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College First Basemen Revisited 2.0 – 2011 MLB Draft

First 15 there, next 15 here. Rankings are from the preseason list, numbers are from College Splits (when applicable), and opinions are entirely mine, and thus, probably wrong…

16. Cal Irvine JR 1B Jordan Leyland (.266/.340/.422 – 14 BB/31 K)

I had hoped a return to full health after struggling with a wrist injury last season would allow Leyland to show off his plus raw power.

17. Wake Forest JR 1B Austin Stadler

One at bat, one RBI groundout. That’s all Stadler has done at the plate in 2011. He’s been lit up as a starting pitcher (9.77 ERA in 47 IP), but his underlying numbers aren’t that terrible (4.55 FIP with 8.81 K/9). His season stats and scouting profile both read like Nick Ramirez, only if Ramirez wasn’t quite as good as he is. He’s the Hydrox to Nick Ramirez’s Oreo, if you will.

18. Washington SR 1B Troy Scott (.303/.374/.432 – 14 BB/22 K)

There was a point early last year when Scott was the top ranked college first baseman on my unpublished 2010 draft rankings. Whoops.

19. Georgia JR 1B Chase Davidson (.275/.342/.451 – 9 BB/33 K)

Remember the Jim Thome comps some threw Davidson’s way back in his high school days? Man, I was all over those. When he is totally locked in and you catch him in just the right light, yeah, maybe you can kind of sort of maybe see the basis for that original comparison, maybe. The problem, as shown through the lens of his less than inspiring season stats, is that Davidson’s time spent locked in isn’t enough to make him a viable pro prospect. That said, guys with his kind of raw power tend to get plenty of chances, and it only takes one team to believe professional coaching can get him back to his pre-college level of performance.

20. LSU SO 1B Jamie Bruno

No stats for Bruno as he sits out the year after leaving Tulane. I don’t think he has a chance to be drafted this year, so consider this aggressive ranking a placeholder for 2012.

21. Embry-Riddle JR 1B Matt Skipper

The well-traveled Skipper is sitting out the year as he recovers from Tommy John surgery.

22. Central Florida SR 1B Jonathan Griffin (.342/.397/.640 – 17 BB/32 K)

Griffin is the prototypical hulking (6-5, 230) first base slugger with ridiculous raw power and nothing else. You can be one-dimensional when that one dimension is as strong as Griffin’s power tool is, but his battle is still an uphill one.

23. South Alabama JR 1B Brad Hook (.298/.430/.460 – 27 BB/32 K)

Hook is yet another versatile performer, logging 37.1 decent innings on the mound in addition to his work at first base. A lot of players are mentioned as having just enough defensive aptitute to handle other positions (most commonly LF, RF, and 3B), but Hook actually has the chance of being average or better in the outfield.

24. San Diego JR 1B Bryan Haar (.320/.364/.410 – 6 BB/30 K)

After mocking eventual 26th rounder to the Phillies in the first round early last year, I really should have been smart enough to wise up and stop falling for prospects from USD. My notes on Haar heading into the season:

might list with either 3B or OF, as he is too good an athlete to restrict to first base; good raw power; good defender; power, speed, and arm strength all rate as above-average for position, but hasn’t lived up to potential as of yet; could play 3B this year with Kris Bryant at first; swing is holding him back as a hitter; great frame, like him a lot; utility future maybe; “Haar has a pro body, good defensive instincts, and an advanced approach at the plate.”

I’m obviously less enthused after his disappointing junior season. We’ll try again with Haar next year.

25. Kansas JR 1B Zac Elgie (.264/.325/.443 – 11 BB/24 K)

Elgie, one of North Dakota’s finest prep ballplayers and arguably the biggest recruit in recent Kansas baseball history, has had an up and down college career to this point. I know of a few pro teams that think he’s got the arm and athleticism to make the conversion to professional catcher.

26. Central Florida SO 1B DJ Hicks (.369/.443/.664 – 22 BB/28 K) (also logged 10.1 IP with good K-rate)

If any player on the list can be classified as a big 2011 draft riser, it’s this guy. With arguably the most raw power of any draft-eligible first baseman, Hicks is a certifiable sleeping giant in the prospect world. yet another intriguing two-way talent. His scouting report reminds me of a catcher — plus to plus-plus raw power and plus arm strength — so it is no surprise that there is some thought he’d work better at third, his occasional college position. He also is a pitching prospect who features an above-average (at times) fastball with what I consider a promising splitter.

27. Wofford JR 1B Konstantine Diamaduros (.313/.360/.388 – 13 BB/17 K)

If we’re looking for silver linings here, at least Diamaduros will have the chance to be on college baseball’s all name team for an extra year after he returns to Wofford in 2012.

28. Ouachita Baptist JR 1B Brock Green (.366/.484/.575 – 29 BB/24 K)

I’ll often compile notes on a player over the course of a few years. One of my bad habits is not dating my notes. So when I look back and see the following notes on Brock Green, I can’t help but laugh. Among a few other tidbits, the notes claim Green is both a “potential plus defender” and possesses an “iron glove.” I suppose they technically could both be true — the upside vs present performance thing — but I’m guessing it is more of an issue of timing than anything.

29. Barry SR 1B Dean Green (.414/.532/.845 – 33 BB/20 K)

Issues with competition aside, Dean Green is straight killing it this year. The former Oklahoma State Cowboy has already shown he can hang with the big boys by performing well on the Cape.

30. Oregon SR 1B Stephen Kaupang

Not listed on the Oregon 2011 roster and I couldn’t figure out what in the world happened to him. Anybody know?



  1. Kevin Nielsen says:

    Why isn’t Nick Oshea with the gophers? He’s got great power and is a great player!

    • Rob Ozga says:

      This was a preseason list, so perhaps that explains the omission. Or, assuming you were high on O’Shea coming into the year, then consider it just a flat miss on my part. O’Shea has had a really good season (.338/.378/.541 park and schedule adjusted), but I don’t know a ton about him off the top of my head and I’m currently in the process of transferring my notes from one computer to another. I can get back to you on him with more info if you like. Additionally, if there’s anything you want to add about him, I’d love to hear it.

  2. Ted McGuiness says:

    I have noticed several high ranking players having terrible stats this year, more than past years. Can it be just the bats to blame? Looking forward to the 2B rankings.

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Good call, Ted. The bats are definitely doing a number on college run production across the board. I’d also have to say that the college class is pretty weak this year in terms of hitters only – not a particularly inspiring group of bats at the traditional run producing spots, though I do think there is a solid number of up the middle prospects.

      Before my computer went boom I put together the stat updates for the 2B and SS groups, but the data is a little outdated right now. I might just run with it — two weeks old isn’t that old, right? — instead of going back and looking up the 60 players again. Either way, I’ll be continuing the college rankings updates so that they’ll all be done before draft day.

  3. […] College First Basemen Revisited 2.0 – 2011 MLB Draft I’m going to spend the weekend celebrating my momentous week by watching some amateur ball and getting back to all the wonderful readers who have left a whole bunch of comments and emails. Before getting to that, however, how about a real quick list of prep players that I’ve read or heard linked to the first round over the past few weeks? Obviously, we won’t have an all high school first round this year — although a first round composed entirely of college pitching can’t be ruled out — so not every player listed will be a first rounder. It is also possible that they’ll be a first rounder or five from the high school ranks that isn’t even on my list. As the Vikings showed yesterday, predicting the draft is as inexact a science (always wondered why you hear that phrase associated with sports more than almost any other professional field) as you can get… Quick disclaimer and a request. First, this isn’t a list any kind of ranking or a personal top prospect list. It’s just an aggregation of all kinds of draft info accrued over the past few weeks. If somebody, somewhere said Shon Carson could be drafted “late in the first” or something like that, I took note and added a new name to the list. Simple as that. Here’s the request: if I left anybody off (looking over my list again, I’d guess I’m probably light on the pitching side) that has been linked to the first round elsewhere, please don’t hesitate to yell at me in the comments.  […]

  4. Please check Gabby De Varona at DMACC in Iowa he is a monster first base with 16 HRs already.check his stats and also he is a defensive firsr baseman. Big frame.check ICCAC site for stats.

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Got it! I’ll have to do more homework on him. The bit about his defense has piqued my interest. Is he really as good as you say? What about his defense do you like specifically? Thanks again for bringing his name to my attention. I don’t have my notes on me, but I’m pretty sure his name wasn’t on any of my lists. Love a deep sleeper like him.

  5. baseball fan#1 says:

    Express add power bat from DMACC

    Eau Claire, Wis., May 19, 2011 — With the season right around the corner, field manager Dale Varsho has announced the verbal commitment of Gabby De Varona, a freshman first baseman at DMACC.

    De Varona fills one of the final remaining roster spots for the Express as the 2011 season is only two weeks away. This spring he has put up huge numbers in the power category. In 58 games, he is hitting .318, with 17 home runs, 12 doubles and a triple. He leads the team in RBIs with 56 and slugging percentage with a .628 mark.

    Coming from DMACC, De Varona will join teammate Drew Freie for a short time this summer as Freie returns for his second summer as a temporary player. De Varona has signed a full contract though, and figures to provide plenty of power for the Express this summer.

    The Express open up the 2011 season June 1, on the road at Wisconsin. They return home the following night, June 2, for the home opener. First pitch is set for 6:35 p.m.

    The Northwoods League has more teams, plays more games, and draws more fans than any Summer Collegiate Baseball League in North America.

  6. AT says:

    Jon Griffin isn’t one dimensional and I believe he is 6’7″ To be bold, if he wants it, he will be more of an impact pro player than Rendon soon enough. Inspirational person, monster power, excellent first baseman. rarely makes errors and has an enormous reach.

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