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Day Two Update

Between begin gainfully employed at a job I hate calling out of (haven’t missed a day in two years there!) and the far too tempting opportunity to see Mike Stanton’s big league debut tonight against the Phillies, Day 2 draft coverage will be postponed just a tad. Ah, but how can you possibly postpone coverage of a live event? Do you have no conception of the limits of time and space? Ha, I laugh in the face of such obstacles. See, even though I’ve already missed about 200ish picks or so, my plan is to dive right into’s Draft Tracker and go round-by-round as if I were following it live. The draft obsession truly knows no bounds. Check in here periodically between now and whenever I hop on the subway to catch the game with a few thoughts on today’s earlier rounds. Check in later (hopefully) to get more of the same.


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