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2012 MLB Draft Shortstop Rankings

Rankings are fluid and highly subject to change. Additions to player notes will be made as necessary. Statistics will be updated periodically.

1. SS Carlos Correa (Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico): plus-plus arm strength; positive reports on glove, above-average tools across board defensively; very fluid defender; 6-3, 190 pounds; tons of projection; plus athlete; needs at bats; plus power upside; plus speed; crazy bat speed, no problem with velocity; good approach; R/R

2. SS CJ Hinojosa (Klein Collins HS, Texas): power upside is immense, due mostly to crazy bat speed (swing is level); steady defender at short with tools to be even better; really like his quick bat, but swing can get out of whack at times; impressive arm strength; think he’ll stick up the middle pretty easily; 5-11, 185 pounds

3. Arizona State JR SS Deven Marrero: advanced defender with plus tools (great range, soft hands, plus arm); average power potential, gap power at present; average speed, plays up a bit in game; he’d also  work well at 2B or 3B, though a position switch is not necessary; despite the down year, Marrero has impressed in by hitting a variety of stuff – i.e. he’s not struggling for lack of being able to hit a good fastball or misidentifying breaking balls; above-average hit tool; even though I’ve never been top-five pick high on Marrero as a prospect, it bears mentioning that he’s a ballplayer with no obvious below-average tool and a worthy first round pick – closer to the back than the front, but still worth a first round grade; interesting information from watching him/parsing the stats: he absolutely kills lefties, but struggles against righties; still living off his impressive freshman season to some extent, but scouts remain high on him as somebody who will settle in as one of the top 5-8 defenders at shortstop in the game while hitting better with wood than what he showed in college – his ceiling may not be as an All-Star caliber player, but he could still be a first-division starter; 6-1, 195 pounds

2011: .315/.354/.434 – 15 BB/28 K – 219 AB
2012: .279/.339/.431 – 18 BB/15 K – 204 AB – 10/13 SB

4. SS Gavin Cecchini (Barbe HS, Louisiana): good athlete; good speed; solid defender; more power than you’d expect, at least average as a pro; should be able to stick at shortstop, but more steady than spectacular there; above-average arm; plus hit tool; like his hit tool, not sure on the rest; I think he’ll have to move off SS, but we’ll see

5. SS Adrian Marin (Gulliver Prep HS, Florida): plus arm strength; confirmed plus speed; needs to add some bulk; steady defender who should stick at SS, could be very good at 2B; no problems with velocity; gap power; has “it” whatever that is; 6-0, 170 pounds

6. Florida JR SS Nolan Fontana: average to above-average speed; good defender who manages to get by without elite defensive tools – positioning and instincts go a long way; average hit tool; little power, but enough pop to run into one from time to time – big improvement in this area in 2012; highlight of his game is without a doubt his great approach; Fontana never takes off an at bat, always working deep counts and being sure to swing at pitches he knows he can handle and/or waste; more physical strength than given credit for; should have a long professional career in some capacity, whether it is as a starting middle infielder or an above-average utility player; as much as I like Fontana (and I really, really like Fontana), I have to pass along the comp I heard a scout who saw him play a lot this year throw on him: former first round pick Russ Adams, a similarly polished college shortstop who didn’t have enough punch to make a meaningful pro impact; 5-11, 185 pounds

2011: .309/.436/.457 – 56 BB/28 K – 256 AB
2012: .309/.429/.512 – 43 BB/21 K – 207 AB – 12/12 SB

7. Virginia JR SS Chris Taylor: plus arm strength; very athletic; steady defender capable of making majority of plays on balls hit at or near him while also pulling off the occasional highlight reel stop and throw; profiles best as leadoff hitter (if he has enough pop to maintain on-base skills) or seventh/eighth hitter in a better lineup; I think his speed has been exaggerated by some outlets, but it is still comfortably above-average; has some power to gaps, but likely never a double-digit HR power guy in big leagues; relatively high floor (utility guy) prospect with the enticing ceiling of everyday shortstop – I tend to err on the side of caution with respect to his upside, but still think he has such a well-rounded skill set that the odds of him reaching the highest levels of pro ball are all but assured; 6-0, 175 pounds

2011: .326/.407/.428 – 29 BB/43 K – 285 AB
2012: .302/.396/.484 – 32 BB/33 K – 215 AB – 11/13 SB

8. Miami JR SS Stephen Perez: plus arm strength, accuracy comes and goes; plus defensive tools, but inconsistent present ability – even his range varies from outing to outing, but the flashes are enough to make you think he can defend in the big leagues; good runner; fringe-average power upside, but currently below-average; have heard Cincinnati, the team that drafted him out of high school, is in on him again this year; 5-11, 185 pounds

2011: .286/.386/.394 – 29 BB/47 K – 175 AB
2012: .265/.388/.463 – 25 BB/36 K – 136 AB – 15/19 SB

9. SS AJ Simcox (Faragut HS, Tennessee): excellent range, especially to his left; strong arm; gap power; needs to add bulk and has the frame to do it; advanced hit tool; reminds me of a last year’s top prep from Tennessee Nick Delmonico a bit; average speed, maybe a tad more; he can definitely stay at shortstop, so if you buy the bat, and I do, he’s a keeper; 6-3, 170 pounds

10. SS Dansby Swanson (Marietta HS, Georgia): good athlete; plus speed; strong hit tool; good defensive tools; 6-1, 170 pounds

11. SS William DuPont (Lafayette HS, Missouri): plus-plus speed; swing needs some work; quick bat; plus defensive tools at 2B; plus range; can hang at SS; good pop; 6-1, 180 pounds

12. SS Cory Raley (Uvalde HS, Texas): plus speed; good athlete; 6-2, 185 pounds

13. SS Paxton De La Garza (Coronado HS, Texas): average speed; strong hit tool; good defensive tools; 6-0, 180 pounds

14. SS Brandon Lopez (American Heritage HS, Florida): no standout tools, but very well-rounded; good enough range; arm allows him to play deeper and cover more ground; more and more impressed with his defense with each look; low-90s peak FB; hit tool is a question; 6-2, 180 pounds

15. Evansville SS Eric Stamets: steady defender at SS, but could be even better at 2B if a team wants to go that route; well-rounded skill set highlighted by really good speed; great baseball instincts; easy player to like because he knows what he is – you won’t see many fly balls to the warning track or mile high pop-ups because Stamets understands his offensive game is about speed, speed, and more speed; 6-0, 185 pounds

2011: .302/.390/.392 – 24 BB/34 K – 212 AB
2012: .323/.408/.427 – 31 BB/17 K – 220 AB – 31/38 SB

16. LSU SR SS Austin Nola: above-average arm; very good defender – one of the few college shortstops expected to have little difficulty sticking at the position professionally; slightly above-average speed; gap power; it may be a stretch to peg Nola as a future starting big league shortstop, but he has the range, actions, and hands to play the position defensively at the next level with at least the prospect of having just enough bat to make it; jumped 17 rounds from high school to junior season (48th to 31st round) – in good position to make at least another 17 round jump in his senior season (31st to 14th round); 5-11, 185 pounds

2011: .301/.385/.418 – 29 BB/34 K – 196 AB
2012: .311/.432/.453 – 38 BB/25 K – 190 AB – 2/3 SB

17. Southeast Missouri State SR SS Kenton Parmley: plus arm; good defender; another player who has put up consistent strong collegiate numbers who deserves a shot in pro ball despite not being super toolsy; 6-1, 200 pounds

2011: .300/.366/.449 – 24 BB/31 K – 227 AB
2012: .344/.424/.537 – 25 BB/23 K – 227 AB – 12/15 SB

18. Florida State JR SS Justin Gonzalez: average speed, maybe a touch more; good range; fastball hitter only, but raw power is very intriguing; good athlete; good arm; question has and will continue to be about his hit tool – all of the other tools are fine, but his value hinges on how much contact he can make in pro ball; has more upside than many players above him, but also a higher risk of flaming out before AA; 6-2, 200 pounds

2011: .268/.388/.450 – 33 BB/69 K – 231 AB
2012: .256/.390/.435 – 28 BB/57 K – 168 AB – 14/16 SB

19. SS Mikey White (Spain Park HS, Alabama): good strength; should be able to stick at shortstop based on defensive actions; really strong arm; swing works with offspeed as well; no plus tool, but solid across board; can play all over

20. SS Landon Lassiter (North Davidson HS, North Carolina): good defensive tools; good arm

21. SS Zach Green (Jesuit HS, California): good defensive instincts, first step is always right on; strong hit tool; average speed; average at best arm; seen as a future 3B, but not sure he arm for it – think he can stay at SS anyway; 6-3, 205 pounds

22. St. John’s SR SS Matt Wessinger: above-average speed that he uses really, really well; better defender at second, but enough of a chance to stick at SS that I feel good about including him here; good arm; good athlete; solid pop for a middle infielder; strong utility possibility going forward; I liken him to a northern version of LSU SS Austin Nola; 6-0, 180 pounds

2011: .256/.346/.405 – 25 BB/32 K – 227 AB
2012: .327/.432/.474 – 35 BB/23 K – 211 AB – 33/35 SB

23. Central Florida JR SS Darnell Sweeney: plus athlete; very good runner; plus defensive tools; strong arm; interesting potential as leadoff hitter, but lack of power development is somewhat concerning – he needs to put on weight, badly; range is well above-average; defensive upside makes him a scout favorite, but he’ll still have to show he can hit; 6-0, 165 pounds

2011: .304/.384/.417 – 32 BB/40 K – 240 AB
2012: .250/.360/.356 – 33 BB/28 K – 188 AB – 16/23 SB

24. SS Casey Burns (Grand Junction HS, Colorado): good athlete; good range; strong arm; average speed; good hit tool; some pop

25. SS TJ Lemke (Grandview Prep, Colorado): good speed; good defensive tools; interesting pop

26. SS Angel Ortega (International Baseball Academy, Puerto Rico): plus defender

27. Oregon State JR SS Tyler Smith: very good glove; strong enough arm for left side; above-average speed; gap power; 6-0, 175 pounds

2011: .230/.389/.265 – 28 BB/22 K – 113 AB
2012: .353/.441/.439 – 28 BB/24 K – 187 AB – 9/11 SB

28. SS Spencer Edwards (Rockwall HS, Texas): plus speed; good pop; 5-11, 180 pounds

29. SS DC Arendas (Forsyth Country Day HS, North Carolina): good defensive tools; strong arm; 6-1, 180

30. Maryland SR SS Alfredo Rodriguez: good arm; really good defender; great approach and a much improved hit tool; little to no power; average arm, but enough for SS when combined with everything else well he does defensively; 6-0, 180 pounds

2011: .234/.357/.283 – 34 BB/27 K – 205 AB
2012: .310/.383/.416 – 26 BB/19 K – 197 AB – 17/20 SB

31. Bakersfield (CA) CC SO SS Brent Peterson: plus speed; good defensive tools; strong arm; questionable hit tool

2012: .374/.448/.497 – 16 BB/15 K – 155 AB – 12/18 SB

32. Pepperdine JR SS Zach Vincej: strong arm; steady defender; 5-11, 165 pounds

2011: .206/.302/.265 – 11 BB/30 K – 170 AB
2012:.378/.434/.498 – 18 BB/26 K – 217 AB – 8/10 SB

33. Texas A&M JR SS Mikey Reynolds: some pop; plus speed; good range up the middle; average arm; steady defender

2012: .308/.424/.410 – 29 BB/27 K – 195 AB – 19/21 SB

34. Vanderbilt JR SS Anthony Gomez: another player with lots of averages on his scouting card – this may look boring, but the bar for average is pretty damn high in professional baseball; steady defender; so-so runner; fringe-average raw power, but hasn’t shown up in games yet; good approach; hasn’t personally wowed me as hitter, but defensive versatility will get him drafted higher than I’d otherwise suggest; profiles as effective situational, bat control, contact bat with just enough pop to keep pitchers honest – could be one of those pesky, ten-year utility infielders if everything breaks right; 5-11, 185 pounds

2011: .346/.362/.406 – 9 BB/13 K – 286 AB
2012: .369/.424/.449 – 18 BB/13 K – 225 AB – 7/12 SB

35. SS Bobby Zarubin (Santa Fe Christian HS, California): good athlete; above-average speed; plus arm

36. SS Lucas Hunter (Central Catholic HS, Oregon): plus speed; 5-11, 160 pounds

37. SS Ryne Shelton (Timberline HS, Washington): plus speed; strong arm

38. North Carolina State JR SS Chris Diaz: average defender at SS with enough pop and speed to profile nicely as a potential utility player across the infield; 5-11, 180 pounds

2011: .310/.388/.412 – 24 BB/41 K – 216 AB
2012: .369/.406/.505 – 16 BB/31 K – 222 AB – 7/10 SB

39. Michigan JR SS Derek Dennis: I’m almost certainly alone on this, but I’m not sure there is that much a gap in talent between Dennis and the draft’s consensus top college shortstop Deven Marrero; talent alone, however, doesn’t make a good prospect a good prospect – Dennis’ underwhelming and frequently interrupted by injury run at Michigan has to be taken into consideration; at his best, he still flashes the tools that made him such a highly touted prep prospect; he has average or better tools across board offensively (maybe a little less in raw power at this point) and a flashy glove with good range at SS (when his head is screwed on right); Dennis’ major problems stem from his inconsistent performances inning-to-inning – the idea that he is still a pro prospect at all must drive Michigan fans crazy; 6-3, 190 pounds

2011: .230/.341/.264 – 20 BB/38 K – 148 AB

40. Wesley (DE) SR SS Rob Benedict: plus speed; strong hit tool; steady defender who should stick up the middle; patient approach; 5-11, 180 pounds

2012: .373/.440/.449 – 19 BB/6 K – 185 AB – 43/45 SB

41. Wake Forest JR SS Pat Blair: steady glove; average arm; some sneaky pop to the gaps, but power isn’t his game; great approach and little power likely adds up to a utility infielder ceiling, but Blair’s consistent year-to-year performances and average tools outside of the batter’s box give some indication he may just reach it; 5-10, 180 pounds

2011: .275/.453/.410 – 55 BB/39 K – 178 AB
2012: .292/.424/.394 – 48 BB/29 K – 216 AB – 23/27 SB

42. Texas-Pan American JR SS Angel Ibanez: strong hit tool – not a ton of power, but makes a ton of contact and controls the strike zone well; good speed; above-average arm; smart base runner; good athlete; can handle SS, but has shown defensive versatility to make utility future easy to see; 6-2, 200 pounds

2011: .344/.386/.489 – 13 BB/13 K – 221 AB
2012: .305/.341/.414 – 10 BB/15 K – 203 AB – 12/15 SB

43. Dallas Baptist SR SS Joel Hutter: steady defender with the chance to stick at SS; enough speed and pop to warrant late-round consideration; 6-1, 210 pounds

2011: .251/.353/.403 – 33 BB/34 K – 231 AB
2012: .283/.349/.475 – 20 BB/31 K – 219 AB – 7/8 SB

44. SS George Iskenderian (Don Bosco Prep, New Jersey): good speed

45. SS Caleb Wood (Valley Vista HS, Arizona): good athlete; good defensive tools

46. SS Connor Moore (Brophy College Prep HS, Arizona): steady defender; above-average arm

47. SS Vance Vizcaino (Wakefield HS, North Carolina): good fielder

48. Kent State SR SS Jimmy Rider: really steady defender; patient hitter; 5-9, 170 pounds;

2011: .273/.326/.367 – 20 BB/30 K – 267 AB
2012: .357/.432/.529 – 30 BB/31 K – 238 AB – 3/3 SB

49. Arizona JR SS Alex Mejia: flashy glove up the middle with great defensive tools; really strong baseball instincts, especially on defense – he knows when to move in on a ball, when to stay back, how much time he has to make a play, etc.; average speed, maybe 55 on a good day; strong arm; good range; there have been some reports that say he could be tried behind plate or at 3B (he could lack foot speed and/or grow off the position), but I think he’s fine sticking at SS; we’ve made it this far without mentioning his bat, so I’m sure you can guess what kind of projection he has as a hitter; be careful if you’re at work doing a Google Image search with SafeSearch off on “Alex Mejia”; 6-1, 210 pounds

2011: .287/.304/.361 – 4 BB/22 K – 230 AB
2012: .309/.340/.401 – 9 BB/18 K – 217 AB – 4/10 SB

50. Tulane JR SS Garrett Cannizaro: solid speed; good defender; potential plus glove at third;

2011: .275/.348/.350 – 21 BB/34 K – 200 AB
2012: .333/.400/.457 – 18 BB/23 K – 219 AB – 6/9 SB

51. Marietta (OH) SR SS Tim Saunders: steady defender; plus arm; good speed; 6-0, 175 pounds

2012: .441/.512/.667 – 35 BB/28 K – 213 AB – 41/47 SB

52. Oregon JR SS JJ Altobelli: some pop; plus arm; chance to be well above-average at SS; good speed; intriguing hit tool; 6-1, 190 pounds

2011: .251/.302/.320 – 14 BB/23 K – 203 AB
2012: .304/.368/.380 – 13 BB/11 K – 171 AB – 5/11 SB

53. SS Jordan Striegel (Indiana): strong arm; above-average range; good speed

54. SS Teddy Turner (Kingwood HS, Texas): strong arm; 6-3, 185 pounds

55. Georgia JR SS Kyle Farmer: good defensive tools, just enough to stick at SS; strong enough arm, average overall; average to just above-average range; good athlete; some pop; average speed

2011: .320/.378/.490 – 21 BB/30 K – 253 AB
2012: .290/.326/.437 – 8 BB/25 K – 245 AB – 3/3 SB

56. Cal State Fullerton JR SS Richy Pedroza: very strong defender; good range; strong arm; great bunter; plus speed, but doesn’t utilize it on the base paths like he could; can play all over the infield; makes good use of his small strike zone; 5-6, 140 pounds

2011: .319/.383/.393 – 14 BB/20 K – 163 AB
2012:  .346/.425/.401 – 21 BB/9 K – 162 AB – 1/2 SB

57. Central Arizona JC SO SS Jorge Flores: plus defensive ability alone makes him a prospect of note; contract-oriented, leadoff approach but hit tool isn’t particularly loud; smart on bases, but not really a burner (speed more good than great); 5-6, 160 pounds

2012: .286/.387/.411 – 19 BB – 192 AB – 27/35 SB

58. Long Beach State JR SS Matt Duffy: nice swing; can play average defense at least at all spots on diamond; utility future; 6-2, 170 pounds

2011: .313/.342/.341 – 10 BB/25 K – 214 AB
2012: .291/.385/.344 – 26 BB/15 K – 189 AB – 1/2 SB

59. SS Edgar Michelangeli (Florida Christian HS, Florida) good defender

60. SS Andrew Velazquez (Fordham Prep, New York): plus speed; great first step

61. UC Irvine SR SS DJ Crumlich: gap power upside; average speed; above-average defender; average to above-average arm; 6-0, 190 pounds

2011: .313/.414/.408 – 33 BB/30 K – 233 AB
2012: .316/.398/.398 – 25 BB/21 K – 206 AB – 7/9 SB

62. Lehigh SR SS Brendan McGaheran: good speed; good athlete; steady defender; strong hit tool;

2011: .300/.366/.417 – 14 BB/19 K – 180 AB
2012: .289/.364/.401 – 17 BB/21 K – 187 AB – 17/18 SB

63. Cal Poly SR SS Mike Miller: average arm; average speed; steady defender at SS, could be quite good at 2B; fantastic approach; 5-8, 165 pounds

2011: .299/.386/.375 – 15 BB/15 K – 144 AB
2012: .364/.420/.506 – 20 BB/27 K – 231 AB – 5/6 SB

64. Old Dominion rSR SS Josh Wright: much improved approach; good athlete; good speed; strong arm; 5-11, 200 pounds

2011: .354/.441/.662 – 26 BB/36 K – 198 AB
2012: .284/.397/.485 – 27 BB/45 K – 204 AB – 19/22 SB

65. High Point JR SS Willie Medina: good defender with soft hands and plus range; good athlete; plus speed; leadoff approach who doesn’t try to do too much at plate; 5-10, 170 pounds

2012: .324/.388/.391 – 17 BB/24 K – 179 AB – 17/23 SB

66. Southern Utah SR SS Bo Cuthbertson: strong hit tool; solid pop; average speed; average arm; might be best-suited for 2B in the long run, but can hang at SS for now; 5-9, 185 pounds

2011: .391/.457/.630 – 26 BB/34 K – 192 AB
2012: .257/.372/.426 – 36 BB/56 K – 183 AB – 11/19 SB

67. Embry-Riddle (FL) SR SS Ben Kline: steady defender; just enough hit tool to have some hope at utility future; slightly above-average speed; came to Florida after stopping first in Nebraska and Creighton; 6-3, 200 pounds

2012: .340/.396/.449 – 15 BB/21 K – 247 AB – 16/17 SB

68. Vanguard (CA) JR SS David Kiriakos: good speed; good approach; good arm; steady defender; Cal State Fullerton transfer; 5-11, 170 pounds

2012: .317/.439/.437 – 15 BB/13 K – 126 AB – 6/10 SB

69. SS Matt Gonzalez (Harrison HS, Georgia): plus arm strength; average speed; 6-0, 180 pounds

70. SS Will Hurt (Lexington Catholic HS, Kentucky): good speed; enough arm; good defensive tools

71. New Mexico State SR SS Ty Forney: gap power; above-average speed; plus defensive tools; average arm strength, but very accurate; good track record with wood; 5-9, 160 pounds

72. Houston JR SS Chase Jensen: good athlete; has gotten a lot stronger since high school days; really good defensive tools (the range he’ll show on occasion is eye-popping), but hasn’t put it all together on the defensive side for a consistent stretch as a college athlete; questions about his defense make it harder to overlook his disappointing offensive performances – when I’ve seen him, he has looked lost at the plate and very unsure on pitch types; 6-2, 185 pounds

2011: .328/.352/.443 – 6 BB/41 K – 244 AB
2012: .274/.322/.355 – 13 BB/31 K – 197 AB – 7/8 SB

73. Missouri State SR SS Travis McComack: very strong arm; good defender; sat out 2012 season while straightening out academics, but retained his final year of eligibility in the process; 5-9, 160 pounds;

2011: .298/.386/.346 – 26 BB/23 K – 191 AB

74. Austin Peay State JR SS Reed Harper: average speed; steady defender; strong arm; good range; some pop; 6-2, 185 pounds

2011: .288/.328/.428 – 13 BB/26 K – 222 AB
2012: .290/.345/.403 – 19 BB/29 K – 231 AB – 8/12 SB

75. Tennessee SR SS Zach Osborne: a fielder so good that you don’t mind the fact that he makes so many outs with such little power at the college level, but projecting the bat to anything that will get him out of the lower-minors is generous at this point; 5-8, 170 pounds

2011: .318/.372/.392 – 13 BB/16 K – 176 AB
2012: .242/.311/.288 – 18 BB/11 K – 198 AB – 8/9 SB

76. Arkansas rSR SS Tim Carver: similar to teammate and double-play partner Bo Bigham in that both are solid, high character college guys with little professional upside; gets in trouble trying to do too much at the plate at times; good speed; steady defender; 6-0, 185 pounds

2011: .226/.303/.266 – 17 BB/18 K – 177 AB
2012: .303/.343/.390 – 9 BB/24 K – 218 AB – 14/24 SB

77. Bradley JR SS Jason Leblebijian: too aggressive for his own good, but he’s been a hacker from day one so little chance he’ll change now; solid range; good arm; good athlete; good speed; has put on some muscle in an attempt at more power; 6-1, 190 pounds

2011: .300/.351/.384 – 11 BB/41 K – 203 AB
2012: .238/.302/.406 – 15 BB/41 K – 202 AB – 4/5 SB

78. Northeastern SR SS Jimmy Filter: good athlete; plus defensive tools; good approach to hitting; strong arm; average speed; could also play 3B or 2B; 6-0, 190 pounds

2011: .225/.274/.292 – 6 BB/27 K – 89 AB

79. Stetson JR SS Ryan Lashley: plus runner who doesn’t get on base enough right now to utilize it; strong arm that plays well on left side – has played all over infield; more power potential than your typical middle infielder, but will need to return to school to show it; 6-0, 185 pounds

2011: .255/.318/.332 – 20 BB/35 K – 184 AB
2012: .232/.276/.328 – 8 BB/21 K – 125 AB – 1/1 SB

80. North Carolina State JR SS Matt Bergquist: good defender who has improved a ton since enrolling at NC State, mostly through physical maturation; collapse in offensive production likely keeps him in college another season – this could be a blessing in disguise as he’ll get the chance for more consistent at bats next year; 6-0, 195 pounds

2011: .294/.362/.438 – 22 BB/48 K – 201 AB
2012: .202/.317/.261 – 18 BB/26 K – 119 AB – 1/1 SB

Stats updated: 5/2/12


AQ Conference Follow List: 2012 MLB Draft Shortstops

I think the respective starts for Marrero and Fontana have opened up the debate for top college shortstop prospect in all the land. As a long-time Marrero doubter – first round, sure, but top five? Craziness! – you can probably guess where I stand on the issue. After those two big names, the field is wide open. I’d imagine many would have one of the ACC prospects as the third man at the top. The perpetually underrated Perez and rock steady Taylor are both fine candidates, but my long-standing allegiance to the other Virginia infielder is the pick. The big question from the opposite side of the country comes when trying to place Oregon State’s breakout star Tyler Smith. I’ll be honest: in my pre-season ranking of these exact players, Smith ranked ahead of only the since unfollowed (as in he’s fallen off my personal 2012 draft follow list) Villanova’s Marlon Calbi. That’s obviously not much of an endorsement, but what to do with Smith now that he’s started the year hitting .463/.527/.575? How much weight do 80 at bats have? Coming into the year my notes on Smith were short and sweet: “defensively versatile up the middle, well above-average at both SS and 2B, good arm strength, above-average speed though not necessarily a base stealer, whole-field line drive approach with power to the gaps, mid- to late-round utility future.” Not much has changed from a tools standpoint, but seeing him put it all together, even if only in a small sample, is encouraging. For reference’s sake, he hit .230/.389/.265 in 113 park/schedule adjusted at bats last year. I honestly have no clue how high he can fly between now and June, but I’d make a tentative guess that he could catch the single digit rounds at the rate he is going.

  • Alabama SR SS Jared Reaves
  • Arizona JR SS Alex Mejia
  • Arizona State JR SS Deven Marrero
  • Arkansas rSR SS Tim Carver
  • Florida JR SS Nolan Fontana
  • Florida JR SS Cody Dent
  • Florida State JR SS Justin Gonzalez
  • Georgia JR SS Kyle Farmer
  • Louisiana State SR SS Austin Nola
  • Maryland SR SS Alfredo Rodriguez
  • Miami JR SS Stephen Perez
  • Michigan JR SS Derek Dennis
  • Mississippi SR SS Blake Newalu
  • NC State JR SS Chris Diaz
  • NC State JR SS Matt Bergquist
  • Oklahoma SR SS Caleb Bushyhead
  • Oregon JR SS JJ Altobelli
  • Oregon State JR SS Tyler Smith
  • Oregon State SR SS Ryan Dunn
  • Tennessee SR SS Zach Osborne
  • Texas A&M JR SS Mikey Reynolds
  • Vanderbilt JR SS Anthony Gomez
  • Virginia JR SS Chris Taylor
  • Virginia JR SS Stephen Bruno
  • Wake Forest JR SS Pat Blair