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2016 MLB Draft Follow Lists – Ivy League

I’m bad at writing introductions because I’m bad at writing, so I’ll just pop down a few words here that surely interest me and me alone and get on with it. It’s my 2016 “scouting” goal to see every Ivy League team play at least one series this upcoming (Ed. Note: now ongoing) season. Teams that are locked in include Penn, Brown, Yale, Cornell, and Columbia, so I’m already more than halfway there all without having to go beyond a fifteen minute walk from my apartment. I’m an easy drive from a bunch of other schools, so I might just reach my goal. If I do, I think I’ll throw a little party for myself. Balloons, cake, maybe a few small presents…the works. It’s important to have goals in life, after all.

Rob Henry is the only 2016 Ivy Leaguer to get the FAVORITE treatment in my notes heading into the season. He’s a true center fielder with arm strength, athleticism, and intriguing righthanded pop. There’s clear fourth outfielder/platoon bat upside with him. I like him a lot as a mid- to late-round Ivy League value pick, but his signability, like just about any non-senior in this conference, figures to be up in the air.

Thomas Roulis is an old favorite – but not a FAVORITE, apparently – who has hit well when healthy. The “when healthy” part has been the problem. Roulis has missed the majority of two seasons already (2013 and 2015), so staying on the field is goal number one in 2016. Assuming he can do that, he’ll have the chance to show off an impressive feel for contact, a balanced swing, and an approach that utilizes the whole field effectively. I’m confident that he’ll hit, so reports on his glove and arm strength will what can separate him from other college middle infielders in this class. Most think he’s a second baseman only, but it only takes one to believe in him enough to be a stand-in at shortstop to get him popped higher than most think in June. Very similar things could be written about Will Savage, an athletic second baseman for Columbia. I like Savage by a hair thanks to his even more advanced hit tool and better speed.

Ryan Mincher and Billy Arendt are senior shortstops on different sides of the classic Penn/Princeton Ivy rivalry. Both guys are steady fielders and disciplined hitters. Dan Hoy is deceptively strong with the kind of sneaky pop one might expect (or not expect…) from somebody described as deceptively strong. Joe Purritano likely being a first baseman or bust hurts his prospect stock some, but he can really hit. Same goes for Nick Maguire, a hulking first baseman from Columbia who runs damn well for his size.

Forget the Ivy League, Duncan Robinson is one of the best senior-sign pitchers in all of college ball. He’s a power righthander with size (6-6, 220) capable of beating you with a low-90s fastball and average or better slider. As his changeup develops he’ll become an even more attractive prospect, what with the standard starter ceiling that typically comes with three usable pitches, size, clean mechanics, and a good track record of amateur success. If the change lags, then he’s still got the solid middle relief starter pack to fall back on.

Jake Cousins caught my eye last year as part of a crowded Penn pitching staff that has already gone on to put one starter (Ronnie Glenn) in the pros. Cousins could join him by mid-June on the strength of a good fastball (88-93), promising curve, and exactly the type of athleticism and projection (6-4, 180) that scouts want to see. He’s been a run prevention star (1.59 ERA in 2014, 2.34 ERA last year) despite not missing a ton of bats (5.56 K/9 and 5.94 K/9), so some degree of needing the scouting reports and the positive outcomes to start matching up with the peripherals is in play. His placement on this list suggests he’ll bridge that gap.

Austin French is a lefty with size (6-4, 215) who can dial it up to 94 when needed. George Thanopoulos is a classic sinker/slider guy who could soak up enough low-minors innings to buy the time needed to earn fans in high organizational places. There are hundreds of pitchers like him between amateur ball and the minor leagues and predicting which ones can take their sinker/slider blend to big league bullpens is anybody’s guess.

A pair of transfers from big-time schools (Virginia and Miami, respectively) round out Penn’s interesting staff: Adam Bleday and Jesse Roth. I’m really curious to see Bleday throw this spring after hearing nice things about him throughout the entirety of last season. Michael Byrne is a lefty with solid stuff and knockout peripherals (11.25 K/9 last year) who could shape up as a deep sleeper thanks to an unsightly 2015 ERA (7.25). Chasen Ford and Cameron Mingo are names that come up over and over when talking to those who see these guys even more than I do. Both have cool names, but I think there’s more to it than that. Both can reach the low-90s with interesting breaking balls. The cool names certainly don’t hurt, of course.


  1. Brown JR OF Rob Henry
  2. Columbia JR 2B Will Savage
  3. Dartmouth rSR 2B/SS Thomas Roulis
  4. Penn SR SS Ryan Mincher
  5. Princeton SR SS Billy Arendt
  6. Princeton SR 2B Dan Hoy
  7. Brown SR OF/2B Jake Levine
  8. Columbia rSR OF Robb Paller
  9. Penn SR OF Matt Greskoff
  10. Dartmouth SR 1B Joe Purritano
  11. Columbia SR C/OF Logan Boyher
  12. Cornell JR 1B Cole Rutherford
  13. Cornell JR C/1B CJ Price
  14. Columbia rSR 1B Nick Maguire
  15. Cornell JR 2B/SS Frankie Padulo
  16. Harvard SR C DJ Link
  17. Harvard JR SS Drew Reid
  18. Yale JR 3B Richard Slenker
  19. Penn SR OF Gary Tesch


  1. Dartmouth SR RHP Duncan Robinson
  2. Penn JR RHP Jake Cousins
  3. Brown SR LHP Austin French
  4. Columbia SR RHP George Thanopoulos
  5. Penn JR LHP Mike Reitcheck
  6. Brown JR RHP Christian Taugner
  7. Cornell SR LHP Michael Byrne
  8. Penn JR LHP Adam Bleday
  9. Cornell JR RHP Paul Balestrieri
  10. Cornell JR RHP Peter Lannoo
  11. Yale JR RHP Chasen Ford
  12. Penn JR RHP Andrew Burnick
  13. Penn JR RHP Jesse Roth
  14. Princeton SR RHP Cameron Mingo
  15. Harvard SR RHP Nick Scahill
  16. Columbia SR RHP Adam Cline
  17. Harvard SR RHP Sean Poppen
  18. Princeton JR LHP Keelan Smithers
  19. Cornell JR RHP Tim Willittes
  20. Dartmouth JR RHP Chris Burkholder
  21. Yale SR RHP Chris Lanham
  22. Penn SR RHP Mitch Holtz
  23. Columbia SR RHP Kevin Roy


SR LHP Austin French (2016)
JR RHP Christian Taugner (2016)
JR RHP Max Ritchie (2016)
JR OF Rob Henry (2016)
SR OF/2B Jake Levine (2016)
SR 1B Kevin Guthrie (2016)
JR 3B Marc Sredojevic (2016)
SR 2B Noah Shulman (2016)
JR C Josh Huntley (2016)
SO RHP Reid Anderson (2017)
SO OF Sam Grigo (2017)
SO SS Brian Ginsberg (2017)
FR 3B Willy Hozman (2018)

High Priority Follows: Austin French, Christian Taugner, Rob Henry, Jake Levine, Kevin Guthrie


SR RHP Adam Cline (2016)
SR RHP George Thanopoulos (2016)
SR RHP Matt Robinson (2016)
SR RHP Kevin Roy (2016)
SR LHP Thomas Crispi (2016)
SR RHP Willis Robbins (2016)
JR LHP Ryan Marks (2016)
JR RHP Ty Wiest (2016)
rSR 1B Nick Maguire (2016)
rSR OF Robb Paller (2016)
SR C/OF Logan Boyher (2016)
SR 3B John Kinne (2016)
JR 2B Will Savage (2016)
JR OF Shane Adams (2016)
SO 3B/SS Randell Kanemaru (2017)
FR SS Joe Engel (2018)

High Priority Follows: Adam Cline, George Thanopoulos, Matt Robinson, Thomas Crispi, Nick Maguire, Robb Paller, Logan Boyher, John Kinne, Will Savage


SR LHP Michael Byrne (2016)
JR RHP Paul Balestrieri (2016)
JR RHP Scott Soltis (2016)
JR RHP Peter Lannoo (2016)
JR RHP Tim Willittes (2016)
JR 1B Cole Rutherford (2016)
JR C/1B CJ Price (2016)
SR OF Jordan Winawer (2016)
JR 2B/3B Tommy Wagner (2016)
JR 2B/SS Frankie Padulo (2016)
SO C Ellis Bitar (2017)
FR RHP/1B Mark Fraser (2018)
FR OF/RHP Parker Morris (2018)
FR C Will Simoneit (2018)

High Priority Follows: Michael Byrne, Paul Balestrieri, Peter Lannoo, Tim Willittes, Cole Rutherford, CJ Price, Tommy Wagner, Frankie Padulo


SR RHP Duncan Robinson (2016)
SR RHP Beau Sulser (2016)
SR RHP Adam Charnin-Aker (2016)
JR RHP Mike Concato (2016)
JR RHP Jackson Bubala (2016)
JR RHP Chris Burkholder (2016)
SR OF Nick Ruppert (2016)
SR 1B Joe Purritano (2016)
JR 1B/3B Michael Ketchmark (2016)
JR OF Ben Socher (2016)
SR C Adam Gauthier (2016)
rSR 2B/SS Thomas Roulis (2016)
SO RHP Patrick Peterson (2017)
SO RHP Sam Fichthorn (2017)
SO OF/2B Kyle Holbrook (2017)
FR C Rob Emery (2018)

High Priority Follows: Duncan Robinson, Chris Burkholder, Joe Purritano, Thomas Roulis


SR RHP Sean Poppen (2016)
SR RHP Nick Scahill (2016)
SR RHP TJ Laurisch (2016)
JR LHP Greg Coman (2016)
JR RHP Nick Gruener (2016)
SR LHP Sean O’Neill (2016)
SR C DJ Link (2016)
SR 2B/3B Mitch Klug (2016)
JR 1B Matt Hink (2016)
JR SS Drew Reid (2016)
SO LHP Dylan Combs (2017)
SO RHP Ian Miller (2017)
SO OF Conor Quinn (2017)
SO 2B/OF Matt Rothenberg (2017)
SO 3B John Fallon (2017)
FR 1B Parker McColl (2018)

High Priority Follows: Sean Poppen, Nick Scahill, Greg Coman, DJ Link


JR LHP Adam Bleday (2016)
SR RHP Mitch Holtz (2016)
JR RHP Andrew Burnick (2016)
JR RHP Jesse Roth (2016)
JR RHP Jake Cousins (2016)
JR LHP Mike Reitcheck (2016)
JR RHP Nick Pedalino (2016)
SR SS Ryan Mincher (2016)
SR OF Matt Greskoff (2016)
SR OF Gary Tesch (2016)
JR C Tim Graul (2016)
SR OF Jonah Campbell (2016)
SO RHP Billy Lescher (2017)
SO 2B Ryan Schroth (2017)
FR RHP Jake Nelson (2018)
FR C Matt O’Neill (2018)
FR 3B/SS Matt Tola (2018)
FR 1B Sean Phelan (2018)

High Priority Follows: Adam Bleday, Andrew Burnick, Jesse Roth, Jake Cousins, Mike Reitcheck, Ryan Mincher, Matt Greskoff, Gary Tesch


SR RHP Cameron Mingo (2016)
SR RHP Luke Strieber (2016)
SR LHP Chris Bodurian (2016)
JR LHP Keelan Smithers (2016)
JR RHP/INF Chad Powers (2016)
SR 2B Dan Hoy (2016)
SR SS Billy Arendt (2016)
JR OF Danny Baer (2016)
JR OF Paul Tupper (2016)
JR 1B/OF Nick Hernandez (2016)
SO RHP Nick Brady (2017)
SO SS/RHP Asher Lee-Tyson (2017)
FR OF Chris Davis (2018)

High Priority Follows: Cameron Mingo, Keelan Smithers, Dan Hoy, Billy Arendt


SR RHP Chris Moates (2016)
SR RHP Chris Lanham (2016)
JR RHP Chasen Ford (2016)
SR OF Nate Adams (2016)
JR SS Derek Brown (2016)
JR 3B Richard Slenker (2016)
JR INF Harrison White (2016)
SO RHP Drew Scott (2017)
SO RHP Eric Brodkowitz (2017)
SO RHP Mason Kukowski (2017)
SO C Alex Boos (2017)
FR RHP/1B Benny Wanger (2018)
FR 1B/RHP Griffin Dey (2018)

High Priority Follows: Chris Lanham, Chasen Ford, Richard Slenker