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2018 MLB Draft Profile – Cincinnati

SS Manny Rodriguez is in the midst of a power breakout unlike many I can remember at the college level. Rodriguez’s ISO’s per season: .060, .086, .089, .297. His senior year ISO tops his first three years combined. Power surge or not, Rodriguez is still only a borderline prospect at best based largely on the three lackluster years leading up to this one and his below-average plate discipline. His defense might be good enough to get drafted late, but I’d pass. I like 3B/2B Connor McVey a touch more, but probably not enough to use a pick on him either. Same goes for OF AJ Bumpass (a power/speed athlete with a questionable approach), C Joey Thomas (steady glove, light bat), and OF Treg Haberkorn (lots of speed/range in center, inconsistent hitter). Maybe 2B Kyle Mottice‘s big senior season will push him over the draft hump, but, like Rodriguez, the overall body of work is far less impressive when viewed with a wider lens.

LHP JT Perez is a rare sinker/slider lefthander who gets by more on movement and command than velocity. I’m not sure how pro ball will look at a mid-80s (88 peak) guy with peripherals more good than great, but I think there’s enough good in his game to get him a shot in the pros.

LHP/1B Cameron Alldred holds some appeal as an athletic lefthander who has struck out a batter per inning so far in 2018. Additionally, LHP Doug Lowe, RHP Clayton Colvin, RHP Jarod Yoakam, RHP Tristan Hammans, and RHP David Orndorff all have pitched well enough so far in 2018 to warrant at least a shred of draft consideration. Hammans might get a little extra love for his imposing 6-8, 250 pound frame while Yoakam’s track record could make him the preferred option among the analytically inclined. Lowe and Colvin each have another year of eligibility ahead, so they could be in a position to keep improving and wind up as 2019 senior-sign candidates.

SR LHP JT Perez (2018)
SR RHP David Orndorff (2018)
SR RHP Jarod Yoakam (2018)
SR RHP Tristan Hammans (2018)
SR LHP AJ Olasz (2018)
rJR LHP Doug Lowe (2018)
JR RHP Cal Jarrett (2018)
JR RHP AJ Kullman (2018)
JR RHP Clayton Colvin (2018)
JR LHP/1B Cameron Alldred (2018)
SR SS Manny Rodriguez (2018)
rSR 3B/2B Connor McVey (2018)
JR OF AJ Bumpass (2018)
SR C Joey Thomas (2018)
SR OF Treg Haberkorn (2018)
SR 2B Kyle Mottice (2018)
JR 1B Cole Murphy (2018)
JR OF Vince Augustine (2018)
SO RHP Nathan Kroger (2019)
SO RHP Reese Robinson (2019)
SO SS/2B Jace Mercer (2019)
SO 1B Eric Santiago (2019)
FR LHP Garrett Schoenle (2020)
FR INF Dondrae Bremner (2020)
FR OF Joey Wiemer (2020)