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Still Alive

Been a pretty crazy couple of weeks as I was unexpectedly called upon by an out of the blue third party (more on this to come if I get it cleared, but no guarantees) to head down and check out the Prospect Classic and other assorted games and practices from both the great state of North Carolina and Florida. Sorry for just falling off the map like I did, but internet access and downtime were both harder to come by than usual. I’m also sorry that my terrible College World Series prediction was up on the main page for a week and a half. A few disorganized idle thoughts from my time away…

I have no idea how best to disseminate the mountain of notes I accumulated during my time away from the site, but the information on prospects and contacts with scouts, college and high school coaches, and fellow draft and prospect obsessed internet peons give me lots to work with as we begin our 2012 MLB Draft discussions in earnest over the coming months. Speaking of my fellow draft and prospect obsessed peons (said with nothing but love, of course), one of my big takeaways from the events over the past few weeks was the realization of just how many people are now doing what I do and, quite frankly, doing it just as well, if not a billion times better. I didn’t get the chance to meet a few of the guys that I would have liked, but was still blown away at the passion shown for by those that I was lucky enough to talk to. I really have to update the links on the side of the page to reflect all of the wonderful additions to the internet draft community.

I’m also now back to square one when it comes to how I want to approach the summer months in terms of content for the main page. There is still much work to be done with respect to the accumulation of information (i.e. watching more games and video, talking to people in the know, sifting through notes) and the overall design of the site (I’m a restless tinkerer by nature), but I don’t want to ever go more than a two days (give or take) without some form of worthwhile content. Lots of 2012 college stuff (I like the conference profiles), lots of 2012 high school stuff (still unsure how best to lay this out), maybe some reflective stuff (perhaps on individual players breaking through to the big leagues and a look at how bad some of my rankings have turned out), and, because I’m just a little crazy, a 2012 mock draft with a money-back guarantee to be 100% accurate. I’m going to let all of those thoughts marinate for a day or two, but be sure to check back on Friday for some new content.

I don’t say this nearly enough, but thank you to the readers and email subscribers who have continued to check in daily even after I’ve gone off the grid during arguably the slowest point of draft season. It is exciting to get tens of thousands of hits on draft day thanks to search engine driven traffic, but I take much greater pride in couple hundred readers that click right through every day even after all the thrill of early June draft mania is gone.


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