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The Week Ahead…

Baseball Draft Report exclusive! Your humble author’s to-do list from the holiday weekend: 1) Gain 5 pounds (check!), 2) continue to grow hobo beard well past the point accepted in typical workplace (check!), and 3) write some junk about baseball players born in the ’90’s (check!). New plan: 1) Lose the 5 points before Christmas so that I can gain it back guilt-free over the longer holiday break, 2) shave beard so the nice old lady on the subway won’t move to a different train after I get on, and 3) actually publish the junk about baseball players that I worked so diligently on during my time off from work. Exercise regimen begins today, beard is already dead and buried, and the posting schedule for the upcoming week is actually planned in advanced for the first time in months. Here’s where I’m at right now…

Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech are already on display for your viewing pleasure/scornful wrath. Some 2011 draft thoughts on Duke, Virginia, North Carolina State, Miami, Florida State, Maryland, and Cincinnati are 99% done and in the editing stages, so expect to see all of those schools profiled in the next two weeks. I also have 90% of my college position rankings complete, so expect to see a Top (Whatever Number I Decide to Stop At) for college catchers (I know I wrote about them already, but I want to make some revisions already), college first basemen, college second basemen, college third basemen, college shortstops, college outfielders, college lefthanded pitchers, and college righthanded pitchers. I’m also sitting on some pretty weird prep rankings (for these I might start with a pitcher list and a position player list and leave more specific position breakdowns for the spring) that I’d like to roll out soon, so stay tuned for that.

The tentative schedule for the week ahead looks like this, but I’ll throw out this offer to any of my whopping 300 daily readers right now: pick any team from the above list and you’ll see it instantly OR pick any team in all of college baseball (assuming I have an updated 2011 roster…North Carolina, Boston College, and Clemson are killing me!) and you’ll see it either by the end of this week or early next week.

  • Tuesday – Duke 2011 Draft Preview
  • Wednesday – Miami 2011 Draft Preview (Gruden free!)
  • Thursday – 2011 Draft Top College 1B
  • Friday – Florida State 2011 Draft Preview


  1. Kevin Jones says:

    How about a draft profile for Western Carolina?

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Love it, absolutely. It may have to be a quick post until they update their 2011 roster online, but I do have 5 Western Carolina players written up in my own notes that I’d be happy to type up and share in the coming days. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. PopFlyGuy says:

    I’m a Big East guy and follow the big State teams, so what’s up for Rutgers this year? You wrote of them last year and they had a few guys drafted. Heard they have some good talent left. Infield, Outfield, Pitching, what’s the deal with RU?

    • Rob Ozga says:

      I’m in Big East country, so I’m definitely down with moving Rutgers up my list. Right now I’m aiming to have something written up and ready to go by early next week. I’m looking forward to putting a follow list together because I’m currently planning on seeing them play UConn at home at the end of April. Looking forward to seeing Steve Nyisztor especially. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. PalmettoBBFan says:

    I can send you a tentative Clemson roster if that will help you. Not sure when they’ll release the official version, but what I have is 99% complete. (Not sure of the name of one walkon).

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Yeah, that would be awesome. With a complete roster, I’d put Clemson right at the top of the ACC list for next week. You can email me at my name (robozga) @

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