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Now What?

Purgatory. That’s how I see this time of year. I hate analyzing the draft before knowing which players are going to sign and which players are going to school. If I could just wait until mid-August to begin the reviews of the June draft, then things would be perfect. Unfortunately, in my given profession, June and July are two of the best months to explore outside interests. By mid-August and into September, things get really, really busy. So just as I’m ready to start writing about the draft that was, I lose any free time to do so.

That’s all just a long, whiny way of saying hang tight on any 2011 draft analysis. I want to revisit it more as the summer goes on, but I want to do it the right way. That means a break from 2011 draft coverage while I focus on more pressing (and more interesting, at least to me) topics in the interim. All week you’ll be seeing pretty extensive College World Series team previews with a heavy emphasis on which 2012 and 2013 draft prospects to watch. After that, I think I’ll begin to delve into breakdowns of the best prospects by position for every major college conference. Interspersed in between the college coverage will be updates on what some of the biggest names on the high school circuit are up to. And, if/when the mood strikes, we’ll find a creative way to recap what went down during those three hectic days last week.

I’m also open to requests, so drop a comment below or send an email along if you have an idea. While I’m on the topic of comments/emails, I do want to apologize if I didn’t get back to anybody who tried to get in touch over the past few weeks. The two week stretch leading up to the draft this past year was pretty hectic, as I hope the crazy output of posts during that stretch showed. So, I’m sorry about that…but I hope that everybody’s favorite player got drafted and that I was wrong about any player I slighted along the way!

First team up on my College World Series tour is the North Carolina Tar Heels. Trying to get all eight teams complete before the first pitch on Saturday will be a challenge, but I’m looking forward to giving it a go. Expect UNC’s profile to be posted before dinner…

Oh! I also want to do a 2012 MLB mock draft within the next week or two. My two favorite days for mocks are a) the day of the draft, and b) the day after the draft. I always love reading what Jim Callis has unearthed the day of, but I also love the looooong range forecasts that attempt to name names twelve months ahead of schedule. Mocks are great for relaying insider information (e.g. Callis’ work), but they are also a lot of fun as an introduction to a new crop of talented prospects. Stay tuned for that…



  1. Tim Hoffman says:

    did kyle krause from Portland state get drafted?

  2. Tim Hoffman says:

    please advise all the players that wedre drafted from oregon state

  3. Greg says:

    Great job
    How about your take on the hard and soft slot monies that seem to have caused such a large number of High school players being drafted.

    will it happen again next year?

  4. PopFlyGuy says:

    Well Rob, I must say that I am quite surprised here as both you and I got it wrong. It is uncanny to me that no RU player got selected in the draft. I really thought Lang and Boykin for sure. Lang had another very good year in his career and Boykin was a bit choppy but came on real strong the last month or so. In that time he and Lang were RU’s best hitters. Not sure how neither one got drafted. I was sure scouts would see the very evident potential in Boykin where on the next level he might’ve flourished behind his athleticism and speed. And Lang, well that defies rationale to explain how no team saw that boy good enough to play on the next level. He did everything he had to do to show himself as a standout player. He’s one of the very best players to ever play for RU as to the many record players they have. He led his team in BA and was the most consistent player by far over any other player in the RU lineup in the past 3-4yrs of play, even the kids that went to the pros last year and the year before. I really just don’t understand it??? He and Boykin were leaders or top achievers on the team in several categories and were actually tied in HRs and Steals. And even though choppy at the plate, I think Boykin was 2nd on the team in slugging behind Lang as well. Don’t see how a team couldn’t use such players with tools like these boys have. Lang for shown consistency and Boykin on athletic promise and potential. How do you select high school kids in the late rounds over two such polished D1 players? Any thoughts Rob???

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