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2010 MLB Draft: Top 25 High School Righthanded Pitching Prospects

I love to travel for a lot of reasons. Who doesn’t enjoy the chance to see a new locale, interact with new people, and experience new things? Those are all perfectly acceptable reasons to enjoy travel, but there is another, far less interesting reason why I like getting away. I like the peace and quiet of planes, trains, and buses. Peace and quiet = one shockingly productive baseball dork. Behold, the result of one such 90 minute plane ride.
Before I go further, be forewarned – this list is just the beginning. First, it’s the initial long form list of position prospects for the 2010 draft. Additionally, this list is incomplete and merely a starting point for something greater. See, I don’t normally like to include player rankings without commentary, so expect to see brief comments on each player on the list in the coming days. For now, check out my initial ranking of 2010’s top righthanded high school pitching prospects.
  1. Jameson Taillon
  2. AJ Cole
  3. Cam Bedrosian
  4. Dylan Covey
  5. Kaleb Cowart
  6. Stetson Allie
  7. Karsten Whitson
  8. AJ Vanegas
  9. DeAndre Smelter
  10. Drew Cisco
  11. Kevin Gausman
  12. Tyrell Jenkins
  13. Brandon Brennan
  14. Robbie Aviles
  15. Aaron Sanchez
  16. Robby Rowland
  17. Taijuan Walker
  18. Luke Jackson
  19. Eric Stevens
  20. John Simms
  21. Brandon Williams
  22. Tony Rizzotti
  23. Adam Duke
  24. Cody Buckel
  25. Evan Hudson

1 Comment

  1. Joshua B. says:

    Looks like a good list to me–although the inclusion of Tallion, Cole, Bedrosian, Covey, Cowart, Allie, Whitson, Vanegas, Smelter, Cisco, Gausman, Aviles, Sanchez and Brennan somewhere on your list are my only qualifications for a “good list” at this stage.

    Covey, Cowart and Bedrosian seem to have risen some lately. Ahead of Allie and Whitson at least. Why do you like those three particularly? Allie’s fastball seems to be the best in the draft, at least on pure velocity–Cole’s has the most room for growth though, with his projection.

    Can’t wait to read your commentary on the list. Glad to see your posts through the off-season.

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