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Batted Ball Data 2011

Requirements for this are super simple: 1) pitchers must be eligible for the 2011 MLB Draft, 2) pitchers must have allowed 15 batted balls in play, 3) pitchers must either be above or below my arbitrarily decided upon standards (over 75% ground ball percentage, under 40% ground ball percentage). It should also be noted that it has only been two weeks, so, really, we’re going on about as little meaningful data as possible here. First, the ground ball machines…

Arizona JR RHP Kyle Simon: 92.0%
Texas A&M JR RHP John Stilson: 91.3%
Oregon State JR RHP Sam Gaviglio: 80.8%
Villanova JR RHP Kyle McMyne: 77.8%
Connecticut SR LHP Elliot Glynn: 77.3%
Oregon JR RHP Madison Boer: 75.0%
UAB SR RHP Ryan Woolley: 75.0%

Simon and Stilson have combined for 44 ground balls out of 48 batted ball outs. That’s crazy. Stilson’s power stuff has gotten plenty of pub, but Simon’s underrated grounder-inducing repertoire (plus fastball movement, good splitter, much improved slider) should have him moving up draft boards this spring. Extra credit for the lefthanded Glynn cracking the list.

UCLA JR RHP Gerrit Cole: 38.1%
Alabama JR LHP Adam Morgan: 31.3%
North Carolina SR RHP Patrick Johnson: 30.0%
North Carolina State JR RHP Cory Mazzoni: 29.6%

I have no explanation why Cole doesn’t get more ground ball outs. Going off memory, I’m pretty sure he had a very low ground ball percentage last year as well.



  1. RedDan says:

    Came across this just recently on Rutgers Baseball, on some of the players you mentioned. Good stuff, good start.

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Thanks for the link, Eric Sorenson does really great work over there. On my next free afternoon I’m hoping to update the links on the sidebar and you’d better believe his site will be up there. As you said, good stuff.

      Speaking of Rutgers baseball…I’m stumped when it comes to Mike Lang. As I finish my 2011 outfield prospect list, I’m realizing there is no player I’ve moved up and down more often than him. Currently I have him 7th amongst senior outfielders, 3rd amongst Big East outfielders (behind Springer and Ijames), and in the 40s on my overall list. Something about that final ranking doesn’t feel right, but I’m not sure if it is too high or too low. Not really sure where I’m going with this, other than to say I’m easily confused when it comes to prospects from Rutgers for some reason. Maybe I’m just easily confused in general…

  2. RedDan says:

    I do understand your thoughts here Rob, I was a bit thrown off last year myself by Lang not being drafted…I still don’t see how it didn’t happen? He is a good all-around player but not sure how the Pros see him but they should see a good prospect in him for sure of all the kids they do draft. I also think that kid Boykin is a real player in the rough. He’s got some real tools that will probably shine even better at the Pro level when they just more let him do his thing. Think it was mentioned earlier on here about his abilities in the outfield, he looks solid and can really go get it. Very good athlete and he and Lang pound for pound out there for my money are two of the better ones I’ve seen, though admittedly somewhat unsung. RU is looking good so far out there in the deep waters. Seems like they had a real chance to take two from Miami, even sweep them, which they did the very next weekend to the Michigan Wolverines.

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