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Final 2011 MLB Draft College Pitcher Rankings

1. UCLA JR RHP Gerrit Cole: 92-96 FB, peak 97-99; FB is true plus-plus pitch but gets in trouble when command slips; holds velocity exceptionally well; hits upper-90s at will; 92-94 two-seam FB; plus 81-85 added velocity to become outstanding 86-90 SL this summer; excellent sinking 83-87 hard CU with plus upside; 89-91 cutter; love the Max Scherzer comp; 6-4, 215

2. UCLA JR RHP Trevor Bauer: 88-92 FB, peak 93-94; began to hit 95-96 this past fall, has said he’ll hit 98 at some point; currently sitting 91-93, 95 consistent peak; plus 72-78 CB that he leans on heavily; good 80-84 CU; any one (and often more than one) of his 78-82 SL, cutter, 84-89 screwball/reverse slider, or 84-86 splitter is a plus pitch on a given day

3. Vanderbilt JR RHP Sonny Gray: plus FB in mid-90s (92-97) with excellent movement; currently rarely dips below 93-96 with nice sink; 81-85 plus to plus-plus CB; average command that comes and goes; 84-87 SL can be a weapon in time; 82-85 CU slow to emerge, but now a weapon more often than not; plus athlete; 5-11, 180

4. Texas JR RHP Taylor Jungmann: has touched 96-99, but regularly sits low-90s (91-93); new reports have him 92-95; can still reach back and crank upper-90s (like on opening day 2011), but sits most comfortably 92-93, occasionally dipping to 89-91; plus FB command; good sink on FB; plus 75-78 CB; plus CB command; good 85-87 CU; good SL; love the Jered Weaver comp

5. Georgia Tech JR LHP Jed Bradley: 88-92 FB with plus life and good sink, pretty steady peak up at 94-96; loves to cut the FB; has sat 91-93 at times; holds velocity late; good sink on FB; average 80-84 SL that flashes plus when velocity gets up to 86-87; good 77-79 CB; plus 79-83 CU that he has worked very hard on, but sometimes goes away from for too long; both the SL and CB are very inconsistent offerings; 6-4, 200 pounds

6. Virginia JR LHP Danny Hultzen: plus command of all pitches; 88-91, will definitely touch 94; velocity jump due to 20 pounds of added muscle since high school, currently sitting 91-93, peaking 94-95; will throw upper-80s two-seam FB with good sink; 77-78 CB; plus 78-82 CU; quality 82-85 SL that he leans on at times

7. Connecticut JR RHP Matt Barnes: 90-93 FB, 95-96 peak; has hit 97-98 in past; great movement on FB; great FB command; holds velocity well, still hitting 90-92 late; good 82-84 CU that gets better every time out; 72-76 CB that is now firmed up enough that  it is a potential plus 75-80 CB; 78-83 SL with plus upside, but doesn’t use it often; work needs to be on delivery and command of offspeed stuff; some debate on whether CB or SL is better breaking pitch, a good sign; uses CB more to get outs on balls in play, SL for swings and misses; 6-4, 200

8. Kent State SO LHP Andrew Chafin: missed 2010 after Tommy John surgery; 89-93 FB, 94-95 peak; potential plus 81-83 SL that is a big league ready pitch; very good CU; command slowly coming on after surgery

9. Kentucky JR RHP Alex Meyer: sitting 93-97 FB, dips closer to 92-94 later in games; inconsistent but plus 84-86 spike CB that works like a SL; 79-86 CU that flashes above-average when he throws it with more velocity; 92-93 two-seamer; all about command and control – if it is on, he’s incredibly tough to hit; FB is plus-plus down in zone, very hittable when left up; mechanical tweaks are likely needed; 6-9, 220

10. Oregon JR LHP Tyler Anderson: 88-92 FB, 93-95 peak; well above-average FB command; good 76-84 SL that is better when thrown in low-80s; average 80-83 CU that flashes plus but isn’t used enough; good 75-78 CB; good pitchability; repeats delivery well; good control; holds velocity well; 6-4, 215

11. Oregon State JR LHP Josh Osich: Tommy John survivor still capable of throwing 94-98 FB; has been consistently sitting 93-95, peaking 97-98; really good 79-82 CU that he relies on heavily; below-average 79-83 SL, but was solid pitch before surgery and is beginning to show signs of life once mroe; can’t wait to see return of CB; much better at holding velocity as season progressed, 90-94 late in games

12. Texas State JR RHP Carson Smith: very good athlete; 91-93 FB with great sink, 94-95 peak; sits 95-98 out of bullpen, 91-94 as starter; above-average potential with SL; CU with plus potential; commands CB well; 6-5, 215

13. Oklahoma JR RHP Burch Smith: starts hot with 95-96 sitting FB, but loses velocity and finishes 88-90; typically sits low-90s; 83-87 SL that flashes plus; good 79-80 CU; 6-3, 200

14. Vanderbilt JR RHP Jack Armstrong: 91-93 FB sitting, 94-97 peak; 80-82 flashes plus CU; 81-82 CB with promise but slow to develop due to injuries; clean mechanics; finally healthy, CB better than ever; 6-7, 230 pounds

15. Southern California JR RHP Austin Wood: 92-94 FB, 95-96 peak; interesting SL; emerging 80-82 CU that still needs work; average CB; 6-4, 215

16. TCU SO LHP Matt Purke: originally ranked 8th overall, but injury scare drops him; at his best throws 91-95 FB, 96-97 peak; command of FB needs work; potential plus 77-79 CU; solid CB; has shown plus 76-83 SL, but doesn’t use it anymore; SL was inconsistent, but best in upper-80s; plus makeup; sat 88-92 to start 2011, now down to upper-80s; loses feel for offspeed stuff quickly; 6-4, 180

17. Texas A&M JR RHP John Stilson: originally ranked 9th overall, but injury scare drops him; 92-95 FB, 97-98 peak out of bullpen; as starter sitting 92-94, 95 peak; plus 80-83 CU, but using it less in 2011; emerging 81 SL with plus upside; good athlete; holds velocity really well; using more of 78-82 CB; good all-around four-pitch mix; starts 92-94, have seen 91-93 FB late in games; up to 88 SL

18. TCU JR RHP Kyle Winkler: 89-92 FB; peak 93-94; FB is plus pitch because of movement; loses velocity early, falling to upper-80s; good deception in delivery; plus 86-88 sinker; decent 88 cutter; decent 75-76 CB that has largely been phases out in favor of cutter and SL; 81-83 SL that needs tons of work; SL gained velocity and now flashes plus-plus at 85-89; quality low-80s CU with plus upside, now more consistently plus; 5-11, 195 pounds

19. Vanderbilt JR LHP Grayson Garvin: started 87-89 FB, 90-91 peak; sitting 89-92 now, 93-95 peak; good FB command; 70-73 CB with upside if thrown harder; now up to 73-75 and above-average pitch; average 77-80 CU with room for improvement, could be plus in time; cutter; SL; good athlete; outstanding control; 6-6, 220

20. Florida JR LHP Nick Maronde: 90-91 FB, peak 93 as starter; now sitting 93-95, 96 peak out of bullpen; plus low-80s SL that he doesn’t use enough; CB; good 81 CU; relieved in college, but I like him as a starter; 6-3, 200

21. Texas JR LHP Sam Stafford: 88-92 FB, peak 94-95; FB command issues hold him back; holds velocity well; good 80-85 SL; 73-78 CB is ahead of SL; average 83-85 CU; 6-4, 190

22. Stony Brook JR RHP Nick Tropeano: 87-88, tops out at 90-91 with FB; velocity up a tick this year; better sink on FB; very good CU; very good SL with plus upside; advanced feel for pitching; relies very heavily on CU; 6-4, 205 pounds

23. Florida State JR LHP Sean Gilmartin: 87-89 FB, peak 91-92; sweeping 73-77 above-average CB that he has deemphasized in favor of CU and SL; very good 74-76 CU that keeps improving; 80-81 SL could be average pitch with time; good athlete; good hitter; 6-2, 190

24. Johnson County CC SO RHP Vince Spilker: 96 peak FB; good CB; solid or better CU

25. Georgia Tech JR RHP Mark Pope: upper-80s two-seamer with great sink; 90-91 four-seamer that hits 92; scrapped CB for emerging low-80s SL with plus upside that is gaining consistency; still uses slower mid-70s CB occasionally; straight 80-84 CU; great athlete; much improved command in 2011; 6-2, 205

26. Baylor JR RHP Logan Verrett: very good command when on; sitting 89-91, 92-94 peak FB with sink; good 77-79 CU with fade; big-time CB; uses 82-85 SL with plus potential more in 2011; good athlete; relies most heavily on FB/SL, with occasional CU and very rare CB; 6-3, 185

27. Coastal Carolina JR RHP Anthony Meo: last summer showed 89-94 FB with good life; now sitting 92-93, 96-97 peak that comes often; flashed plus 78-85 SL that is now plus-plus SL up to 87-90; 82-86 CB; occasional average straight 84-85 CU; 6-2, 185

28. Vanderbilt JR RHP Navery Moore: 92-96 plus FB, 99 peak; plus 81-84 SL that comes and goes; flashes plus CB; iffy control; Tommy John survivor; very occasional CU; “Intergalactic” is his closer music; has the stuff to start, but teams might not risk it from a health and delivery standpoint; 6-2, 205

29. Oregon JR RHP Scott McGough: 90-92 FB, peak 94-95; 78-79 CB; raw 83 CU; above-average 78-83 SL that flashes plus; potential plus 82-85 CU that is still very raw; working on splitter; great athlete; 6-1, 185

30. UC Irvine JR RHP Matt Summers: straight 90-93 FB, 96 peak; good 78-81 CU; flashes plus low-80s SL; plus athlete; average high-70s to low-80s CB

31. Clemson SO RHP Kevin Brady: straight 90-92 FB, touches 94-95; good FB command; good, but inconsistent SL; occasional CB; improved CU; offered third round deal from Red Sox out of high school; 6-3, 205

32. Gonzaga JR LHP Ryan Carpenter: at one time threw a heavy 92-94 FB, touching 95 with movement; now sits upper-80s, with rare peak of 92; above-average 81-82 SL, dominant at times; inconsistent but quickly improving 77-78 CU; low-70s CB that he uses very sparingly; 6-5, 225 pounds

33. Cal State Fullerton JR RHP Noe Ramirez: once straight 85-90 FB with occasional hard sink is now more consistently 88-92 (93 peak) with more consistent, more drastic sink; delivery is deceptive and adds miles to the FB; plus FB command; plus-plus 82-84 CU learned from Ricky Romero; paid it forward by helping Gerrit Cole with his CU grip; emerging 75-80 SL that has put on velocity and is now 82-85; SL is good but inconsistent; shaky command of offspeed pitches; 6-3, 180

34. Wichita State JR LHP Charlie Lowell: 89-92 FB, 93-94 peak; above-average SL; solid CU; 6-4, 235

35. Long Beach State JR RHP Andrew Gagnon: 89-91 FB, has hit 93-94; once promising slurvy breaking ball has turned into above-average 82-85 SL; rapidly improving 85-86 CU that is now at least an average pitch; plus command; 78-82 CB; breaking ball command an issue; 6-2, 188 pounds

36. Loyola Marymount JR LHP Jason Wheeler: 87-90, 92-93 peak FB with above-average movement; cutter; developing 76-81 CU that is now pretty good; inconsistent 74-81 SL; good athlete; 6-6, 260

37. Cal State Fullerton JR RHP Tyler Pill: 89-92 FB; very good 77-78 CB; plus command; quality 82 CU; great athlete; holds velocity well, 88-89 late; 6-1, 185 pounds

38. Southern Cal JR RHP Andrew Triggs: 94-95 peak FB; velocity way down in 2011, starting 89-91 with really good sink and falling to 84-86 late in some games; good 73-75 CB; also shows promise with SL; occasional 78-81 CU; Tommy John surgery in high school; 6-3, 210

39. Louisville JR RHP Tony Zych: heavy 90-93 FB with sink, 95-98 peak; velocity up and sitting 93-96 now; plus 84-87 SL; violent delivery; good athlete; 6-3, 190

40. Washington State JR LHP Adam Conley: 86-88 FB; peaks at 90-92; up to 94 out of bullpen this spring; hits 95-96 when amped up; above-average 79-83 CU; very rare CB that has now been phased out; SL being added and now used a lot; great command; 6-3, 175 pounds; big peak FB could have been opening day juice; sitting more often 88-92; 6-3, 190 pounds

41. Hawaii JR RHP Lenny Linsky: 94-97 peak FB with plus sink; plus upper-80s cut SL

42. Green River CC SO RHP Cody Hebner: 90-94 FB, 97 peak; shows above-average SL and CU; good athlete; 6-0, 160

43. Oklahoma State JR LHP Chris Marlowe: 89-92 FB, more commonly 91-93, legit 94-95 peak; plus-plus 83-87 SL that he leans on; plus 80-82 CU; great athlete; 6-0, 175

44. Miami-Dade CC SO RHP Jharel Cotton: low-90s FB; very good to plus 80-81 CU; good CB; turned down low six-figures from Dodgers last year; native of Virgin Islands; 5-11, 190

45. Rice SR LHP Tony Cingrani: was 88-90 FB, now sitting low-90s with revamped delivery with 94-96 peak; plus CU; above-average at times CB; 6-4, 190 pounds

46. Texas A&M JR RHP Ross Stripling: 90-94 FB; plus CB that he uses a ton; good athlete

47. Stanford JR LHP Chris Reed: 89-92 FB, sits 92-94 as reliever; good low-80s SL; emerging CU; 6-4, 205

48. Kentucky JR RHP Braden Kapteyn: 89-94 FB; hard 88 SL; potential above-average CU; lots of moving parts in delivery; great hitter; 6-4, 215 pounds

49. Villanova RHP Kyle McMyne: 92-94 FB, peak 96; above-average 82-84 SL that he relies on; sitting 94-96 in early going of 2011; flashes above-average 75-78 CB that works best as show-me pitch; occasional CU; 6-0, 210 pounds

50. Oregon JR RHP Madison Boer: 90-93 FB, 94-96 peak; two-seamer with good sink; good low- to mid-80s SL that flashes plus; wildly inconsistent CU, good when on and unusable when bad; good control, iffy command; occasional CB; 6-4, 215

51. Alabama JR LHP Adam Morgan: 86-90 FB, can hit 91-92 but not often; plus CB; good CU that keeps getting better; plus command; 6-1, 180 pounds

52. California JR RHP Erik Johnson: heavy 90-92 FB, 93-94 peak; emerging 76-78 CB that is now a weapon; 81-84 CU needs work, but is now plus pitch with added velo; command needs work; decent 85-88 SL that could also be a cutter; no sure fire plus offering; 6-3, 240 pounds

53. North Carolina State JR RHP Cory Mazzoni: 88-91 FB, touching 92; SL; good 70-76 CB; emerging splitter used as CU; good command; 6-1, 200 pounds

54. Virginia SR RHP Tyler Wilson: Wilson’s solid three-pitch mix (88-90 fastball, good sinking 80-82 change, average low-80s slider) gives credence to the idea he has value either in the bullpen or as a starter. Fastball plays up in short bursts (94 peak). 6-2, 190

55. Kansas JR RHP Colton Murray: heavy 91-94 FB, 95 peak FB; good cutter; plus 82-84 SL; decent CU; violent delivery; love the development of breaking pitch from CB to SL over three college seasons; 6-3, 220 pounds

56. Santa Clara JR RHP JR Graham: 94-98 peak; average 83-85 SL with plus potential but still very inconsistent like the Billy Wagner get me over slider; developing sinker; has hit 100-101; really shown improvement with CU; 6-0, 180

57. Stanford JR LHP Brett Mooneyham: 88-90 FB, 91-92 peak; sits 90-92 now; also seen 87-91; weak FB this summer at 86-88, 90 peak; average 78-80 SL; good 75-78 CB; good CU; 6-5; improved cutter; missed 2011 season due to finger injury

58. Texas JR RHP Austin Dicharry: 89-92 FB, 94 peak; very good CB; plus CU; missed lots of time throughout college career due to injury; 6-4, 200 pounds

59. Vanderbilt SR RHP Taylor Hill: 88-91 FB with plus sink, 93-94 peak that I’ve seen with my own two eyes, have heard rumors of him hitting 95; 79-85 plus SL; very good 78-83 sinking CU also called a splitter; mechanics need smoothing out; 6-4, 225 pounds

60. Dayton JR LHP Cameron Hobson: 87-91 FB with movement, sitting closer to 90-92 this year; good SL; solid CB; developing CU with potential; plus makeup; 6-1, 205 pounds

61. Oregon State JR RHP Sam Gaviglio: 89-91 FB with plus sink, mostly 87-88; really heavy ball; above-average hard 78-81 SL; developing 78-79 CU that flashes plus; plus command; 6-1, 180 pounds

62. Merced JC FR RHP Jake Sisco: 92-93 FB, 95 peak; 6-3, 200

63. Johnson County CC SO RHP Jeff Soptic: 93-96 FB, 98-100 peak; flashes plus 83-84 SL; average CU on his best day; control issues; 6-6, 200

64. Kansas State JR RHP Evan Marshall: 93-94 FB, 96 peak; plus SL; 6-1, 210

65. Indiana State JR RHP Colin Rea: 91-92 FB, 94 peak; solid CU

66. Lower Columbia JC SO RHP Jeff Ames: 92-95 FB, 97 peak; plus movement on FB; inconsistent offspeed stuff

67. Mississippi JR RHP David Goforth: 93-96 straight FB; has hit 97-99 in relief; average 79-83 SL that flashes plus; occasional CU; max effort delivery; good athlete; poor command; new 88-91 cutter has been effective; has been up to 98-100 in 2011; 5-11, 185

68. Georgia Southern JR RHP Matt Murray: 88-92 FB with heavy sink; ground ball machine; solid upper-70s SL; better than solid CU that has come on a lot since getting to school; CB; 6-4, 240 pounds

69. South Carolina SO RHP Matt Price: no plus pitch; really like his low-80s SL; CB; 89-92 FB; also like his CU quite a bit

70. Georgia JR RHP Michael Palazzone: 92 peak FB; plus CU; solid CB

71. Florida JR RHP Tommy Toledo: coming back from arm injury; 88-91 FB; took line drive off of face in 2010; 91-93 back and healthy; command comes and goes; really nice breaking stuff

72. Notre Dame SR RHP Brian Dupra: 91-95 FB; 88-91 cutter; good 79-81 SL; CU; 6-3, 205 pounds

73. Gonzaga SR RHP Cody Martin: 88-90 FB, sitting 92-93 out of bullpen; good 70-75 slurve-like CB that is much better as a firmer mid-70s CB in 2011; good 86 CU

74. Santa Barbara CC SO LHP Kylin Turnbull: 88-92 FB, 94 peak; loses velocity early; above-average low-80s splitter; SL need work; 6-4, 200

75. Oxnard CC FR RHP Jesus Valdez: 90-92 FB, 94 peak; good SL; emerging CU; 6-3, 180

76. Mississippi JR LHP Matt Crouse: 86-88 FB, rare 91-92 peak; above-average CB that he leans on heavily; good CU; very projectable, but mechanics need cleaning up; 6-4, 185 pounds; stuff down this spring

77. Cal Poly JR RHP Jeff Johnson: 92-95 peak FB; nasty 86-88 splitter; two pitch pitcher makes it work; 6-0, 200

78. Longwood JR RHP Mark Montgomery: 88-92 FB; peak 94; hard 82-84 SL with plus upside; really consistent numbers over three years; 6-0, 205 pounds

79. Minnesota SR RHP Scott Matyas: sits 88-91, 94 peak FB; above-average low-70s CB; good cutter; good command; mixes in upper-70s CU; really good athlete; 6-4, 220; Tommy John survivor

80. TCU JR RHP Erik Miller: 87-91 at new arm angle, 93-94 peak; good sink; good SL; good 81 CB; average CU; strong three year track record; has relieved, but could be seen as starter; 6-3, 210; Tommy John survivor

81. Catawba JR RHP JJ (Jordan) Jankowski: 88-92 FB with sink; above-average 80-81 SL; solid mid-70s CB that I really like; sinking mid-70s CU; low-70s splitter; 6-1, 200; transferred from Miami (Ohio); really good junior year numbers as starting pitcher; also has experience as catcher where I liked him better when I saw him in high school

82. Mississippi State JR RHP Devin Jones: low-90s FB, peaking at 93; 87-88 two-seamer with great sink; 82-84 SL could be plus pitch; CU is work in progress; breaking stuff hasn’t quite developed as hoped, but still peaks 94-95 with FB; 6-4, 180 pounds

83. Louisiana State JR RHP Matty Ott: 87-89 FB; does a lot with the FB, cutting it and sinking it very effectively; very inconsistent 78-81 SL; great command and deception; plus control; big problem is lack of an out pitch; 6-2, 200 pounds

84. Pittsburgh FR RHP Ray Black: 92-95 FB, 97-98 peak; potential plus mid-80s SL; command needs work and control is a major issue at present; 6-4, 220

85. Florida JR RHP Anthony DeSclafani: good 92-94 FB with plus life and great sink, 95-96 peak with four-seamer but two-seamer is better pitch; above-average 79-81 SL; mid-70s CB; occasional upper-70s CU; 6-2, 200 pounds

86. Texas SR RHP Cole Green: 87-91 FB; plus command; great sinker; plus control; plus SL; really good 79-81 CU that comes and goes; 75-77 CB

87. Mississippi JR LHP Austin Wright: 89-92 FB, 93-94 peak; once had both a distinct SL and CB with real potential; now seen as one big 78-81 slurve, more of a SL with average-ish upside; CU; poor FB command; Chipola transfer

88. Arizona JR RHP Bryce Bandilla: 90-92 FB, 93-95 peak in 2011; good breaking ball; good high velocity CU

89. Rice JR RHP Matthew Reckling: 90-93 FB at start, velocity dips to 86-89 quickly; good 79-81 CB, loses effectiveness when it dips to mid-70s

90. Liberty SO RHP Blake Forslund: 92-95 FB, 97-98 peak

91. San Diego SO RHP Calvin Drummond: 91-93 FB, 94 peak; 84-87 cutter/SL; 78-79 CB; 83-84 CU

92. Heartland CC (Illinois) SO LHP Jerad Grundy: 87-92 with movement; hard SL; promising CU; 6-0, 190; Miami transfer

93. BYU SO RHP Taylor Cole: mid-90s peak FB, sits 90-92 FB; 80-84 SL; CU

94. Florida International SO LHP Mason McVay: 89-91 FB; now up 92-94 after recovering from Tommy John surgery; solid potential with CB; mechanics need work; control is an issue; 6-8, 210 pounds

95. Wichita State SO LHP Brian Flynn: 86-90 FB, peak 92; new peak of 94; command needs work; 6-8, 245 pounds

96. UC Riverside JR RHP Matt Andriese: sinking 88-91 FB, 93 peak; quality SL; SF; great command; average CB; below-average CU; 6-2, 185 pounds

97. Old Dominion SR LHP Kyle Hald: 85-87 FB, peak 88; plus split-fingered CU; sharp SL; CB; great fielder, great pickoff move; nice mechanics; 5-11, 175 pounds

98. Georgia JR RHP Cecil Tanner: 91-94 FB with sink; 96-98 peak FB; good 77 SL; below-average command; Jonathan Broxton and Bobby Jenks body comps; hasn’t ironed out mechanics in three years at Georgia; 6-6, 260

99. South Florida SR RHP Kevin Quackenbush: straight 92-93 FB; trouble commanding low-70s CB; 80 CU; solid 75 SL; 6-3, 200; really good the past three years

100. Maryland JR RHP Sander Beck: straight 88-92 FB with good command; improving spike CB that I really like; solid straight CU; SL; 6-3, 200 pounds; control an issue

101. Oklahoma SR RHP Ryan Duke: 87-91 FB but can bump it up in tight spots; plus SL; plus command; strong four years of bullpen success; 6-0, 175

102. Tennessee JR RHP Matt Ramsey: low-90s peak in HS, now up to 96 peak FB; low-80s CB that flashes plus; converted catcher who PG compared to Russell Martin in high school; 5-10, 200

103. Winthrop JR RHP Tyler Mizenko: 92-95 FB with heavy sink; sharp 76-79 SL; solid CU; 6-2, 200 pounds; velocity down to 86-91 early on in 2011

104. Mississippi State JR LHP Nick Routt: good FB movement; relies heavily on FB; 91 peak; plus circle CU before injury, now just a good straight CU; SL with cut fastball action; plus command; ulnar nerve replacement surgery in 2010; really smart pitcher; 6-4, 210

105. Arkansas JR LHP Geoffrey Davenport: 87-90 FB, 91 peak; above-average 76 CB; decent CU; good command; 6-1, 180 ; Tommy John surgery in March 2011

106. Arizona State JR LHP Mitchell Lambson: outstanding 72-74 CU with outstanding arm action that sometimes dips into upper-60s; uses the CU a ton; 85-87 FB, 88-90 peak; plus command; plus control; maybe a little Josh Spence in him; 6-1, 200 pounds

107. Southern Mississippi SR RHP Todd McInnis: 88-92 FB; very good 12-6 CB; hard SL; decent CU; slight frame; outstanding fielder

108. Howard FR JC RHP Connor Sadzeck: 95 peak FB; 6-6, 200

109. Oklahoma State SO RHP Randy McCurry: 94-95 FB pre-injury, now back to 93 peak; finally healthy and hitting 96; SL, CB, CU

110. Austin Peay SR RHP Ryne Harper: 94 peak FB; very good SL; had offer from Vanderbilt out of high school

111. Connecticut JR RHP Kevin Vance: 88-92 FB; plus CB; plus command; good hitter; 6-0, 200 pounds

112. South Dakota State SR RHP Blake Treinen: 92-94 FB, 97 peak; improved SL; working on CU; improved command; 6-4, 220 pounds; didn’t pitch in first three years at Baker (Kansas) or Arkansas; had possible transfer to Florida voided last season;

113. Army SR RHP Kevin McKague: 92-96 FB; mid-80s SL; great splitter; missed most of 2011 due to back injury; 6-5, 230 pounds

114. Rice JR LHP Taylor Wall: upper-80s FB, peak 88; plus CU that he relies on heavily; average at best CB and SL; CB shows more potential; repeatable mechanics; 6-2, 200 pounds

115. Florida State JR RHP Hunter Scantling: Scantling is huge (6-8, 270 pounds) and athletic, but his stuff still doesn’t quite match his imposing frame. That could change in a hurry, but for now he’s still sitting in the same upper-80s with iffy breaking stuff that he was at back in high school. It’ll be interesting to see if he’ll get more consistent innings as a starter or if Florida State opts to keep him coming out of the bullpen in 2011. Update: 91 peak FB; emerging SL; CU; still huge at 6-8, 270

116. Missouri JR RHP Matt Stites: 88-92 FB, 93-95 peak; good SL; CB; CU; 5-11, 180

117. Davidson JR LHP Chris Lamb: 88-92 FB; good splitter; average CB; 6-1, 185

118. Elon SR RHP Thomas Girdwood: 92-95 FB; plus 82-84 SL

119. South Florida SR RHP Randy Fontanez: 88-91 sinking FB; quality CB and SL; splitter; great control; 6-1, 200 pounds

120. Washington JR RHP Andrew Kittredge: low-90s FB; strong breaking ball; CU; plus command; 6-1, 210 pounds; academically ineligible to start 2011, never returned

121. Louisiana Tech JR LHP Mike Jefferson: 88-93 FB with plus movement; slurve that should be plus SL in time; great move to first; 6-4, 185 pounds

122. UCLA JR LHP Mitch Beacom: 85-90 FB; 76-78 SL; could be a LOOGY as a pro; 6-8, 260 pounds

123. Charlotte SR RHP Bryan Hamilton: 89-92 FB, 94 peak; good 75-78 CB; 6-2, 210

124. South Carolina JR LHP Steven Neff: 92 peak; Tommy John survivor; good athlete; good hitter; missed lots of time late in 2011 with shoulder fatigue and bicep tendinitis; 6-2, 190

125. Northeastern JR LHP Andrew Leenhouts: 87-88 FB; good CB; average CU; command needs work; clean mechanics; 6-3, 200 pounds



  1. Rob Ozga says:

    A few names got lost in the editing process that I’m kicking myself over. Carter Capps and Ian Gardeck are two of the biggies I didn’t include but meant to; sorry about that.

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  5. Charley Boring hard throwing RHP with alot of movement is a sleeper for 2012.

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