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College First Basemen to Know

I hate having to preface posts with little updates about my life away from the site, but I ultimately prefer going this route than having to live with the guilt of not updating for multiple days on end. Last week’s excuse was a grad school paper hanging over my head; no sooner did that fifteen-page pile of words get turned in did I come down with a rare and not so beautiful case of double pink eye (love my job, but the threat of maladies like that are a clear downside). I’m not really the type to “get sick” and “stop working,” but, damn, it turns out your eyes are really important when it comes to keeping up with most day-to-day activities. Time spent working on a few projects for the site turned into time sitting around doing nothing but holding a warm compress to my face.

To make life a little simpler for me while I catch up, here’s a quick and dirty list of college first basemen that have caught my eye thus far. Same rules for the catching list last week apply: the list only includes players from the conferences I’ve profiled so far. That would be the Big 10, SEC, ACC, Big East, Ivy, Mountain West, WCC, Sun Belt, Pac 12, WAC, Conference USA, Missouri Valley, and Big 12.

I do promise to have any recent comment or email responded to by the end of the day on Wednesday.

  1. New Mexico JR 1B DJ Peterson
  2. Notre Dame JR 1B Eric Jagielo
  3. Oregon JR 1B Ryon Healy
  4. Notre Dame JR 1B Trey Mancini
  5. Georgia Tech JR 1B Daniel Palka
  6. South Alabama JR 1B Jordan Patterson
  7. Vanderbilt JR 1B Conrad Gregor
  8. Oregon State SR 1B Danny Hayes
  9. Louisiana-Lafayette JR 1B Chase Compton
  10. Washington State rJR 1B Adam Nelubowich
  11. Cincinnati JR 1B Justin Glass
  12. Wichita State rSR 1B Johnny Coy
  13. Portland JR 1B Turner Gill
  14. East Carolina JR 1B Chase McDonald
  15. Florida SR 1B Vickash Ramjit
  16. Marshall SR 1B Nathan Gomez
  17. Rice JR 1B Michael Aquino
  18. Louisville SR 1B Zak Wasserman
  19. North Carolina SR 1B Cody Stubbs
  20. Duke rSO 1B Chris Marconcini
  21. Wake Forest rJR 1B Matt Conway
  22. Maryland JR 1B Tim Kiene
  23. Virginia rSR 1B Jared King
  24. Auburn SR 1B Garrett Cooper
  25. Sacramento State SR 1B Clay Cederquist
  26. Dartmouth JR 1B Dustin Selzer


  1. Bonnie says:

    Will you be doing this list for all positions?

    • Rob Ozga says:

      That’s the plan! I may ease up and instead focus on updating the lists to make them more current in time for one final shot right before the draft, but I like doing these preliminary sketches to get my thoughts on the screen. I think I’ll do them for at least each position player group within the next week to ten days. Then it’ll be time to start cramming for the draft.

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