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2011 MLB Draft Shortstop Rankings Resource Page

For more on the top twenty-five college and top fifteen high school 2011 shortstop prospects…

Final 2011 MLB Draft College Shortstop Rankings

Final 2011 MLB Draft High School Shortstop Rankings

…and for a combined top twenty-five list of all 2011 draft-eligible shortstop prospects, hang on tight and go for a ride with me below…

1. SS Francisco Lindor (Montverde Academy, Florida)

2. SS Trevor Story (Irving HS, Texas)

3. SS Tyler Greene (West Boca Raton HS, Florida)

4. Clemson JR SS Brad Miller

5. SS Brandon Martin (Santiago HS, California)

6. Connecticut JR SS Nick Ahmed

7. SS Julius Gaines (Luella HS, Georgia)

8. Coastal Carolina JR SS Taylor Motter

9. Texas JR SS Brandon Loy

10. SS Connor Barron (Sumrall HS, Mississippi)

11. TCU JR SS Taylor Featherston

12. SS Drake Roberts (Brenham HS, Texas)

13. SS Mikal Hill (Mallard Creek HS, North Carolina)

14. Minnesota JR SS AJ Pettersen

15. SS Chris Mariscal (Clovis North HS, California)

16. SS Nico Slater (Jupiter HS, Florida)

17. SS Mitchell Walding (St. Mary’s HS, California)

18. Wichita State JR SS Tyler Grimes

19. LSU JR SS Austin Nola

20. SS Brett Harrison (Green Valley HS, Nevada)

21. Southeast Missouri State JR SS Kenton Parmley

22. Michigan SO SS Derek Dennis

23. SS Tommy Williams (Palm Beach Gardens HS, Florida)

24. SS Jack Lopez (Deltona HS, Florida)

25. SS Zac LaNeve (Pine Richland HS, Pennsylvania)


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