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Quick Schedule Update

Since I’m still wrapping up the the top five draft-eligible righthanded college starting pitching prospect writeups (I love doing 15-10, like doing 10-6, but something about 5-1 really gives me trouble), I figure I’ll at least give an update on what’s in store over the next few days. Sound good?

Wednesday evening: Top 5 college righthanded starting pitching prospects
Thursday: Top 10-5 college catching prospects
Friday: Top 5-1 college catching prospects

The goal over the next few weeks is to flesh out the top prospect positional lists (first college, then back to high school) while also mixing in college team profiles (a feature I’m darn excited for) . After that we should be able to put together a gigantic big board of draft-eligible talent and begin to make better mock draft predictions (the goal is to have the mock updated by the end of the month, by the way). And, of course, they’ll be deviations along the way – either by request (like the forthcoming comparisons between the 08 draft class and the 09 draft class) or whenever the heck I think of something to do.


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