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With college baseball just days away, I’m finally hitting the home stretch of my own 2012 MLB Draft preparations. Before content here begins to pick up in a big way, I thought I’d try something on the site that I’ve never thought to try before. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a borderline obsessive completist; if it’s not 100% perfect, to my liking, and complete, it isn’t going to be shared with the world. To that end, I was wondering if anybody out there has any information about the whereabouts of the following players:

  • Virginia JR RHP Ryan Briggs
  • North Carolina SO OF Jeff Bouton
  • North Carolina FR SS Zac LaNeve
  • North Carolina State JR RHP Dane Williams – [heard injuries forced him to give up the game, but haven’t been able to confirm]
  • North Carolina State rJR OF Cameron Conner
  • Miami FR OF Jake Lane
  • Maryland SO RHP Austin Kilbourne (thanks to an intrepid commenter, we know Kilbourne has transferred to Shelton State CC in Alabama)
  • Maryland FR LHP Shane Campbell

I hate going through my notes and seeing useful information about legitimate prospects, and then checking and not seeing their names on the roster they used to be on. Drives me bananas. It would be great if I could just delete them and forget they ever existed, but, as mentioned, I’m a crazy person who can’t do that.

ACC Draft Preview should be up early Wednesday morning. I have no idea what the preview will actually consist of, but it’ll be good. Maybe an All-ACC 2012 Draft Team, complete list of potentially draftable players, ’13 and ’14 Futures List, and then a straight top 10 or 20 or 30 or 50 top 2012 Draft prospects list. Does that work? If you’ve got an idea/request/complaint, let me know in the comments/via email…



  1. Ari MacGregor says:

    I’d like to hear about some of the sleepers. We read plenty about the players everyone already knows about.

    For instance, I’ve read a ton about Stroman at Duke. But what about a couple of the others – Pinica-Worms: not drafted last year, had kind of a down junior season. Did the BBCOR bat reveal a swing issue? Is he draft material? Or Kramer – he was in or near the top of the ACC all year in OBP, and Baseball America says he has the best strike zone judgment in the ACC. By far the best batting average on the team. What kind of draft prospects?

    • Rob Ozga says:

      I love this idea, thanks. I’ve always been far more into sleepers than the big name guys, so this definitely needs to happen. As much fun as it is talking Marcus Stroman, I’d rather talk about the Kremer’s of the world. I’ll do a little section on sleepers in the second part of the ACC preview on either Thursday or Friday – maybe something like the complete list of guys who could be drafted from each school, I don’t know. Thanks again for the idea.

  2. gary koby says:

    Austin Kilbourne is at Shelton State CC in Alabama

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