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Breaking News: Josh Fields Signs, ’09 Draft Order Altered Ever So Slightly

The news isn’t really breaking, but a headline like that really packs a punch. Former Georgia Bulldog closer Josh Fields is the newest member of the Seattle Mariner organization after reportedly agreeing to terms yesterday. Nobody — well, neither player nor team — is talking about the agreement just yet, but it is widely believed to be a done deal. So, what does it all mean? Check out the updated draft order (first round only) after the jump…but not before our sickeningly sweet Valentine’s Day photo sets the mood…

English Corner

Photo Credit: English Corner

1. Nationals
2. Mariners
3. Padres
4. Pirates
5. Orioles
6. Giants
7. Braves
8. Reds
9. Tigers
10. Nationals
11. Rockies
12. Royals
13. Athletics
14. Rangers
15. Indians
16. Diamondbacks
17. Dodgers
18. Marlins
19. Cardinals
20. Blue Jays
21. Astros
22. Twins
23. White Sox
24. Angels
25. Angels
26. Brewers
27. Mariners
28. Yankees
29. Red Sox
30. Rays
31. Cubs
32. Rockies

A special thank you to Jack Zduriencik, Scott Boras, and, of course, Josh Fields for agreeing to this deal just as I’ve started my revised mock draft. Very considerate, fellas.


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