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2011 MLB Draft Catcher Rankings Resource Page

For more on the top twenty college and high school 2011 catching prospects…

Final 2011 MLB Draft College Catcher Rankings

Final 2011 MLB Draft High School Catcher Rankings

…and for a combined top fifty list of all 2011 draft-eligible catching prospects, just scan downward a few centimeters with your eyeballs.

  1. C Blake Swihart (Cleveland HS, New Mexico)
  2. Oregon State SO C Andrew Susac
  3. C Eric Haase (Divine Child HS, Michigan)
  4. C Riley Moore (San Marcos HS, California)
  5. North Carolina State JR C Pratt Maynard
  6. C Elvin Soto (Xaverian HS, New York)
  7. Vanderbilt SR C Curt Casali
  8. Bethune-Cookman JR C Peter O’Brien
  9. C Garrett Boulware (TL Hanna HS, South Carolina)
  10. C Cameron Gallagher (Manheim Township HS, Pennsylvania)
  11. C Austin Hedges (JSerra HS, California)
  12. C Nicky Delmonico (Farragut HS, Tennessee)
  13. San Diego JR C Zach Kometani
  14. C Tyler Marlette (Hagerty HS, Florida)
  15. North Carolina JR C Jacob Stallings
  16. Oklahoma JR C Tyler Ogle
  17. C Grayson Greiner (Blythewood HS, South Carolina)
  18. Pittsburgh SR C Kevan Smith
  19. Arkansas JR C James McCann
  20. Virginia JR C John Hicks
  21. James Madison JR C Jake Lowery
  22. Arizona JR C Jett Bandy
  23. C Greg Bird (Grandview HS, Colorado)
  24. C Brandon Sedell (American Heritage HS, Florida)
  25. Stetson JR C Nick Rickles
  26. Tulane JR C Jeremy Schaffer
  27. College of Charleston JR C Rob Kral
  28. C BreShon Kimbell (Mesquite HS, Texas)
  29. C Brett Austin (Providence HS, North Carolina)
  30. C AJ Murray (Westfield HS, New Jersey)
  31. Western Kentucky SR C Matt Rice
  32. C Daniel Mengden (Westside HS, Texas)
  33. California JR C Chadd Krist
  34. Samford JR C Brandon Miller
  35. Central Florida JR C Beau Taylor
  36. C Taylor Nichols (Faith Academy, Alabama)
  37. C Hunter Lockwood (LD Bell HS, Texas)
  38. C Aramis Garcia (Pines Charter HS, Florida)
  39. C Dylan Delso (Broken Arrow HS, Oklahoma)
  40. Auburn SR C Tony Caldwell
  41. Chipola JC SO C Geno Escalante
  42. Kentucky JR C Mike Williams
  43. Florida JR C Ben McMahan
  44. C Bryce Mosier (Valhalla HS, California)
  45. Franklin Pierce JR C Mike Dowd
  46. C Kevin White (St. Anne’s Belfield HS, Virginia)
  47. C Connor Lynch (Pope HS, Georgia)
  48. Virginia SR C Kenny Swab
  49. East Carolina JR C Zach Wright
  50. C Drew Stiner (Owasso HS, Oklahoma)


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