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2015 MLB Draft Prospects – Ohio Valley Follow List

Austin Peay State

JR RHP Jared Carkuff (2015)
rSR LHP Zach Hall (2015)
rJR RHP Jake Corum (2015)
rJR RHP Caleb DeLee (2015)
JR RHP Aaron Quillen (2015)
JR OF Tyler Fullerton (2015)
JR OF Kyle Blackburn (2015)
SO C/1B Ridge Smith (2016)
SO 1B Dre Gleason (2016)
SO SS/3B Logan Gray (2016)
SO INF Garrett Copeland (2016)
SO INF/RHP Alex Robles (2016)
SO OF Cayce Bredlau (2016)
SO OF Chase Hamilton (2016)
SO RHP Alex Robles (2016)
SO RHP Caleb Powell (2016)
FR LHP Mike Costanzo (2017)
FR SS Imani Willis (2017)


SR C/3B Matt Beaty (2015)
SR OF Drew Ferguson (2015)
SR C/1B Alec Diamond (2015)
SR 1B/OF William Dodd (2015)
rSO OF Dom Veltri (2015)
JR 2B/OF Tyler Fullerton (2015)
JR RHP Aaron Quillen (2015)
SR RHP Scott Moses (2015)
SR LHP Dan Ludwig (2015)
SR LHP Patrick McGrath (2015)
SR RHP Chase Cunningham (2015)
SO RHP Christopher Carroll (2016)
SO C Nick Egli (2016)
SO SS Tyler Walsh (2016)
FR RHP Tyler Vaughn (2017)

Eastern Illinois

SR 3B Brant Valach (2015)
rJR OF/1B Demetre Taylor (2015)
SR OF Caleb Howell (2015)
JR 2B Mitch Gasbarro (2015)
JR C Jason Scholl (2015)
rSR LHP Christian Slazinik (2015)
JR RHP Jake Johansmeier (2015)
SR RHP Andrew Grahn (2015)
SO OF Frankie Perrone (2016)
FR OF Joe Duncan (2017)

Eastern Kentucky

SR RHP Ben Gullo (2015)
SR RHP Cody Creamer (2015)
SR RHP Logan Hershenow (2015)
SR LHP Ben Brooks (2015)
JR OF Kyle Nowlin (2015)
JR 2B/3B Doug Teegarden (2015)
JR 1B/3B Mandy Alvarez (2015)
JR OF TJ Alas (2015)
JR 2B/3B Luke Wurzelbacher (2015)
SO OF/RHP Taylor Blair (2016)
SO 1B Ben Fisher (2016)
SO OF Shea Sullivan (2016)

Jacksonville State

SR RHP/SS Travis Stout (2015)
SR RHP Zachary Fowler (2015)
rSR LHP Tony Urban (2015)
JR RHP Graham Officer (2015)
JR 1B Paschal Petrongolo (2015)
SR OF Ryan Sebra (2015)
JR 1B Tyler Gamble (2015)
JR 2B/SS Gavin Golsan (2015)
SO INF Joe McGuire (2016)

Morehead State

rJR RHP Aaron Goe (2015)
SR RHP Blake Smith (2015)
JR RHP Tyler Keele (2015)
JR RHP Matt Anderson (2015)
rJR RHP Craig Pearcy (2015)
SR 1B Kane Sweeney (2015)
SR OF Brandon Rawe (2015)
rSR C/OF Chris Robinson (2015)
SR SS Robby Spencer (2015)
SR OF Nick Newell (2015)
SO C Jimmy Wright (2016)
SO RHP Luke Humphreys (2016)
FR RHP David Calderon (2017)
FR LHP Aaron Leasher (2017)

Murray State

SR LHP/OF Brock Downey (2015)
JR RHP Andrew Bramley (2015)
JR RHP Cody Maerz (2015)
JR 2B Nick Moore (2015)
SR 2B/OF Anthony Bayus (2015)
JR OF Taylor Mathews (2015)
SR SS Matt McGowan (2015)
SR OF Kollin Dowdy (2015)
JR C Dalton West (2015)
SO C Tyler Lawrence (2016)
SO RHP John Lollar (2016)

Southern Illinois Edwardsville

JR RHP/1B PJ Schuster (2015)
SR RHP Travis Felax (2015)
SR RHP Ryan Daniels (2015)
JR RHP Jarrett Bednar (2015)
JR LHP Zach Malach (2015)
JR 2B/RHP Skyler Geissinger (2015)
JR C Zach Little (2015)
SR OF Denton Reed (2015)
SR OF Nick Lombardo (2015)
SR 1B Alec Saikal (2015)
SR 2B Chase Green (2015)
SO 1B Keaton Wright (2016)
SO OF Austin Verschoore (2016)
FR RHP Alex Padilla (2017)

Southeast Missouri State

rSR OF Jason Blum (2015)
SR 3B Andy Lennington (2015)
SR OF/C Dalton Hewitt (2015)
SR C Cole Ferguson (2015)
JR C Scott Mitchell (2015)
JR SS Andy Lack (2015)
JR OF Clayton Evans (2015)
JR OF Hunter Leeper (2015)
SR OF Brendon Neel (2015)
JR 1B/OF Ryan Rippee (2015)
rJR OF/RHP Cody Spanberger (2015)
JR LHP Alex Winkelman (2015)
JR RHP Alex Siddle (2015)
SR RHP Travis Hayes (2015)
JR LHP Joey Lucchesi (2015)
SR RHP Ryan Lenaburg (2015)
JR RHP Brady Wright (2015)
SR RHP Greg Mosel (2015)
SR RHP Perry Middleton (2015)
FR SS Trevor Ezell (2017)

Tennessee Tech

SR RHP Jacob Honea (2015)
SR RHP Chris Chism (2015)
SR RHP Austin Tolle (2015)
SR LHP John Gora (2015)
SR RHP Jeb Scoggins (2015)
SR RHP Cain Sloan (2015)
JR RHP Kit Fowler (2015)
JR RHP Trevor Maloney (2015)
SR SS/2B Dylan Bosheers (2015)
JR OF Jake Rowland (2015)
SR C Jordan Hopkins (2015)
SR OF David Allen (2015)
SO OF Anthony El Chibani (2016)
SO OF Tyler Brazelton (2016)
SO RHP Evan Fraliex (2016)
FR 1B Chase Chambers (2017)
FR RHP Travis Moths (2017)


SR LHP Dalton Potts (2015)
SR LHP Carter Smith (2015)
rJR RHP Jackson Zarubin (2015)
rJR RHP Quinton Stevens (2015)
SR OF/RHP Taylor Douglas (2015)
rSO C/OF Luis Paublini (2015)
FR RHP Michael Fidler (2017)

Random College Plus-Plus Tools

So, I’ve got a 33-page Word document going with every notable college team listed (including junior colleges and D-II/D-III teams) that is now up over 11,000 words. I don’t say it to brag — I mean, come on, how big a dork would I have to be proud of something like that? — but rather to set up the next couple of days of posting. Since my current Word doc has real quick notes on a ton of college players, I thought it would be a good idea to share out some of the more interesting findings so far. I won’t have complete player profiles done on the major guys for a while, and I doubt I’ll ever have complete profiles written on some of the lesser names, so this gives me a chance to shine the spotlight on some lesser known guys who happen to feature a truly standout tool or two.

Plus-Plus Tools


SR C Jayson Hernandez (2010) and his jaw-dropping throwing arm. The guy may have little to no power to speak of, and he may be considered one of the weaker hitters currently playing major college ball, but, man oh man, can this guy throw. If he can wake up the bat even a teeny, tiny bit, he could find himself drafted with the chance of someday being a shutdown all-defense big league backup.

South Florida

JR C Eric Sim (2010) and his almost as good as Hernandez’s plus-plus but not quite all the way there yet arm. Overall, Hernandez is the better defender; he is closer to a finished product defensively (his ability to block balls and his footwork are both currently ahead) and, as mentioned, has a slightly more impressive arm. Sim’s bat is more of a question mark at this point. I’ll be honest and say I’m not really sure how it’ll play in the Big East this spring. What I do know is that some scouts have already given up on Sim as a catcher and are instead dreaming of what kind of heat his arm could generate when getting reps throwing off the mound.

Texas A&M

SO RHP/SS Adam Smith (2011) and the bazooka launcher attached to the right side of his body. If you’ve been following the draft over the past few years the name Adam Smith should sound familiar. No, not the Wealth of Nations guy. The highly sought after 2008 recruit who wound up in College Station playing for the Aggies. Smith has always had a crazy strong arm, but only recently has he had the chance to showcase it regularly on the mound. I still believe he can play a capable SS/3B and hit enough to be productive at either spot, but I couldn’t fault a team that instead saw him as a potential closer-type throwing easy 97 mph fastballs off the bump.

San Diego

FR OF Matt Moynihan (2012) doing his very best Usain Bolt impression with legit plus-plus speed. A future piece here is definitely going to be about players who fit the ideal “leadoff man profile.” I must have wrote that phrase about 50 times when during the quick reports of college guys this year. Maybe I’m misremembering previous year’s talent bases, but it seems that 2010-2012 has a disproportionate amount of players with the potential for really good big league careers as lineup table setters and up the middle plus defenders. Moynihan has that potential, though he is obviously a few years off from getting there. He combines that plus-plus speed with good discipline along with superior range and an arm that fits well in CF to make himself an enticing prospect to watch.

Old Dominion

JR LHP Kyle Hald (2010) and his dominating split-fingered changeup. Hald doesn’t throw hard (sitting mid-80s), but he does everything else you could possibly want a pitcher to do well. The secondary stuff is solid (hard SL and decent show-me CB), he is an outstanding fielder, his pickoff move is a legit weapon, and his mechanics are clean, consistent, and repeatable. That alone would make him a potential mid-round get, even when factoring in the below-average fastball. It’s the inclusion of his unique split-fingered change that makes him a sleeper to watch in 2010. I may be wildly overrating him based on one great pitch, but it’s a pitch that impressed me so much I’m willing to stick my neck out for it.

Jacksonville State

SR RHP Alex Jones (2010) and his surgically repaired elbow’s nasty slider. Jones is coming off from Tommy John surgery and, unfortunately, is feeling the impact hard. His fastball that once topped out in the low-90s was only able to get up over 86 this past summer. Thankfully the procedure and subsequent time off had no negative consequences on his plus-plus slider, a pitch that may be the best of its kind in all of college baseball. If Jones can pick up some of that lost velocity, he’ll find himself as another potential mid-round college reliever sleeper. He’s got the pro body (6-6, 190 pounds) and financial advantage (he’d be a senior sign) that many similarly talented pitchers in the mid-rounds seem to lack.