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Coming Attractions


College Team Profiles – all of the prospects you need to know on every college baseball playing school in the country

Mock Draft – everybody’s favorite feature

Top 10/15 Prospects by Position – we already knocked out high school RHPs, but we still have every other position to cover for both college and high school prospects

All _____ Teams – this is something I’m currently working on and it’s going to be good, but I’m going to keep it intentionally vague to build the suspense…

Look-Ins at College Baseball Season – I’m not sure we’ll have as comprehensive an update as we did opening weekend every week, but there always be recognition of the college action as it unfolds

High School Top 50 Big Board – pretty self-explanatory, but just keep in mind the 50 is merely a starting point

Mock Draft – did you know readers love mock drafts?

Junior College Top 25 Big Board – by popular demand, there will be more juco coverage than I initially anticipated

2009 Draft-Eligible Top 150 Really Big Board – the Big Board is one of my favorite features and the eventual goal is expanding it up to 300, not unlike a draft board a big league team might have in their war room

Mock Drafts, Mock Drafts, Mock Drafts – yeah, I think you get it by now…although in addition to regularly updating the mock, I’m also playing around with other mock draft related ideas (actual odds about who will go where, listing of the top few candidates to go to every particular team, range finders for players, organizational draft philosophies, partial mocks, etc.)

On top of these planned features, we’re also totally on board with any and every reader request for more information on a given topic. If you want to see something that isn’t on the schedule, all it takes is a comment or an email ( and we can make it happen.



  1. malphie says:

    don’t knock my mock or i’ll clean your clock.

    — hobbes

  2. Joshua B. says:

    Writing about team draft philosophies in a mock draft would be sweet. I know the Braves like to take local high school products, can you say Donovan Tate? Jacob Turner? And the Nationals like taking college players in the first round… so do the Mets. The Astros like to pick safe in the first, then make up for it later in the draft by taking high upside guys – Ross Seaton, Dietrich, Eibner… not that they signed the second two.

    As far as any addition topics, I think you’ve got enough on your plate right now, and it all looks good.

  3. Simon B says:

    I just want to comment, I just found this blog and it’s an incredible resource. Obviously not as much info out there about the MLB draft as there is the NBA/NFL. I love the consolidation of prospect lists (Top HS RHPs, Top College OF’s, etc) and would appreciate just mini scouting blurbs as well. Great way to just get familiar with all the names and do further research. Keep up the good work.

  4. rfozga says:

    Joshua, I’m glad you like the draft philosophies mock draft angle, I was hoping somebody would. There’s a lot that can be done with it including, as you mentioned, geographic tie-ins, college/high school preference, and, additionally, a breakdown of what area scouts teams trust the most. That last aspect might require a bit more work than is worth it, but I always found it fascinating that the Phillies had some area scouts in Texas that they trusted more than any other guys on staff. If things keep growing here as I hope they will, maybe I’ll have enough clout to get some interviews with team-by-team representatives.

    Simon, glad you found the site and even gladder that you find it useful. You touched on the big reason I decided to finally start this thing up – a total dearth of MLB draft coverage and information on the web.

    I also like that last bit about doing further research after coming here. I’d truly enjoy nothing more than for this place to be a springboard that allows fans of baseball to begin their exploration on what has previously been an ignored corner of the game. Obviously, nothing I say is the be-all, end-all, so further research is always going to be required to reach the best possible conclusion about a player, a team, or a particular pick in a mock. I don’t know anything with any certainty because, let’s face it, draft forecasting is an opinion driven business. I hate when draft websites maintain that attitude suggesting they KNOW things that nobody else does. I’d rather kick back and compile information from all the reputable sources in the game, trust my eyes, trust the statistical profiles, and present opinions that are just that – opinions.

    There will be more of a scouting focus as the lists grow over the course of the spring, so hopefully you’ll get what you’re looking for here.

    Malph, now I know what image to use for my next mock. Thanks!

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