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2014 MLB Draft (And Beyond) – Atlantic Sun Follow List

Much like the Atlantic 10, I already covered the Atlantic Sun in detail a few weeks ago. Read that, read this, read both, read neither…the choice is entirely yours! I really want to get a few different things published this week, but can’t promise a ton of activity due to what looks like a busy work week. We’ll see.

One of the few questions I occasionally get asked is often the simple “I’m seeing ______ this weekend. Do they have anybody worth watching?” Here’s your answer for the Atlantic Sun…

East Tennessee State

SR 1B/LHP Clint Freeman
JR SS Jordan Sanford
JR SS Chris Riopedre
JR RHP Jimmy Nesselt
SR RHP Will Chesney
SR OF Dylan Tritsch
SO OF Jeremy Taylor (2015)
SO RHP Griffin Krieg (2015)
SO LHP Josh Jacques (2015)
FR 3B/RHP Chris Cook (2016)
FR C Gage Downey (2016)

Florida Gulf Coast

JR OF/1B Michael Suchy
JR OF Adam Eggnatz
rJR SS/RHP Alex Diaz
JR 3B/RHP Zack Tillery
rSO RHP/OF Brady Anderson
JR RHP Jack English
SR LHP Ryan Atwood
rFR RHP Brad Labozzetta (2015)
SO RHP Michael Murray (2015)
SO INF Nick Rivera (2015)
SO INF Tyler Selesky (2015)
FR 2B Jake Noll (2016)


JR RHP Alex McRae
SR LHP Will Flor
SR RHP Adam Maxon
SR RHP Zach Gordon
JR RHP Jeff Tanner
SR C Drew Luther
JR OF Cameron Gibson
SO 1B/OF Conor Marabell (2015)
SO OF Michael Babb (2015)
SO OF Dylan Dillard (2015)
SO LHP/OF Josh Baker (2015)
FR 2B Khalil Searcy (2016)

Kennesaw State

JR C Max Pentecost
JR OF Jacob Bruce
SR OF Bo Way
rJR OF Chris McGowan
JR 3B Matt Bahnick
JR LHP Will Solomon
rJR RHP Justin McCalvin
JR RHP Nathan Harsh
SO RHP Jordan Hillyer (2015)
SO OF Alex Liquori (2015)
SO RHP Kendall Hawkins (2015)
SO SS Kal Simmons (2015)
SO RHP Travis Bergen (2015)
FR SS Cornell Nixon (2016)
FR Chris Erwin (2016)


JR 1B/RHP Griffin Moore
SR OF Chad Shannon
SR OF Drew Adams
JR OF Jonathan Allison
JR 1B/RHP Tyson Ashcraft
JR RHP Jaesung Hwang
rJR RHP Hunter Brothers
rJR RHP Will Blalock
rFR RHP Dalton Curtis (2015)


JR 3B/SS Chesny Young
SR C Austin Barrett
SR OF Derrick Workman
SR OF Sasha LaGarde
SR 1B Nick Backlund
SR 2B/SS Michael Massi
SR RHP/2B DJ Johnson
SR RHP Brandon Barker
JR RHP Ben Lumsden
JR RHP Dmitri Kourtis
FR SS Matt Meeder (2016)

North Florida

JR 3B Trent Higginbothem
rJR OF Alex Bacon
SR 1B/C Ryan Roberson
JR OF/RHP Drew Weeks
SR RHP David Trexler
SR RHP Tyler Moore
SO RHP Corbin Olmstead (2015)
SO OF Donnie Dewees (2015)
SO 2B/SS Kyle Brooks (2015)
rFR SS Patrick Ervin (2015)
FR RHP Bryan Baker (2016)
FR C Alex Merritt (2016)

Northern Kentucky

SR LHP Matt Jefferson
JR LHP Cody Cooper

South Carolina Upstate

JR RHP Chad Sobotka
SR LHP David Roseboom
SR C Luke Weber
SR OF Tyler Lesch


JR C Garrett Russini
JR SS/2B Tyler Bocock
SR SS/2B K’Shawn Smith
SR OF Kyle Zech
JR 1B/OF Tanner Blackman
rSR RHP Kurt Schluter
SR LHP Austin Perez
rSO RHP Ben Rakus
JR RHP Josh Powers
rSO RHP Tyler Warmoth
SO 1B/C Pat Mazeika (2015)
SO RHP Josh Thorne (2015)
SO INF/RHP Kevin Fagan (2015)
SO LHP Adam Schaly (2015)
FR RHP Taylor Cockrell (2016)


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