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2010 MLB Draft: Top 250 College Position Player Prospects

The list doesn’t follow exactly along with earlier position-by-position rankings (check the links on the left side of the page for more info) because I’ve done some tweaking over the past few weeks. College RHPs (I think I’m going 250 deep on that list…) and combined college pitcher rankings should be up either later today or tomorrow. High school rankings will be pumped out pretty consistently over the course of the weekend, so check back over the next 48 hours for that. In the meantime, here are some college guys. Oh yeah, one last thing – the recommendations on guys I missed left in the comments section or via email were all excellent. I’ve always been slow to make decisions, so give me another day or two to mull everything over before I’m ready to begin inserting a few of the players into the position-by-position rankings and, in the case of a few players, into the list below…

6/5/2010 EDIT: With apologies to Southern Mississippi SR C Travis Graves (bumped from the list) and previously jilted Rutgers fans (I kid) alike, Pat Biserta cracks the list at number 85. Thanks to all who left comments alerting me to his omission. This may sound really corny, but I’m sort of proud to know there are so many knowledgeable readers willing to go to bat for their guy out there. I’m lucky that instead of having one person who edits my stuff for me, I have any number of the X amount of viewers who stop by here on a daily basis who do the job for free. Thanks, again.

  1. Community College of Southern Nevada FR C Bryce Harper
  2. Texas Arlington JR OF Michael Choice
  3. Ball State JR 2B Kolbrin Vitek
  4. Miami JR C Yasmani Grandal
  5. Tulane JR 3B Rob Segedin
  6. Arkansas SO 3B Zack Cox
  7. Florida State JR OF Tyler Holt
  8. Georgia Tech JR 3B Derek Dietrich
  9. Virginia Tech JR OF Austin Wates
  10. Cal State Fullerton JR SS Christian Colon
  11. Wabash Valley JC FR OF Mel Rojas
  12. Auburn JR OF Trent Mummey
  13. Louisville SO OF Stewart Ijames
  14. Middle Tennessee State JR OF Bryce Brentz
  15. Ohio JR OF Gauntlett Eldemire
  16. West Virginia JR 2B Jedd Gyorko
  17. Clemson JR OF Kyle Parker
  18. Minnesota JR C Mike Kvasnicka
  19. Kansas State JR SS Carter Jurica
  20. Arkansas JR 1B Andy Wilkins
  21. Louisiana State JR C Micah Gibbs
  22. Villanova SO C Matt Szczur
  23. West Oklahoma State JC SO OF Randolph Oduber
  24. Chipola JC FR 2B LeVon Washington
  25. UC Riverside SO C Rob Brantly
  26. Auburn JR 1B Hunter Morris
  27. Pittsburgh JR 3B Joe Leonard
  28. Virginia JR OF Jarrett Parker
  29. Louisiana State JR OF Leon Landry
  30. Jacksonville State JR OF Todd Cunningham
  31. Oklahoma City JR 3B Matt Presley
  32. Stanford JR 2B Colin Walsh
  33. Duke JR SS Jake Lemmerman
  34. Louisville SO 3B Phil Wunderlich
  35. UNC Wilmington JR C Cody Stanley
  36. Louisville SR 1B Andrew Clark
  37. Texas JR C Cameron Rupp
  38. Kansas JR 3B Tony Thompson
  39. San Diego JR 3B Victor Sanchez
  40. Connecticut JR 3B Mike Olt
  41. Vanderbilt JR C Curt Casali
  42. Tennessee JR C Blake Forsythe
  43. Long Beach State JR SS Devin Lohman
  44. Wake Forest JR OF Steven Brooks
  45. Louisville SR 2B Adam Duvall
  46. Virginia JR 2B Phil Gosselin
  47. Oregon State JR 3B Stefen Romero
  48. Fresno City College FR 3B David Rohm
  49. Coastal Carolina JR OF Rico Noel
  50. Cal State Fullerton JR OF Gary Brown
  51. Michigan JR OF Ryan LaMarre
  52. Alabama JR 2B Ross Wilson
  53. Alabama JR SS Josh Rutledge
  54. Mississippi State SR 1B Connor Powers
  55. Virginia Tech JR SS Tim Smalling
  56. Wichita State FR 3B Johnny Coy
  57. Texas State JR 3B Jason Martinson
  58. North Carolina State JR 3B Russell Wilson
  59. Oregon State JR OF Adalberto Santos
  60. Coastal Carolina JR 3B Scott Woodward
  61. Rice JR SS Rick Hague
  62. Tennessee Tech JR 1B AJ Kirby-Jones
  63. Cerritos CC SO 2B Joe Terry
  64. Catawba SR OF Wade Moore
  65. Catawba SR OF Craige Lyerly
  66. Yavapai JC SO DeMarcus Tidwell
  67. James Madison JR SS David Herbek
  68. San Jacinto SO OF Randall Thorpe
  69. Miami-Dade SO OF Jabari Blash
  70. Virginia JR OF Dan Grovatt
  71. Virginia SR SS Tyler Cannon
  72. Azusa Pacific SR 3B Ryan Delgado
  73. Florida Southern JR 2B Wade Kirkland
  74. California JR 2B BJ Guinn
  75. Coastal Carolina SR C Jose Iglesias
  76. Santa Clara SR C Tommy Medica
  77. East Carolina SR 1B Kyle Roller
  78. Oxnard FR OF Harper White
  79. Rutgers JR 2B Brandon Boykin
  80. Tennessee JR 3B Matt Duffy
  81. Kansas SR 2B Robby Price
  82. Kentucky JR 2B Chris Bisson
  83. Texas Christian SR C Bryan Holaday
  84. Clemson JR OF Jeff Schaus
  85. Rutgers JR OF Pat Biserta
  86. California JR OF Mark Canha
  87. Texas Christian SR 1B Matt Curry
  88. Georgia Tech SR 1B Tony Plagman
  89. Louisiana State SR 1B Blake Dean
  90. Alabama SR 1B Clay Jones
  91. Washington JR 1B Troy Scott
  92. Clemson SO 3B John Hinson
  93. Missouri SR OF Aaron Senne
  94. Arizona State SO SS Drew Maggi
  95. Southern JR 2B Curtis Wilson
  96. East Carolina JR OF Devin Harris
  97. Texas JR OF Kevin Keyes
  98. Auburn JR OF Kevin Patterson
  99. Pacific JR OF Nick Longmire
  100. Rutgers JR OF Jaren Matthews
  101. Auburn JR OF Brian Fletcher
  102. Ohio JR OF Robert Maddox
  103. Fresno State JR SS Danny Muno
  104. Cal State Fullerton JR 2B Corey Jones
  105. North Carolina JR C Jesse Wierzbicki
  106. Boston College JR 1B Mickey Wiswall
  107. Canisius JR 2B Steve McQuail
  108. Clemson SR 2B Mike Freeman
  109. Miami SR 2B Scott Lawson
  110. Mt. Hood CC SO 1B Taylor Ard
  111. Tampa JR OF Jared Simon
  112. Sonoma State JR OF Kyle Jones
  113. Florida Southern SR OF Trae Gore
  114. East Carolina JR SS Dustin Harrington
  115. Alabama SR 3B Jake Smith
  116. Georgia Southern SR 2B AJ Wirnsberger
  117. College of Charleston SR 2B Joey Bergman
  118. Florida JR 2B Josh Adams
  119. Central Florida SR OF Chris Duffy
  120. Furman JR 3B Brian Harrison
  121. San Francisco JR 3B Stephen Yarrow
  122. Bucknell SR OF Andrew Brouse
  123. North Carolina State JR C Chris Schaeffer
  124. Nebraska-Omaha JR OF Ryan Hook
  125. Oklahoma SO 3B Garrett Buechele
  126. Lewis-Clark State JR C Kawika Emsley-Pai
  127. Rutgers JR OF Michael Lang
  128. Dallas Baptist SR OF Ryan Enos
  129. Old Dominion SR SS Jake McAloose
  130. Lake Sumter CC FR 1B Bryan Hill
  131. Arizona State JR C Xorge Carrillo
  132. Missouri JR C Brett Nicholas
  133. Virginia JR C Kenny Swab
  134. Georgia Tech JR C Cole Leonida
  135. Truett-McConnell SO OF Terrell Jones
  136. Gonzaga SR OF Drew Heid
  137. Murray State SR OF Wes Cunningham
  138. Vanderbilt JR OF Aaron Westlake
  139. Eastern Kentucky JR 3B Jayson Langfels
  140. Hawaii SR 1B Kevin Macdonald
  141. Cal State Northridge JR 1B Dominic D’Anna
  142. Central Arizona FR SS Sam Lind
  143. Holy Cross SR 3B Matt Perry
  144. South Carolina JR OF Whit Merrifield
  145. Central Florida JR 2B Derek Luciano
  146. St. John’s JR 2B Greg Hopkins
  147. Francis Marion SR SS Barrett Kleinknecht
  148. Virginia Military Institute JR SS Sam Roberts
  149. CC of Southern Nevada SO OF Trevor Kirk
  150. UC Irvine JR 3B Brian Hernandez
  151. Florida JR 3B Bryson Smith
  152. Fort Hays State JR OF Jordan Payne
  153. Chipola JC SO OF Joey Rapp
  154. Iowa JR OF Kurtis Muller
  155. Georgia Tech SR OF Jay Dantzler
  156. Carson-Newman SR 1B Jeff Lockwood
  157. Arizona JR 2B Rafael Valenzuela
  158. Western Kentucky JR C Matt Rice
  159. Southern Illinois SR C Tyler Bullock
  160. Embry-Riddle SR C Austin Goolsby
  161. Oklahoma State JR C Kevin David
  162. Rice SR C Diego Seastrunk
  163. Ohio State JR C Dan Burkhart
  164. Chipola JC SO 1B Cody Martin
  165. Tennessee JR 1B Cody Hawn
  166. Central Florida SR OF Shane Brown
  167. Michigan State SR OF Eli Boike
  168. Texas Tech JR C Jeremy Mayo
  169. New Mexico JR C Rafael Neda
  170. Louisville SR C Jeff Arnold
  171. Mississippi JR 1B Matt Smith
  172. Pittsburgh JR OF John Schultz
  173. North Carolina SR 2B Dallas Poulk
  174. South Carolina SR 1B Nick Ebert
  175. Oklahoma State JR 1B Dean Green
  176. Connecticut JR 2B Pierre LePage
  177. Pittsburgh JR C Kevan Smith
  178. Manhattan JR OF Mike McCann
  179. James Madison SR OF Matt Browning
  180. Florida State JR OF Mike McGee
  181. Florida State JR 3B Stuart Tapley
  182. San Francisco SR Derek Poppert
  183. Middle Tennessee State SR 1B Blake McDade
  184. Kent State JR 2B Jared Humphreys
  185. Nebraska SR OF Adam Bailey
  186. Texas SR OF Russell Moldenhauer
  187. Creighton JR SS Elliot Soto
  188. North Carolina State SR OF Kyle Wilson
  189. Florida SR OF Matt Den Dekker
  190. Louisville JR OF Josh Richmond
  191. Washington SO OF Caleb Brown
  192. Indiana State SR OF Ryan Strausborger
  193. San Diego State JR OF Cory Vaughn
  194. Bowling Green SR 3B Derek Spencer
  195. Arizona State SR 1B Kole Calhoun
  196. Sam Houston State JR 2B Braden Riley
  197. Pacific JR 2B JB Brown
  198. Howard JC SO 2B Marcellous Biggins
  199. Georgia State SO OF Joey Wood
  200. Stanford JR OF Kellen Kiilsgaard
  201. Sonoma State JR OF Tillman Pugh
  202. Samford SR OF David Schulze
  203. Dallas Baptist JR OF Jason Krizan
  204. Cal Poly SR OF Luke Yoder
  205. Georgia Tech JR OF Chase Burnette
  206. Texas JR OF Tant Shepherd
  207. Wright State SR OF Casey McGrew
  208. Virginia Tech SR OF Steve Domecus
  209. Texas A&M SR OF Brodie Greene
  210. Ohio State SR OF Zach Hurley
  211. Sam Houston State JR OF Mark Hudson
  212. Rice SR 1B Jimmy Comerota
  213. Long Beach State SO 1B Joey Terdoslavich
  214. Auburn SR C Ryan Jenkins
  215. Mississippi JR C Miles Hamblin
  216. Western Michigan SR OF Chris Lewis
  217. Georgia Tech JR OF Jeff Rowland
  218. Rice JR OF Michael Fuda
  219. Virginia JR OF John Barr
  220. Florida Gulf Coast JR OF Josh Chester
  221. Richmond SR 3B Cameron Brown
  222. Mississippi State JR C Wes Thigpen
  223. Chipola FR 3B Michael Revell
  224. East Carolina JR OF Trent Whitehead
  225. UCLA JR OF Brett Krill
  226. Clemson JR OF Addison Johnson
  227. Clemson SR OF Wilson Boyd
  228. Siena SR OF Anthony Giansanti
  229. Auburn JR OF Justin Fradejas
  230. Kentucky SO OF Navarro Hall
  231. Xavier JR OF John McCambridge
  232. Mississippi JR OF Tim Ferguson
  233. Louisiana Lafayette SR OF Kyle Olasin
  234. Rice JR OF Chad Mozingo
  235. San Diego JR OF Kevin Muno
  236. Boston College JR OF Robbie Anston
  237. Ohio State SR OF Michael Stephens
  238. Kennesaw State SR SS Tyler Stubblefield
  239. Central Florida JR 1B Jonathan Griffin
  240. New Orleans JR OF Michael Petello
  241. Rutgers SR C Jayson Hernandez
  242. Minnesota SR C Kyle Knudson
  243. Florida Atlantic JR SS Nick DelGuidice
  244. Delaware SR 1B Ryan Cuneo
  245. Community College of Southern Nevada SO 1B Trent Cook
  246. Houston SR C Chris Wallace
  247. Fresno Pacific SR C Wes Dorrell
  248. North Carolina SR SS Ryan Graepel
  249. Cal State Fullerton SR C Billy Marcoe
  250. Vanderbilt SR C Andrew Giobbi


  1. darren says:

    either stop posting about rutgers players or learn the game,cause how do you leave Pat Biserta whos gonna get drafted between 5th and 10th rd most likley,a first team big east selection and all american candidate with 18HR 17 doubles and batted 370,

    • Rob Ozga says:

      I missed on Biserta, plain and simple. With a list this big, sometimes prospects fall through the cracks. I’m pretty certain you still won’t love where I have Biserta on the rankings, but I think that’s the best spot for a defensively challenged though admittedly powerful potential bench bat to go. Thanks for bringing the omission to my attention.

  2. Thomas says:

    Looking at the top 250 player prospects. Where does Drew Poulk from NC State fit into the mix? The kid had an awesome season and has some stories on the internet about how his tools rate.

  3. Thomas says:

    Also, seeing all of the other NC State people up here, the only one with comparable stats is Dallas Poulk. And I am not sure how Russell Wilson made the top 100 with limited playing time this year and not much to show for the time he did play. Sure he has great athletic ability but either you can hit or you cant.

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Drew strikes me as a darn fine college player who will have trouble translating his game to the pros. You need to have a boatload of tools to project as a big leaguer when you are a corner outfielder who a) doesn’t walk, and b) strikes out a ton. You could maybe argue his raw power rates as a big league tool and I’d be alright calling his arm a 55/60, but that’s all. I saw him play in 2007 with UNC and 2009 with State, so maybe something has clicked for him in 2010 that I can’t really speak to. Perfect Game has also alluded to character concerns with Drew, but, again, that’s not something I can’t really speak to.

      Dallas, however, I like. He’s got more projection in his bat and more value defensively. I don’t think he goes off the board before round 15 or so, but he could be a solid organizational player who advances one rung at a time up the ladder through the minors. With a little luck, there could be a utility future there.

      Your concerns about Wilson’s bat are certainly valid. For me, if a guy can’t hit then I don’t much care about anything else. In Wilson, however, I see a player who has shown glimpses of all five tools, including the bat, at one point or another, iffy college production be damned. It’s doesn’t seem really fair that raw college guys with lesser production get picked over the Drew Poulk’s of the world, but that’s the reality of draft day. What will you do is more important than what you have already done.

      • Rob Ozga says:

        By the way, I’m about to publish the top 250ish college RHP list and I think some of the State fans will like Buchanan’s placement on the list…

  4. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the insight. Seems strange how he was one of the top 100 ranked HS players in 2005 out of high school.

  5. Mike says:

    What about George Washington SS Tom Zebroski. He was the A10 POY and 3rd team TPX/Lousiville Slugger All-American.

  6. Bruce Breger says:

    Do you see Shaun Kort from University of Nevada Reno going anywhere in the draft?

  7. Miguel says:

    darren, while I agree that Biserta should’ve been on the list somewhere behind his accomplishments this season but Rob is not as far off the mark as you so strongly imply. I checked another thorough draft reporter like MLB Bonus Baby, Andy Seiler and his list of the top 755 players (that’s about the first 30rds) and he doesn’t mention Biserta at all from Rutgers. Who knows, you might be right but I doubt you know more than that guy Seiler, very well respected by MLB. Other than that here, I think Rob made some good calls on the list and for Rutgers. Clearly some of it is accomplishment and some of it clear-enough potential and projection, which is all a part of the game. Good job Rob.

  8. Mark Hiemstra says:

    I don’t see his name anywhere but understand he may be a mid round pick;do you have anything on TJ Blanton of Bowling Green? He seems to have hit quite a few of the NCAA top 150 in most of the major batting categories. Thanks

    • Rob Ozga says:

      Unfortunately, I think Blanton is a long shot to get taken this year. No stat is the be-all and end-all of college baseball, but teams really do weigh any set of numbers that show the ability of controlling the strike zone. Blanton’s ugly K/BB numbers will really hurt him. I think he’s got enough of the power/speed combo that teams look for to maybe be on the edge of his seat hoping to get taken in the last ten rounds as a senior sign, but fear that he’ll simply be passed over for players with more professional projection.

  9. nolan says:

    rob, where do you see wright state university rhp sr. alex kaminsky projected to go. he had his best outings vs. the best competition in out of conference games like virginia,giving danny hultzen his only loss in 2010, clemson, oklahoma st. etc. he is a control and command pitcher who throws strikes.
    was in the 88-92mph range last 2 months of the season.
    15bb/88k in 98 IP.

  10. Thomas says:

    Back to Drew Poulk. Seems like your view on him is a little inconsistent with the other top ranked outfielders on the list. If you look at the stats for ACC teams for the entire year, Drew is tied for first (with Dallas)for most hits (91), second in doubles (21), top 10 in RBI and Home Runs. Compared to other such as Tyler Holt, Kyle Parker, Tony Plagman (understand he is 1st base) the numbers are better or equal and for the strikeout, all are around 44. Drew had 8 assist from RF this year and after attending almost all of the games, should have been in the realm of 13-14 if the catcher had of held on to the ball at the plate. Speed of 6.65-6.7 in the 60 appears to be better than average based on other reports I have seen.

  11. Miguel says:

    Rob, you’re first day was pretty good. As to your Day Two Board, 300 guys, how do you think the Rutgers players listed will do today?

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