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College Shortstops to Know

This, this right here, is not a particularly inspiring list. I’m hard-pressed to find a single potential regular middle infielder in this group. That leaves us with a collection of players with the chance to make it as utility infielders in the pros. That’s where things get interesting. It’s a fine line between starting shortstop/second baseman and quality utility man, I think. I’m not sure anybody outside of a few voices in the Twins organization who viewed Nick Punto as anything more than a potential above-average backup infielder. Guys like Pat Blair and Adam Frazier may not be quite good enough to warrant 500+ PA in any given big league year, but if they take to pro coaching and land in the right organization and hang around long enough to maybe see an injury or two ahead of them on the depth chart…well, you just never know.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The list only includes players from the conferences I’ve profiled so far. That would be the Big 10, SEC, ACC, Big East, Ivy, Mountain West, WCC, Sun Belt, Pac 12, WAC, Conference USA, Missouri Valley, and Big 12. As referenced above, players from the rest of college ball will be added in the very near future.

  1. Clemson JR SS Steve Wilkerson
  2. Wake Forest SR SS Pat Blair
  3. Mississippi State JR SS Adam Frazier
  4. Oregon SR SS JJ Altobelli
  5. Oregon State SR SS Tyler Smith
  6. Florida State SR SS Justin Gonzalez
  7. East Carolina JR SS Jack Reinheimer
  8. Texas A&M SR SS Mikey Reynolds
  9. Oregon State JR SS Kavin Keyes
  10. Texas Christian SO SS Derek Odell
  11. Vanderbilt rSO SS Joel McKeithan
  12. UCLA JR SS Pat Valaika
  13. Texas Christian JR SS Paul Hendrix
  14. Tulane SR SS Garrett Cannizaro
  15. Mississippi JR SS Austin Anderson
  16. Auburn JR SS Dan Glevenyak
  17. Maryland JR SS Kyle Convissar
  18. Miami JR SS Alex Hernandez
  19. Southern California JR SS Jimmy Roberts
  20. California JR SS Derek Campbell
  21. Southern Mississippi SR SS Isaac Rodriguez
  22. Texas State SR SS Nick Smelser
  23. Texas-Arlington JR SS Ryan Walker
  24. Rutgers JR SS Nick Favatella
  25. Louisville JR SS Alex Chittenden
  26. Louisiana Tech JR SS Ryan Gebhardt
  27. Duke JR SS Angelo LaBruna
  28. Washington State rSO SS Trace Tam Sing
  29. Stanford JR SS Danny Diekroeger
  30. Oregon State JR SS Andy Peterson
  31. Louisiana-Lafayette JR SS Ryan Leonards
  32. San Diego JR SS Logan Davis

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