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2013 MLB Draft: Top 25 High School Shortstop Prospects

1. If your favorite player is missing, then chances are a lot higher it was a copy/paste fail and not my complete and utter lack of baseball knowledge. I mean, sure, it could still be the latter, but if there’s somebody obvious that I’ve ignored, please give a gentle reminder in the comments or via email (robozga at gmail dot com). It’s also possible I mentally shifted a guy’s position in my head, so don’t rule out your player suddenly popping up on another position list.

2. Players designated as FAVORITEs were given that tag prior to the season, or, in some cases, upon enrolling in college. In other words, just because a guy is a FAVORITE doesn’t mean he’s automatically guaranteed a high placement on the list. I’m stubborn about which players I like, true, but I’m also quite cognizant of the fact prospect status is fluid.

3. Final opinions are all mine, but information has been culled from a variety of sources. Like anybody likely reading this site, I’m an avid follower of all things Baseball America and Perfect Game. Seriously, if you are into the draft/prospects at all, I highly recommend getting subscriptions to both sites. I also have a small but trustworthy network of friends in the game I occasionally call upon for information on prospects, especially those off the beaten path. Consider the little scouting notes section on each player a synthesis on what I’ve read, heard, and seen about each player. I’m in no way an expert and literally nothing I write, positively or negatively, influences what pro teams actually do on draft day. I’m just a baseball loving guy who has taken a hobby way, way, way too far.

4. I’m happy to answer any and all questions I can over email or in the comments. Also, for the sake of my already waning sanity, I didn’t include everything I had on every player — you’ll see some blank spots sprinkled throughout — so please don’t hesitate to ask if there’s something about a specific guy you want answered.

5. There’s a little more science in scouting college prospects than when it comes to evaluating high school guys. This is all art and totally up to interpretation. The rankings are rankings because they are…rankings (I say it every year, but next year I want to do tiers), but that doesn’t mean Prospect #3 is leaps and bounds better than Prospect #15. I’m not trying to preempt any criticism of the list or anything, just getting it out there that nothing I write should be taken as more than the semi-educated opinions of what some weird guy on the internet thinks about a bunch of ballplayers. Cool? Cool. Here we go…


1. SS JP Crawford (Lakewood HS, California): good instincts defensively, looks like a shortstop in his actions and first step movements; strong, accurate arm; average speed, times out better at times; no standout tool, but could be an average all-around five-tool guy; I’m totally sold on his defense up the middle; intriguing power beginning to come on, easy average upside; really good athlete; average hit tool; 6-2, 180 pounds

2. SS Riley Unroe (Desert Ridge HS, Arizona): strong arm; good bat speed; instinctual player; above-average to plus speed; steady defender; high school version of Deven Marrero (my comp); good athlete; very interesting pop, average power upside; good approach; could also play CF or 2B; FAVORITE; 6-0, 180 pounds

3. SS Oscar Mercado (Gaither HS, Florida): swing works for me; average at best raw power, but still very raw due to swing and little present strength; strong arm; really good defensive tools; little bit above-average speed; good range; impressive pitch recognition for high school prospect; instinctual player; stubbornly believe he’ll hit in time…once he adds strength, watch out; very optimistic Elvis Andrus comp, more realistic big league comp is probably Brendan Ryan; 6-2, 180 pounds

4. SS/RHP Connor Heady (North Oldham HS, Kentucky): really good defender; intriguing upside with bat; above-average speed; no pun intended, but very “heady” player: great instincts all over diamond; strong arm; easily a SS for me; very little present power, but enough pop for pros; FAVORITE; 87-90 FB; 79 CU; low-80s CB; 6-0, 160 pounds

5. SS Terrian Arbet (Great Oak HS, California): really good defender; plus range; above-average arm; good athlete; really quick release; above-average speed; raw bat, but quickly improving; average hit tool upside; gap power; FAVORITE

6. SS/RHP Chris Rivera (El Dorado HS, California): plus arm; good defender; quick bat; average raw power; really like his bat during BP and showcases, but game performances have been lacking; average at best speed; 88-92 FB, 94 peak; good 74-77 CB; 80 CU; like the popular Huston Street comp; might be best behind plate, but he’s a SS for me and potentially an excellent one…just unsure of the bat; 6-1, 185 pounds

7. SS Charcer Burks (Travis HS, Texas): plus speed; average arm; not a ton of present power, but some there; intriguing hit tool; 5-11, 180 pounds

8. SS Tanner Bigham (NW Cabarrus HS, North Carolina): good athlete; good defensive tools; strong arm; leadoff profile

9. SS/RHP Cory Thompson (Mauldin HS, South Carolina): strong arm; good athlete; little bit more than average speed; little less than average power upside; smart hitter, knows pitchers; 89-93 FB, 94 peak; good 75-78 CB, flashes plus; 87-89 cut-SL; PG Marcus Stroman comp; 6-0, 185 pounds

10. SS David Fletcher (Cypress HS, California): plus arm; fantastic range; fun to watch; FAVORITE

11. SS Stephen Alemais (Elev8 Institute, Florida): very, very good defensive tools; strong arm, quick release; will definitely stick at SS; could hang in the big leagues defensively; questionable bat; some pop to gaps; good speed; Christian Lopes comp from somewhere (PG?); 6-0, 180 pounds

12. SS Nelson Molina (Luchetti HS, Puerto Rico): chance for average hit tool; above-average speed; like what I’ve seen defensively, very steady; good arm; 6-2, 165 pounds

13. SS Luis Guillorme (Coral Springs HS, Florida): smooth defender; highlight level stuff; potential plus glove; average speed; questionable bat

14. SS/2B Garrett Hampson (Reno HS, Nevada): good athlete; plus speed; average arm; leadoff approach; good defensive tools; 6-0, 165 pounds

15. SS Brody Weiss (Regis Jesuit HS, Colorado): good defensive tools; interesting bat; some pop

16. SS Brantley Bell (Mountain Pointe HS, Arizona): good defender; good arm; like his swing; 6-2, 180 pounds

17. SS/2B Andrew Rosa (Owasso HS, Oklahoma): good arm; gap power; great instincts; good athlete; 6-2, 180 pounds

18. SS Taylor Snyder (Salem Hills HS, Utah): average upside with bat; some pop; average at best glove; average speed; 6-2, 160 pounds

19. SS Tyler Wade (Murrieta Valley HS, California): good defender; above-average arm; above-average speed; chance for average hit tool; not a ton of power; 6-1, 180 pounds

20. SS/OF Javon Shelby (Tates Creek HS, Kentucky): great athlete; plus arm strength; above-average speed; 6-1, 180 pounds

21. SS Eric Garza (Reagan HS, Texas): good speed; good defensive tools; good athlete; should have no problem staying at SS; above-average arm; gets the ball out fast; accurate arm; gets off the ground quickly; 5-11, 180 pounds

22. SS Tim Richards (Wilson HS, California): strong hit tool; good defensive tools

23. SS Bret Boswell (Rockwall-Heath HS, Texas): good athlete; below-average speed; some pop; 6-0, 170 pounds

24. SS Edwin Bonilla (Osceola HS, Florida): quick bat; good speed; good defensive tools

25. SS Luis Aviles (Southwest Miami HS, Florida): good athlete; impressive defender; above-average arm; average speed; 6-2, 170 pounds

And a whopping twelve more to consider just because draft madness has taken hold…

26. SS/RHP Michael Conti (Glastonbury HS, Connecticut): steady defender; good arm; strong hit tool; smart base runner

27. SS Skyler Bean (Rockwall HS, Texas): leadoff profile; sneaky pop; really good defender; 5-9, 165 pounds

28. SS Ryan Howard (Howell Central, Missouri): excellent defender; above-average range

29. SS/OF Clay Simmons (South Sumter HS, Florida): plus speed; average arm; great athlete; raw bat

30. SS Benji Ayala (Marcos de Niza HS, Arizona): good range; strong arm; quick release; questionable hit tool

31. SS Deric Boone (Druid Hills HS, Georgia): good athlete

32. SS/2B Nico Giarratano (St. Ignatius Prep, California): steady defender; smart player

33. SS Angel Garced (Jackson Liberty HS, New Jersey): good defender

34. SS Anthony Denkinger (Dowling Catholic HS, Iowa): strong arm; good speed; good athlete

35. SS Alexander Rivera Centeno (Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico): plus speed; 6-0, 170 pounds

36. SS Johnnie La Rossa (St. Dominic HS, New York): good defensive tools

37. SS Brett Binning (Monte Vista HS, California): strong arm; good athlete; quick bat



  1. Luis Rios says:

    I just had a question,why do you think nobody was interested in Edwin Bonilla #24 on your list with the skills that he has? Nobody drafted

  2. Tim Minor says:

    Hey coach. Look at James Durbin “JD” Minor , Chilton county high school , Clanton Alabama this year . Smooth , soft hands, very quick ball transfer, strong pop, average bat w/high upside , 6.9 / 60, high field awareness, clutch player, 6-1 / 160, class of 2014. He’s a physically late bloomer . Committed to university of Montevallo. Really appreciated your breakdown of players skill levels.

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