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Brief Hiatus

I’ve tried to stave off this announcement for a few days, but I can’t fake my way through any more non-research required pieces (like, say the Alex White retrospective) any longer. An accident at work has left me with my second cracked computer screen in ten months, so things will be quiet on the site for a few days while I find a way to get back into my hard drive. Until I can plug my laptop into a working desktop and/or replace the screen, there will be a slight delay in posting.

To make it up to the three or four loyal readers who’ve read this far, I’m hoping to have a mock draft (my first in what seems like forever) ready to go by the time I’m fully operational again. As always, thanks for reading and thanks for sticking with this site.



  1. Mack says:

    take your time…

    you’re worth waiting for.

  2. Rich says:

    Looking forward to your position player draft thoughts.

  3. Michael Mann says:

    Michael Augliera a junior at Binghamton University has got to be the best pitching sleeper prospect of the year. He started slow but in the second half of the season has pitched 2 shutouts, 39 inings walking only 2 and was named Louisville Slugger National Player of the week with a 15 stikeouts, no walks and 2 hit shutout. Set a new school record. His conference play ERA is 1.38. He definately deserves some Major league attention.

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