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Weekly Plan of Attack

Every year I forget how labor intensive poring over a weekend’s worth of college baseball box scores can be. That sounds kind of whiny — since when is reading about baseball “labor intensive?” — but please don’t consider it as a complaint. Instead, take it as the reason why other rankings and features will be on the back burner for a couple of days. I’ll almost definitely scale back on the college baseball reviews in the future, for my own sanity if nothing else, but still figured that opening weekend deserved the crazy obsessive treatment for old time’s sake. Here’s my current plan for the week ahead…

Monday: Weekly Plan of Attack (i.e. what you are currently reading…)
Tuesday: Friday “Night” College Baseball Review
Wednesday:  Saturday College Baseball Review and Sunday College Baseball Review
Thursday: General Weekend Conclusions and Quick Statistical Look at 2011 MLB Draft Pitching Prospects
Friday: Interesting GO/AO Ratios (Week One)

All the while I’ll be working on finishing up the rankings for college outfielders and college pitchers, both of which are much bigger tasks than I had originally believed/hoped. My current college pitching follow list is at 425, while my current outfielder list clocks in at a slightly more manageable 163. Fun times ahead…


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