say more than usual, but that’s likely just recency bias messing with my head — that could go anywhere from the mid- to late-first round all the way down to an unsignable spot in the draft. And I’m not just talking about Bryce Montes de Oca, either! Finally, I’d also like to look at some of the story lines that I think may develop as draft weekend — I know it’s Thursday/Friday/Saturday, but can we all agree on calling it draft weekend for simplicity’s sake? — unfolds. So prepare yourself for a HS pitching heavy next few days. Let’s kick it off with a list sure to be outdated in six weeks!

If I forgot somebody obvious, please don’t hesitate to yell at me.

  1. LHP Brady Aiken (Cathedral Catholic HS, California)
  2. RHP Tyler Kolek (Shepherd HS, Texas)
  3. RHP Grant Holmes (Conway HS, South Carolina)
  4. RHP Touki Toussaint (Coral Springs Christian HS, Florida)
  5. RHP Jacob Bukauskas (Stone Bridge HS, Virginia)
  6. RHP Dylan Cease (Milton HS, Georgia)
  7. LHP Kodi Medeiros (Waiakea HS, Hawaii)
  8. LHP Mac Marshall (Parkview HS, Georgia)
  9. RHP Michael Kopech (Mount Pleasant HS, Texas)
  10. RHP Cobi Johnson (Mitchell HS, Florida)
  11. RHP Sean Reid-Foley (Sandalwood HS, Florida)
  12. RHP Cameron Varga (Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, Ohio)
  13. RHP Luis Ortiz (Sanger HS, California)
  14. RHP Spencer Adams (White County HS, Georgia)
  15. LHP Foster Griffin (First Academy, Florida)
  16. RHP Keaton McKinney (Ankeny HS, Iowa)
  17. RHP Scott Blewett (CW Baker HS, New York)
  18. RHP Turner Larkins (Arlington Martin HS, Texas)
  19. RHP Keith Weisenberg (Osceola HS, Florida)
  20. RHP Grant Hockin (Damien HS, California)
  21. RHP Bryce Montes de Oca (Lawrence HS, Kansas)
  22. LHP/OF Alex Verdugo (Sahuaro HS, Arizona)
  23. LHP Carson Sands (North Florida Christian HS, Florida)
  24. RHP Joey Gatto (St. Augustine Prep, New Jersey)
  25. RHP Mitch Hart (Granite Bay HS, California)
  26. RHP Weston Davis (Manatee HS, Florida)
  27. RHP Alex Faedo (Alonso HS, Florida)
  28. LHP Tucker Baca (North Gwinnett HS, Georgia)
  29. RHP Jonathan Teaney (Quartz Hill HS, California)
  30. RHP Jake Nix (Los Alamitos HS, California)
  31. RHP Jake Godfrey (Providence Catholic HS, Illinois)
  32. RHP Brandon Murray (Hobart HS, Indiana)
  33. RHP/3B Ryder Ryan (North Mecklenburg HS, North Carolina)
  34. LHP Justus Sheffield (Tullahoma HS,Tennessee)
  35. LHP Bennett Sousa (Benjamin HS, Florida)
  36. RHP Alex Lange (Lee’s Summit West HS, Missouri)
  37. RHP Ryan Castellani (Brophy Prep, Arizona)
  38. RHP Bryan Dobzanski (Delsea Regional HS, New Jersey)
  39. RHP Austin DeCarr (Salisbury Prep, Massachusetts)
  40. LHP David Peterson (Regis Jesuit HS, Colorado)
  41. RHP Tylor Megill (Los Alamitos HS, California)
  42. RHP Drew Rasmussen (Mount Spokane HS, Washington)
  43. RHP Garrett Fulencheck (Howe HS, Texas)
  44. RHP Cre Finfrock (Martin County HS, Florida)
  45. RHP Marvin Gorgas (East Hampton HS, Connecticut)
  46. RHP Derek Casey (Hanover HS, Virginia)
  47. RHP Blake Bivens (Washington HS, Virginia)
  48. RHP Branden Kelliher (Lake Stevens HS, Washington)
  49. RHP Gage Burland (East Valley HS, Washington)
  50. RHP Brigham Hill (Nacogdoches HS, Texas)
  51. LHP Cameron Bishop (Brea Olinda HS, California)
  52. LHP Willie Rios (St. Bernard HS, Connecticut)
  53. LHP Cody Reed (Ardmore HS, Alabama)
  54. RHP Colton Hock (Bloomsburg Area HS, Pennsylvania)
  55. RHP Garrett Cave (South Sumter HS, Florida)
  56. RHP Mitch Keller (Xavier HS, Iowa)
  57. RHP Jonah Patten (Norwell HS, Indiana)
  58. RHP Andrew Karp (West Orange HS, Florida)
  59. LHP Justin Steele (George County HS, Mississippi)
  60. LHP Devin Smeltzer (Bishop Eustace HS, New Jersey)
  61. RHP Kevin Steen (Oak Ridge HS, Tennessee)
  62. RHP Tommy Doyle (Flint Hill HS, Virginia)
  63. RHP/OF Pat Mahomes (Whitehouse HS, Texas)
  64. LHP/OF Quinn Brodey (Loyola HS, California)
  65. LHP/OF Alex Destino (North Buncombe HS, North Carolina)
  66. RHP Micah Miniard (Boyle County HS, Kentucky)
  67. RHP Kevin Pimentel (Shoreham Wading River HS, New York)
  68. RHP Ricardo Salinas (North Shore HS, Texas)
  69. RHP Spencer Moran (Mountain View HS, Arizona)
  70. RHP Erik Manoah (South Dade HS, Florida)
  71. RHP Zach Schellenger (Devon Prep HS, Pennsylvania)
  72. RHP Stetson Woods (Liberty HS, California)
  73. RHP Brad Depperman (East Lake HS, Florida)
  74. RHP/3B Jake Jarvis (Klein Collins HS, Texas)
  75. RHP Brendan Spagnuolo (Chaminade HS, New York)
  76. RHP Case Rolen (Sherman HS, Texas)
  77. LHP Grant Reuss (Cranbrook Kingswood HS, Michigan)
  78. RHP Braden Webb (Owasso HS, Oklahoma)
  79. RHP Jayce Vancena (Lake HS, Ohio)
  80. RHP Jesse Lepore (Trinity Catholic HS, Florida)
  81. RHP Jeremiah Muhammad (Coral Springs Christian HS, Florida)
  82. RHP Bryce Dyrda (Oakdale HS, California)
  83. RHP Gabriel Gonzalez (Arbor View HS, Nevada)
  84. RHP Brad Bass (Lincoln-Way Central HS, Illinois)
  85. RHP Doug Norman (Ardrey Kell HS, South Carolina)
  86. LHP Brock Burke (Evergreen HS, Colorado)
  87. RHP Jeff Harding (Cambridge-South Dorchester HS, Maryland)
  88. RHP Brady Feigl (Parkway Central HS, Missouri)
  89. RHP Tanner Houck (Collinsville HS, Illinois)
  90. LHP Jacob Latz (Lemont HS, Illinois)
  91. LHP Daniel Gooden (Griffin HS, Georgia)
  92. RHP Kyle Marsh (Spruce Creek HS, Florida)
  93. RHP Brad Archer (Lebanon HS, Missouri)
  94. RHP Parker Joe Robinson (Serra HS, California)
  95. RHP Matt Ruppenthal (Brother Rice HS, Michigan)
  96. RHP Maverick Buffo (Spanish Fork HS, Utah)
  97. RHP Josh Pennington (Lower Cape May HS, New Jersey)
  98. RHP Danny Siwek (Bonita Vista HS, California)
  99. RHP Bryan Pall (Sandburg HS, Illinois)
  100. LHP Jeider Rincon (Overfelt HS, California)
  101. RHP Ronny Orta (Faith Baptist HS, Florida)
  102. RHP Clarke Schmidt (Allatoona HS, Georgia)
  103. RHP Brett Daniels (Fuquay-Varina HS, North Carolina)
  104. RHP Dan Serreino (Jackson Liberty HS, New Jersey)
  105. LHP Joel Huertas-Ortiz (Carmen Sol HS, Puerto Rico)
  106. RHP Kiko Garcia (St. Augustine HS, California)
  107. RHP Brad Wegman (Great Oak HS, California)
  108. RHP Sam Proctor (Booker HS, Florida)
  109. RHP Luis Alvarado (Montverde Academy, Florida)
  110. RHP Jordan Yamamoto (St. Louis HS, Hawaii)
  111. RHP Griffin Canning (Santa Margarita HS, California)
  112. RHP Luke Dabney (Dripping Springs HS, Texas)
  113. LHP John Gavin (St. Francis HS, California)
  114. RHP Jesse McCord (Spanish Fork HS, Alabama)
  115. RHP Drew Carlton (George Jenkins HS, Florida)
  116. RHP Kyle Wright (Buckhorn HS, Alabama)
  117. RHP Dazon Cole (Pontiac Central HS, Michigan)
  118. RHP Ronald Williams (American HS, Florida)
  119. RHP Trevor Horn (Horizon HS, Arizona)
  120. RHP Keegan Curtis (Davidson HS, Alabama)
  121. RHP Garrett King (Orange Lutheran HS, California)
  122. LHP Reagan Todd (Regis Jesuit Hs, Colorado)
  123. RHP Andrew DiPiazza (Central Regional HS, New Jersey)
  124. RHP Dakody Clemmer (Mountain View HS, Washington)
  125. RHP Grant Schneider (Lake Travis HS, Texas)


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  3. […]’s top HS pitchers list Bukauskas as the 5th best HS pitching prospect in the land.  That’s pretty heady praise considering that the guys listed ahead of him are all top-10 draft pick talents or close to it. […]

  4. T walker says:

    I was in NY from Texas last week on business and was invited to go watch a high school baseball game with two guys who’s son’s play for Somers high school. They played against Beacon High school and they had a LHP that was incredible. He threw heat with a mean off speed pitch. After the game was over he finish with 16 k’s , 1 hitter, complete game. I forgot his name but someone mentioned he is going to Wake Forest to play. Worth taking a look at if you are a scout!

    • T walker says:

      Hi T.Walker , the kid you are talking about for Beacon is Tony Romanelli. He has a full ride to Wake Forest to
      pitch. He is also a very good hitter, but pitching is his bread and butter.

  5. Richard Williams says:

    Ronnie Williams at 118??? Really…97 mph…this must be the deepest HS pitching class in history

  6. […] launched him back into the upper ranks of high school pitchers in this year’s draft class. But the second concern teams may have is his size. With shaky command of secondary stuff already, […]

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