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2011 MLB Draft – Top 30 College 1B Follow List

Commentary to come, but I didn’t want to hold up on posting some rankings for the silly reason that it takes me forever to come up with new and interesting ways to say “big power upside, but will have to hit a ton to ever make it as a 1B in pro ball.” Rankings are extremely preliminary — I’m already hating the inclusion of Matt Skipper, last seen at NMJC last spring but not on the 2010 Fall roster, for example — but should work as a decent follow list for the spring, if nothing else. Feel free to ask any questions and/or call me in idiot in the comments.
  1. JR 1B Preston Tucker (Florida)
  2. JR 1B Ricky Oropesa (Southern California)
  3. JR 1B Troy Channing (St. Mary’s)
  4. SR 1B Jordan Ribera (Fresno State)
  5. JR 1B Taylor Ard (Washington State)
  6. 1B SR Paul Hoilman (East Tennessee State)
  7. JR 1B Nick Ramirez (Cal State Fullerton)
  8. JR 1B Dean Espy (UCLA)
  9. JR 1B Aaron Westlake (Vanderbilt)
  10. JR 1B Harold Riggins (North Carolina State)
  11. JR 1B Matt Snyder (Mississippi)
  12. JR 1B Paul Snieder (Northwestern)
  13. SO 1B Carlos Lopez (Cal State Fullerton)
  14. JR 1B Cam Seitzer (Oklahoma)
  15. JR 1B Chris Serritella (Southern Illinois)
  16. JR 1B Jordan Leyland (Cal Irvine)
  17. JR 1B Austin Stadler (Wake Forest)
  18. SR 1B Troy Scott (Washington)
  19. JR 1B Chase Davidson (Georgia)
  20. SO 1B Jamie Bruno (LSU)
  21. JR 1B Matt Skipper (New Mexico Junior College) (Embry-Riddle)
  22. SR 1B Jonathan Griffin (Central Florida)
  23. JR 1B Brad Hook (South Alabama)
  24. JR 1B Bryan Haar (San Diego)
  25. JR 1B Zac Elgie (Kansas)
  26. SO 1B DJ Hicks (Central Florida)
  27. JR 1B Konstantine Diamaduros (Wofford)
  28. JR 1B Brock Green (Ouachita Baptist)
  29. SR 1B Dean Green (Oklahoma State) (transferred to Barry)
  30. SR 1B Stephen Kaupang (Oregon)


  1. PalmettoBBFan says:


    Are the sophomore’s on your list all draft eligible? If not, you need to add Richie Shafer at Clemson. He would probably be in the top 5-10. Had a pretty good season last year despite being hobble by injuries for much of the year. Looking for big things from him this year.

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Yeah, all sophomores are 2011 draft-eligible. Sorry, should have made that more obvious in that first paragraph. Shaffer will be high on the 2012 lists, actually saw him play in high school down in Charlotte…good player.

  2. Debbie says:

    Go Brock Green!!! Definitely the one to watch this year! Dont miss out on this awesome, wicked player!!!

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Looks like a relatively thin year in terms of draft-eligible 1B, so Brock has as good a shot anybody to rise up the charts with a big season. We’re rooting for him…

  3. Bo says:

    Any notes on Serritella?

    I’ll likely make it to a couple Saluki games this spring. Is there another MVC team that has a few prospects worth watching?

    • Rob Ozga says:

      My notes on Serritella…

      JR 1B Chris Serritella (Southern Illinois): quick bat and strong upper body = good present power; above-average defender who gets himself in trouble attempting to do too much, e.g. high error totals largely because of solid range and not hands of stone; strong arm for the position; slow; more practical upside than most players this far down the ranking due to genuine platoon upside as righty masher (check of splits pending) or bat off the bench

      I took a look at the Southern Illinois home schedule and here are some quick thoughts on a few of their MVC opponents for the upcoming year…

      Wichita State just churns out quality pro prospects year after year and their current roster is pretty well stocked. Off the top of my head, I’d say my two 2011 favorites are LHP Charlie Lowell and 3B/1B Johnny Coy, two guys with the potential to be premium 2011 selections. Lowell really doesn’t get enough love as a three-pitch lefty with size and plus arm strength (mid-90s peak) and Coy’s defense will be really interesting to watch as the season progresses.

      Missouri State is really strong up the middle with a pair of 2011s in 2B Kevin Medrano and SS Travis McCormick. RHP Dan Kickham has a good frame and the potential for two above-average pitches (FB/SL). I remember liking their 2012 class that enrolled last year (C Luke Voit and RHP Pierce Johnson), but I honestly haven’t checked up on either much at all in the past twelve months.

      Illinois State doesn’t have a whole lot going on from a prospect standpoint, but a strong 2013 class led by RHP Johnny Lieske could be fun to watch, playing time pending.

      If you do make it out to a few games, be sure to drop by or email me (robozga at gmail dot com) any thoughts or observations…love firsthand accounts. Thanks for commenting.

  4. […] down and really think about the overall college rankings after I finish, but a quick glance at the 1B list has me thinking there will be at least three college second basemen ahead of the top ranked first […]

  5. […] reference’s sake, the complete list of top 2011 college first basemen. Now some quick thoughts on a few selected players. I’m happy to add extra thoughts on any […]

  6. Ball 303 says:

    Matt Skipper is at Embry Riddle. He had Tommy john after blowing up his arm in summer ball

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Thank you! With that mystery solved, I can go back to liking his placement on the list…arm injury notwithstanding. Interesting that even with the bum arm he is listed as a pitcher only; hope that doesn’t mean his hitting days are over.

  7. […] right. 2011 college first basemen. Here is the original list. I don’t see a clear big league starter in the bunch, though I’m admittedly all aboard […]

  8. Hey guys wait a minute had you follow a JUCO freshman from DMACC in Iowa,His name is Gabby De Varona He is a 6.3″ frame 230 lbs with 16 HR ,50 Rbis, Slugging 745, with 8 doubles ,1 triple and 359 Ave ,His defense is aoutstanding
    i beleive like 988.he hit 632 as a senior in Broward county and he play with Nick castellanos, also with Manny machado etc go check this guy and then tell me about him please.He is a monster and should be included in that list.Rememebr that this year with the new bat he already have 16 jacks and still a lot of games to play.Go an check him up.

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Thanks for the name to follow. Gabby DeVerona certainly sounds like he should be a good baseball prospect. I’ll have to look into him further, but when I do I’ll get back to you here. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Rob go check this guy i told you Gabby de Varona from Broward County in Fl playing in a Jucco DMACC in Iowa as a freshman.

  10. baseball fan#1 says:

    Express add power bat from DMACC

    Eau Claire, Wis., May 19, 2011 — With the season right around the corner, field manager Dale Varsho has announced the verbal commitment of Gabby De Varona, a freshman first baseman at DMACC.

    De Varona fills one of the final remaining roster spots for the Express as the 2011 season is only two weeks away. This spring he has put up huge numbers in the power category. In 58 games, he is hitting .317, with 16 home runs, 12 doubles and a triple. He leads the team in RBIs with 52 and slugging percentage with a .628 mark.

    Coming from DMACC, De Varona will join teammate Drew Freie for a short time this summer as Freie returns for his second summer as a temporary player. De Varona has signed a full contract though, and figures to provide plenty of power for the Express this summer.

    The Express open up the 2011 season June 1, on the road at Wisconsin. They return home the following night, June 2, for the home opener. First pitch is set for 6:35 p.m.

    The Northwoods League has more teams, plays more games, and draws more fans than any Summer Collegiate Baseball League in North America.

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