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Blame the lack of recent activity on that pesky old real life work commitment and far, far too much time spent hitting the F5 key on my laptop to keep up with all things Cliff Lee. I know, my priorities are screwed up…

I really want to finish doing College Team Profiles for the ACC, but there are too many out of date rosters (North Carolina and Boston College, get with the program!) for me to wait it out much longer. In the meantime, I’ve started working on the Big East, beginning with Louisville (95% done) and Rutgers. I’m mindful of things getting stale — as much as I enjoy doing the College Team Profiles, I realize too much of anyone thing can get old after a while — so I’m open to suggestions if anybody has any ideas on how to mix it up. I figure I’ll do position rankings over the holidays when I have more time and energy to think deeply on the subject, but I don’t have much of a clue what to do after that.

Alright, that’s the update. Now back to Cliff Lee…


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