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October Baseball

Confession time – I’m a Phillies fan. Knowing that, I hope it is understandable why posting here has been sporadic at best over the past month. I thought I’d be able to be a real person (like, you know, go to work every day), obsessively follow the Phillies through October/early November, and begin posting semi-regularly again. I underestimated my baseball fandom, a mistake I won’t soon make again.

Thanks to all who have stuck with the site what with all of our “short breaks” over the past few months. I’ve been quietly pouring over all kinds of random scouting reports, watching video and live action at both high school showcases and college fall ball, and doing the best I can to convince my limited contacts to spill their guts about the new crop of draft-eligible talent. New thrice-weekly posting offseason posting schedule will be rolled out soon, along with plenty of new college and high school player profiles.


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  1. P. says:

    Can’t fault you for focusing on your team, but I really do miss the blog.

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