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2010 MLB Draft – By the Numbers

1,525 Overall Players Selected

  • 136 Catchers
  • 71 First Basemen
  • 54 Second Basemen
  • 126 Shortstops
  • 61 Third Basemen
  • 264 Outfielders
  • 222 Lefthanded Pitchers
  • 582 Righthanded Pitchers

We’ll get to just about all 1,525 of those players over the next few weeks. I don’t have a plan on how to do that exactly, but I’m sure we’ll figure it all out eventually. I remember getting lots of good ideas on post-draft coverage last year that I want to at least attempt to implement this year, so hang tight for that. In the meantime, as I attempt to get through responding in the backed up comment section and my email inbox, any and all suggestions on what kind of content would be best going forward are appreciated.



  1. cc says:

    I really don’t understand what this draft is all about. From what I see it’s not about your ability but about who you know and who your family is. Here sits a good kid with great work habits,batted a career 410 in college,runs the 60 in 7.4, broke several school records, was voted SSAC Player of the Year, voted NAIA All American 2x, and a few teams call him up and talk with him for several weeks then come time for draft. They draft kids with 200 career avg. been in trouble all during school, and just in it for the money.

  2. Nate says:

    When you run a 7.4 60 people dont look too hard. And Who’s in it for the $. The players? Ya thats how it works.

  3. baseball freak says:

    This years draft and the previous one (2009) has both been a bust. Besides the first round of the draft most of the people drafted I’ve never heard of…. out of all the players that got screwed over, how about Southern University’s Curtis Wilson who was amongst most draft boards. Breaking records in summer league and amongst the top three players in conference play. I dont understand it….I know him personally and he is really down after this years draft and is considering playing professionally in Puerto Rico or Europe where he will be more than welcomed….

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