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Happy New Year

The plan was to have the very first mock draft of 2010 up and ready for the new year, but — and really what else is new? — plans changed. Here’s the new plan for the upcoming week. Expect to see the following…

  • 2010 Mock Draft
  • Completed LSU College Team Profile
  • Completed Top 25 High School Righthanded Pitching Prospects List, with commentary

After that, I’m up for anything. I really like doing the College Team Profiles, but they chew up my daily alloted baseball writing time very, very quickly. I thought the quick scouting blurbs on Jameson Taillon and AJ Cole worked pretty well, so maybe I can do a couple more of those on some other top prep prospects. Positional rankings are always good (e.g. Top 20 High School Middle Infielders), and I would also like to rework some of the Big Board rankings now that I’ve had some time to catch up on everything.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated, as always. And now for a quick sneak peak at the aforementioned first mock of 2010…

1. Washington – Bryce Harper (really going out on a limb here, I know)

5. Cleveland – Drew Pomeranz (don’t love the player, but having a very difficult time getting a read on any kind of drafting patterns out of Cleveland)

10. Oakland – Nick Castellanos (love the player, but risky matching the A’s up with a high schooler)

15. Texas – Cam Bedrosian (again, love the player and am willing to stick my neck out that he’ll be a first rounder even as his stock has slipped in comparison to some of those other high upside prep righties)

20. Boston – Yordy Cabrera (wild card drafting team gets one of 2010’s wild card talents)

25. St Louis – Sammy Solis (anticipating a big spring out of Solis as he anchors what could be a potentially epic USD pitching staff)

30. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – Kolbrin Vitek (you know I’m not one to play the “different for the sake of different” card, but I do like to mention certain players as late first round possibilities that may not quite get exposure on a larger stage…ready for your turn in the spotlight, Mr.Vitek?)


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  1. mike moore says:

    How do you know of Kolbrin Vitek?

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