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My College Travel Itinerary

This is more for me to have all this information in one place than what I’d consider to be super interesting content, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to make my tentative schedule known as we get this year’s season of college baseball rolling. My travel is limited by work, lack of funds, life stuff (you see such a spike of wedding invites once you hit your late-20s), and, last but not least, being blessed with the hip of a 65-year old. I do the best I can with what I’ve got, though. Here’s the early schedule I mapped out this morning…

Teams I’ll definitely be seeing in 2013: 

  • Villanova 
  • Penn
  • Temple 
  • St. Joseph’s 
  • La Salle 
  • Rutgers 
  • Dartmouth 
  • Harvard 
  • Connecticut 
  • Princeton 
  • Charlotte 
  • Columbia 
  • Louisville 
  • Rhode Island 

Northeast baseball, catch the fever! Bummed I’m missing Notre Dame, but thrilled beyond words to see Louisville. Also pleased that the Villanova/Louisville series isn’t until May 3-5…gives the northeast plenty of time to warm up between now and then.

Teams I’m very likely to see in 2013:

  • Vanderbilt 
  • Florida 
  • North Carolina 
  • Virginia 
  • North Carolina State 
  • Duke 
  • Indiana State 
  • Creighton 

I’m contemplating double dipping with Vandy this year, so that I can also hit up the Mississippi State series. We’ll see. My only dilemma on the local schedule is about what game I want to see on my personal version of 2013 opening day (3/16). My choices are George Washington (@Penn), Marist (@Villanova), or Penn State (@Temple). Leaning Marist right now, but could be convinced to go to any of the three. The most convenient would be GW/Penn, so perhaps that’ll win out by default. I might swap out Temple/Charlotte for West Chester/Millersville, especially if the pitching matchup (Joe Gunkel/Tim Mayza) works out. Doing either game would eliminate any chance of seeing Vanderbilt a second time, so, again, we’ll see. Tentative schedules be tentative, y’all. Oh yeah, for the record, I checked the three schools in the research triangle (UNC, NC State, Duke) to see if they were all home at once during the season. They are not. The idea of seeing six teams play in three stadiums over three days is awesome to me, but I’ll settle seeing UNC/UVA and NC State/Duke. If I get stir crazy without live baseball to watch between now and my northeast version of opening day (3/16!), I might move my trip to Carolina up and see UNC/Miami and Duke/Virginia Tech, substituting a Boston College/NC State series up in Chestnut Hill later on in the spring to make up for missing the Wolfpack down south. So many moving parts!

Teams I’m really hoping to see in 2013, but can’t yet fully commit to seeing:

  • San Diego 
  • Oregon State
  • the rest of the ACC during the conference tournament in Durham  

The biggest bummer of a scheduling conflict for me this year has to be Fresno State @ UNLV happening the same weekend as Louisville @ Villanova. As much as I love both Vegas and Aaron Judge, it is really hard to justify the travel, expense, and potential work week hangover when I have arguably the most talented team in the country visiting a hometown school. I’m not sure how or when I’ll pull together a trip to Southern California this spring, but it is very high on the priority list. Seeing San Diego is my top preference (USD/OSU in late March would cost me Rutgers, a trade I’m just fine with), but UCLA would work as well. I have to do some thinking there.

I also want to see this high school game with these two Georgia outfield prospects you may have heard of in March, but the logistics on that still need to be finalized. They’ll also be plenty of other opportunities (day trip!) to see the top prep players in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and New England. Should be a fun few months.



  1. Ken Liu says:

    If you’re interested in having someone to go to the games with in SoCal, hit me up.

    • Rob Ozga says:

      I might hold you to it, Ken! Been checking on flights and accommodations over the past few days, but I’ll be sure to update the original post if/when anything is finalized.

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