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I feel bad that almost everything on the site post-draft has been news about the site and the general direction where things are heading, but you won’t have to put up with it much longer. After thinking it over for a good 5 minutes or so, I’ve decided I might as well go ahead and call what started out as an early summer period of sporadic posting activity what it really is. Time for an official mid to late summer hiatus.

I know what you’re thinking – how will life go on without the high quality analysis and information provided by The Baseball Draft Report? Wait, you’re not thinking that? Not at all? Not even a little? Ouch. Well, here’s the latest and greatest revision of my master plan all the same. I’m hoping to pop in with some of those random updates as promised, so if it’s a reallllllly slow day at work and you’ve read literally every other interesting site on the internet already, check back here on the off-chance you’ll be rewarded with a stray 2010 draft tidbit or two. That’ll cover the three weeks or so until my triumphant return. When will that be? Hey, thanks for asking!

The timing of the reemergence of the site is most excellent, in my humble opinion. Expect a return to a fairly regular blogging schedule on or shortly after the 2009 MLB Draft signing deadline. By August 17th (give or take), things will finally begin to take shape around here. Team-by-team draft report cards will be ready to go (doing them after the deadline made too much sense to me – the timeliness, or lack thereof, is sub-optimal, but the overall quality of the product will be worth it), a mock draft will be finally set to see the light of day, and never before seen 2010 prospect/college team previews will surface. All that plus another site redesign that has boom or bust written all over. Could be the best thing I’ve ever done from a tech standpoint, or could be an ugly, clunky, unimaginative mess. I’m excited to find out one way or another…

I’ll still be checking in daily (more or less) until mid-August, so feel free to drop a line in the comments or via email (thebaseballdraftreport at gmail dot com). I’ve got a terrible memory when it comes to keeping track of which comments I’ve responded to and which I haven’t (it’s not personal at all, I’m just a tad absent-minded when it comes to communication), so don’t feel bashful when it comes to badgering me for responses to something I’ve missed.

Time now for me to get writing…


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