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Still Alive…and Ready for Another Site Update!

[Slight changes going on around here, so if you want to be surprised or hate meta-blog posts then you might want to skip this one and check back again later in the day. I always feel a little silly getting all meta and writing about the site itself (I mean, who even reads this anyway, you know?), so I’d understand if this gets skipped over. I wrote today’s post specifically for any daily reader of the site (thanks, by the way) to know exactly what is going on with the direction of the site. I also wrote it for myself. See, for me anyway, this is all a trick to get motivated and committed to follow self-imposed publicly seen deadlines. So, read it or skip it, it’s all good, but just know that real stuff is coming…]

Summer is my time for relaxed scheduling around here, but we have a new plan of action that calls for a slightly tighter schedule going forward. I hope/think it’ll work out. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far, let me know if any of this makes sense. It’s a combination of explaining what I’ve been up to (good stuff, hopefully) and what I’d like to do going forward…

I’ve been working pretty hard at finding ways to make time to sit down and focus on writing up certain features for the site (i.e. draft report cards and player/college preview profiles for 2010) while also doing the behind-the-scenes digging (like going to games and showcases, checking out video, making calls and emails to people way smarter and better connected than I’ll ever be) that helps me actually back up some of the silly things I write. I enjoy all of that, no doubt. However, I can’t shake the feeling of guilt when I don’t have anything I deem worthwhile to plaster up on the site, especially when I go longer than a day or two without any kind of update.

So, the new plan: totally random notes that require little writing prep time (fun fact about me – I hate writing), but serve as interesting (hopefully)  and topical jumping off points for more involved features to come. For example, in doing my digging on 2010 prep pitchers I’ve come across a wealth of information on some really interesting names for the next year’s draft. Under my current system, I file it all away until…well, I’m not really sure. What am I waiting for? I started this site wanting to do “features,” and I still kind of like the idea of that, but my real goal was to just share as much info as I can with people who care about this stuff as much as I do. Waiting on sharing good information so that I can put it in a nice article-style post runs counter to what I’m trying to do. I realize now that I work better when I just type. Get info, do a little more digging, get a little more info…then type. It’ll be way more of a natural process for me, one where I don’t have to literally set aside time each day to sit at a desk and try to find the motivation to write about the 29th round pick of the White Sox for grading purposes. (By the way, White Sox are next on my list of 2009 draft report cards!). So, the new plan: totally random notes pertaining to the draft whenever I feel like it (these should come early and often) while simultaneously continuing some of the long-range features that I’d like to get done before the end of summer (report cards, early mock drafts, and anything else we can come up with). I’m digging this plan so far, and I really think it’ll work out better for all involved…especially the readers who check in every day wanting to see something new (thanks again for reading, it’s been a blast and you are all a huge part why).

Last but not least, first round signing post will be updated at some point later today. I’m not sure how useful that is to a hardcore draft follower, but it seems to be pretty handy for fans just popping in to check on their favorite team’s first round pick. I really should focus more on draft signings, especially those difficult to sign mid-round high school guys, but, quite frankly, all of that bores me. It’s all posturing until signing day, anyway…wake me up August 17th, then we’ll talk. I guess that attitude doesn’t make a ton of sense (you could say the same thing about all the pre-draft hype – who cares that you are projecting Player X to go to Team Y, you’ll find it all out for real on draft day), but what can I really say? It just doesn’t get me all excited. For now, I’ll stick to my minuscule coverage of first round signings only. So stay tuned for that update later today, if interested.



  1. blackoutyears says:

    Definitely want to see some of those 2010 prep arm notes! Anyone besides the usual suspects (Taillon, Cole) grabbing your attention?

    • rfozga says:

      Nice! Always good to have somebody interested. I have some more in-depth notes to share, but off the top of my head…

      Cole and Taillon are 1-2, no doubt, but Whitson, Allie, and Covey are all getting potential first round buzz. I personally loved what I saw on video of Cam Bedrosian. Another big personal favorite of mine is Jesus Valdez, super projectable and already armed with a fastball with sick late life.

      I’m also the guy that was telling anybody that would listen (my mom) that Mike Burgess would go higher than Jason Heyward at around this point in the process, so my track record of early projections hasn’t been so great. Hey, I try…

  2. blackoutyears says:

    Thanks! Good to see Bedrosian and Covey holding steady. Valdez is a new name. Where are you seeing video of these guys?

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