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2011 MLB Draft – Top 50 Corner Infield Prospects

If this list seems like a fairly straightforward combination of two previously published rankings cobbled together to buy some time while other projects are completed, then, well, congratulations because you’re right. In my half-hearted defense, I think there is some value in combining 1B and 3B into one great big “corner infielder” umbrella category due to the high probability that at least a few of the third basemen on the list wind up at first base (Coy and Shaw are two highly ranked names that stand out) sooner rather than later. I also think there is value from a methodological standpoint, at least from a personal ranking philosophy standpoint. One quick observation on said methods: the 1B list is one that looks better when viewed from a college production standpoint (e.g. Troy Channing and Jordan Ribera ranking so highly), while the 3B list skews towards projection and scouting (e.g. the aggressive placement of Andy Burns and Adam Smith). All legitimate rankings in a vacuum, I think, but difficult when attempting to mesh the two lists together. At least the top spot was an easy one to pick…

Working on the college shortstop list. Hoping to get to the revised catching list and then outfielders at some point over the weekend. After wrapping up the position players, we’ll move on to college pitching and, finally, some 2011 high school prospect talk. Once the rankings are all out of the way — my goal this year was to finish them all before the college season, i.e. the unofficial start of “draft season,” and it looks like I’ll get there — then we can get into some of the new, fun ideas that have been kicking around in my head the past few months.

  1. Rice JR 3B Anthony Rendon
  2. Southern Mississippi JR 3B BA Vollmuth
  3. Vanderbilt JR 3B Jason Esposito
  4. Florida JR 1B Preston Tucker
  5. Georgia Tech JR 3B Matt Skole
  6. Southern California JR 1B Ricky Oropesa
  7. Miami JR 3B Harold Martinez
  8. Arizona JR 3B Andy Burns
  9. Arizona State JR 3B Riccio Torrez
  10. Wichita State JR 3B Johnny Coy
  11. Texas A&M JR 3B Adam Smith
  12. Kent State JR 3B Travis Shaw
  13. Clemson JR 3B John Hinson
  14. St. Mary’s JR 1B Troy Channing
  15. Texas State JR 3B Kyle Kubitza
  16. Winthrop JR 3B Chas Crane
  17. Coastal Carolina SR 3B Scott Woodward
  18. Oklahoma JR 3B Garrett Buechele
  19. Fresno State SR 1B Jordan Ribera
  20. Washington State JR 1B Taylor Ard
  21. East Tennessee State SR 1B Paul Hoilman
  22. Cal State Fullerton JR 1B Nick Ramirez
  23. TCU SO 3B Jantzen Witte
  24. Texas JR 3B Kevin Lusson
  25. Texas-Pan American JR 3B Vincent Mejia
  26. San Francisco SR 3B Steven Yarrow
  27. UCLA JR 1B Dean Espy
  28. Vanderbilt JR 1B Aaron Westlake
  29. North Carolina State JR 1B Harold Riggins
  30. Tarleton State SR 3B Chris Casazza
  31. Oklahoma State JR 3B Mark Ginther
  32. Nebraska JR 3B Cody Asche
  33. Texas A&M JR 3B Matt Juengel
  34. Virginia JR 3B Steven Proscia
  35. Louisiana Tech JR 3B Matt Threlkeld
  36. College of Charleston JR 3B Matt Leeds
  37. Mississippi JR 1B Matt Snyder
  38. Oklahoma City SR 3B Kirk Walker
  39. Baylor SO 3B Cal Towey
  40. Liberty JR 3B Tyler Bream
  41. Northwestern JR 1B Paul Snieder
  42. Cal State Fullerton SO 1B Carlos Lopez
  43. Oklahoma JR 1B Cam Seitzer
  44. Southern Illinois JR 1B Chris Serritella
  45. Cal Irvine JR 1B Jordan Leyland
  46. East Carolina JR 3B Corey Thompson
  47. Wake Forest JR 1B Austin Stadler
  48. Washington SR 1B Troy Scott
  49. Georgia JR 1B Chase Davidson
  50. Mercer JR 3B Jacob Tanis


  1. Greg Maher says:

    You must include Cole Fenzel in the top 1B of Arizona. He is in top 10 of numberous Pac 10 hitting categories. Thoughts?

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Initial thoughts? Frenzel intrigues me. He wasn’t on the radar for me at the onset of the year because I tend to miss players who are draft eligible because of age when quickly scanning rosters. Frenzel is a true sophomore, but is eligible for the 2011 draft because of his 3/13/90 DOB. I won’t pretend to know a ton about him, but at first glance I have to admit the approach (29 BB/27 K) appeals to me. My biggest worry at this point is the lack of power. Only one extra base hit as a freshman (77 at bats) combined with an artificially high slugging number this year (list at .511, but park/schedule adjustments bring it down to .429). I know he had the hamate injury last year, so that could be part of the reason for the power outage. Definitely have a soft spot for prospects from North Dakota, so I’ll be pulling for him.

      • Jeff Sloan says:

        Frenzel named All Pac 10. 2nd in Pac 10 in BA (.365), first in OBA (.477), 5th in SLG (.490), 4th in RBI (44), 6th in doubles.
        Good size and strength.
        Now that he is on your “radar”, where would he fit in your top 50 draft eligible college corner infielders. I would think these numbers would be impressive to some scouts.

  2. Robert Gardner says:

    Wake Forest Junior 3rd Baseman Carlos Lopez needs consideration for your list of top 3rd basemen.
    6’1″ 215 lbs.
    has 8 HRs this season- 3rd in the ACC Top 10 in ACC Slugging %
    Many people say he has the best infield arm in the ACC!
    Has made a lot of spectacular plays

    • Rob Ozga says:

      I wrote about him a real little bit back in November: “JR 3B/OF Carlos Lopez is my dark horse to go later in the draft to a team willing to bet on his interesting physical tools, including his very quick wrists.”

      Your comment has me more intrigued than ever, especially the positive reviews on both his arm and defense at third. If I knew for sure he’d stick at the hot corner, I think he might have cracked that preseason top 30. I’d say he’d definitely make it, but it is an unusually deep college 3B class this year. After the start to his year, I’d say he’d definitely be up there – well above-average power for any 3B has to get you noticed. Anyway, thanks for the tip on Lopez and I’ll be sure to get back to you if I can dig up anything more on him. Additionally, please feel free to add any more insight if you’ve got it…I love hearing from anybody who has the chance to see some of these prospects close up.

      • robert gardner says:

        A follow up on Wake Forest 3rd baseman Carlos Lopez
        Finished the season with 11 HRs
        Finished 6th in the ACC in Slugging and second in HRs
        Lopez hit the greatest home run I have ever seen anywhere at the Durham Bulls Atletic Park vs. Duke.
        The shot cleared the “Blue Monster” wall in left field at the 375′ mark and then hit the bottom of a 4th story window on a building that rises 5 stories from the patio which sits (starts)30+ feet above the field at the top of the wall. The ball was still climbing when it hit the wall. At the point of contact it was at least 430 feet from home
        plate and 70 feet above the field (40 feet over the wall).I have never seen a baseball hit that hard!Even the Duke fans stood and clapped.

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