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The 2009 MLB Draft Countdown Begins…

Less than a week remains until the 2009 MLB Draft…crazy, right? We need a plan. Here’s my tentative schedule for the next few days, but feel free to add any suggestion you’d like to see – I’m nothing if not flexible.

Friday – Mock Draft 3.0 (with commentary)

I’m thinking I ought to make that my last mock of the season, for no other reason than any updated version would admittedly be mostly a rehash of the great final mock that Jim Callis at Baseball America puts together. I obviously use BA, Baseball Prospectus, and PG Crosschecker as resources during the year, but I try not to be swayed too much by their respective mocks. It’s a tough balancing act — keeping up with what the excellent mainstream publications are saying while also incorporating my own opinions and sources — but I’d like to think it’s worked out pretty well so far. That’s just a long way of saying that I don’t want the temptation of plagarizing too much of Callis’s awesome final mock (Mock v4.0 will be posted on BA on Tuesday morning, by the way) to get in the way of what I hope will be a pretty good final mock of my own.

Weekend – First Day (Top 3 Round) Mock; Personal Big Board of 2009 Draft Prospects

I want to expand the mock to the entire first day, but it’s more of an exercise in seeing whether or not I’m capable of doing it rather than any kind of attempt to accurately guess who goes where. Yeah, that’s a cop-out, but it’s better than me lying, right? I’m excited to put the final touches on my Big Board, but unsure how big it’ll wind up being…it’ll be at least 75 players deep, but it could be as massive as 300 players.

Monday – Shadow Draft Rules; Random Sleepers I Like; Last Minute Draft News Updates

I’ve shadow drafted the top few picks for the Phillies the past few years, so maybe I’ll dig up some old stuff on that. I’ll also lay out my plans for maybe doing a new team this year – teams that pick in the middle of each round are optimal, I think, and the Phillies aren’t that team this year.

Tuesday – Christmas in June Live Blog (starting 4ish)

I can’t wait.


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  1. rfozga says:

    Mock took longer than anticipated, but the big board and possibly the 3-round mock should go live Monday night. I’ve also got a few oldies, but goodies from 2008 I dug up that may be fun to look at on the eve of the draft.

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