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2015 MLB Draft Prospects – Big West Follow List

Cal Poly

SR OF Zack Zehner (2015)
JR 2B/OF Mark Mathias (2015)
SR OF Jordan Ellis (2015)
JR C Brian Mundell (2015)
JR SS Peter Van Gansen (2015)
JR 2B/OF John Schuknecht (2015)
SR LHP Taylor Chris (2015)
JR RHP Casey Bloomquist (2015)
SR RHP Danny Zandona (2015)
SO RHP Justin Calomeni (2016)
SO LHP Slater Lee (2016)
SO OF Brett Barbier (2016)
FR RHP Kyle Smith (2017)

Cal State Fullerton

JR RHP Justin Garza (2015)
JR RHP Thomas Eshelman (2015)
SR LHP Tyler Peitzmeier (2015)
SR RHP Willie Kuhl (2015)
rSO RHP Shane Stillwagon (2015)
JR 1B Tanner Pinkston (2015)
JR 2B/SS Jake Jefferies (2015)
JR OF Tyler Stieb (2015)
JR C AJ Kennedy (2015)
JR OF/INF David Olmedo-Barrera (2015)
JR OF Josh Vargas (2015)
SO SS Timmy Richards (2016)
SO 3B/SS Taylor Bryant (2016)
SO OF Marcus Vidales (2016)
SO C/1B Niko Pacheco (2016)
SO OF Hunter Cullen (2016):
SO RHP Chad Hockin (2016)
SO RHP Ryan Kayoda (2016)
FR OF/2B Scott Hurst (2017)
FR SS Tristan Hildebrandt (2017)
FR C Chris Hudgens (2017)
FR C/OF Jordan Hand (2017)
FR LHP John Gavin (2017)
FR RHP Connor Seabold (2017)

Cal State Northridge

rSR RHP Kyle Ferramola (2015)
SR LHP Jerry Keel (2015)
rSR RHP Louis Cohen (2015)
SR RHP Brandon Warner (2015)
JR RHP Calvin Copping (2015)
JR RHP Anthony Cortez (2015)
rSR OF Chester Pak (2015)
rJR OF Daniel Timmerman (2015)
SR C Nick Murphy (2015)
rJR OF Spencer O’Neil (2015)
JR 1B William Colantono (2015)
SR OF/2B Nick Blaser (2015)
SR 2B Ryan Raslowsky (2015)
rJR SS Yusuke Akitoshi (2015)
SO RHP Conner O’Neil (2016)
SO LHP Kenny Rosenberg (2016)
FR C/1B Albee Weiss (2017)
FR RHP Joe Ryan (2017)
FR OF/LHP Justin Toerner (2017)
FR RHP Andrew Weston (2017)


JR RHP Tyler Brashears (2015)
rSR LHP Jarrett Arakawa (2015)
JR RHP LJ Brewster (2015)
JR RHP Josh Pigg (2015)
rSO LHP Quintin Torres-Costa (2015)
rSR LHP Andrew Jones (2015)
SR LHP Lawrence Chew (2015)
SR RHP Eric Gleese (2015)
JR SS Jacob Sheldon-Collins (2015)
SR OF Keao Aliviado (2015)
SR OF Jordan Richartz (2015)
SR 2B Stephen Ventimilia (2015)
SO OF/2B Marcus Doi (2016)
SO RHP Gordon Cardenas (2016)
FR 1B Eric Ramirez (2017)

Long Beach State

SR C Alex Bishop (2015)
JR 3B Zack Rivera (2015)
rJR 2B Zach Domingues (2015)
JR C Eric Hutting (2015)
rSR RHP Kyle Friedrichs (2015)
rJR RHP Ty Provencher (2015)
rJR RHP Jason Alexander (2015)
JR RHP Logan Lombana (2015)
JR RHP Trey Ferketic (2015)
JR RHP Tanner Brown (2015)
SO SS Garrett Hampson (2016)
FR RHP Chris Mathewson (2017)
FR OF Joey Sanchez (2017)

UC Davis

SR RHP Spencer Koopmans (2015)
rJR RHP Max Cordy (2015)
rSR RHP Raul Jacobson (2015)
JR LHP/1B Spencer Henderson (2015)
SR OF Kevin Barker (2015)
JR OF Tanner Bily (2015)
rSR 2B/OF Tino Lipson (2015)
rSR 1B/3B Nick Lynch (2015)
JR C Cameron Olson (2015)
SO RHP Zach Stone (2016)
SO LHP Orlando Razo (2016)
SO RHP Justin Mullins (2016)
FR 1B/OF Ryan Anderson (2017)

UC Irvine

rJR 2B/OF Grant Palmer (2015)
SR C Raul Silva-Martinez (2015)
JR 3B Mitchell Holland (2015)
rJR 1B Jonathan Munoz (2015)
SR OF Kris Paulino (2015)
rSR C Jerry McClanahan (2015)
rSO OF Evan Cassolato (2015)
JR LHP Elliot Surrey (2015)
JR RHP Matt Esparza (2015)
SR RHP Sam Moore (2015)
SR LHP Evan Manarino (2015)
SO OF Adam Alcantra (2016)
FR LHP/1B Cameron Bishop (2017)
FR 2B/OF Keston Hiura (2017)
FR RHP Shaun Vetrovec (2017)

UC Riverside

SR LHP Kevin Sprague (2015)
SR LHP Antonio Gonzales (2015)
rJR LHP Cody Rogina (2015)
SR RHP Joie Dunyon (2015)
JR RHP Keaton Leach (2015)
SR 2B/SS Alex Rubanowitz (2015)
SR 2B/OF Joe Chavez (2015)
SR OF Thomas Walker (2015)
rJR C Drake Zarate (2015)
JR C Matthew Ellis (2015)
SO OF Vince Fernandez (2016)
SO INF Mark Contreras (2016)
SO RHP Angel Landazuri (2016)
SO RHP Jordan Kron (2016)

UC Santa Barbara

JR LHP Justin Jacome (2015)
JR RHP Dillon Tate (2015)
JR RHP Dylan Hecht (2015)
JR RHP Trevor Bettencourt (2015)
JR RHP James Carter (2015)
JR RHP Connor Baits (2015)
JR RHP Kenny Chapman (2015)
JR LHP Domenic Mazza (2015)
JR RHP/3B Robby Nesovic (2015)
JR OF/1B Dalton Kelly (2015)
rSR 2B/OF Woody Woodward (2015)
rSO OF Andrew Calica (2015)
rSR OF Scott Quinlan (2015)
JR SS Devon Gradford (2015)
SR OF Cameron Newell (2015)
SR SS Peter Maris (2015)
rFR OF/LHP Josh Adams (2016)
rFR C Dempsey Grover (2016)
SO RHP Shane Bieber (2016)
SO 2B/3B Billy Fredrick (2016)
FR INF Kyle Plantier (2017)
FR SS Clay Fisher (2017)


2013 MLB Draft Preview: Cal State Northridge Matadors

Most Intriguing Pre-Season 2013 MLB Draft Prospect(s)

1. rSO RHP Kyle Ferramola
2. JR OF Miles Williams

In my perfect world I’d have the time and patience to do a draft preview for every college team in the country. Life in this perfect world would be better because I could justify the time spent reviewing teams that have no future big league players. Even worse are the teams that seem 50/50 at best when it comes to whether or not there is even a draftable talent on hand. As it is, forty minutes of my daily allowance of baseball draft website time, time that could have been spent in a million other more relevant, marketable (mock draft!) ways, has now been lost researching and writing about Cal State Northridge. I’m quite happy with the decision, but that’s because I’m a crazy person who a) is a self-proclaimed completest (ignore my shoddy track record finishing what I start, please), and b) cares just as much about the prospects at the Cal State Northridges of the world as I do at any traditional SEC or Big 12 powerhouse. Knowing going in that the only people who will care enough about what I’ve written are the fellow draft-obsessed and the friends/family members of players on the team gives me comfort.

JR RHP Harley Holt is a really sound college pitcher known for his excellent pitchability and above-average command. He likely lacks the strikeout stuff – upper-80s FB, no true go-to secondary offering – to warrant much draft consideration. rSO RHP Kyle Ferramola, a Washington transfer, has a really quick arm (95-96 peak) and has flashed a plus breaking ball in the past. If his command comes around and/or he refines a third pitch, preferably something even more offspeed, then he could get looks as a potential starting pitcher. If not, he has enough arm talent to become a useful bullpen piece down the line. The Cal State Northridge offense will be carried by a veteran outfield headlined by their best 2013 position player prospect JR OF Miles Williams. I think Williams will likely be the Matadors’ best 2014 position player prospect after going undrafted this June, but his combination of pop and arm strength may be enough to tempt a team if he puts together a big junior campaign. I see a corner outfielder with decent tools and an approach that needs a lot of work. He’s still the pick as the most likely Matador bat to get drafted this June, but senior sign fits his profile a lot better in my view.

2014 MLB Draft Name(s) to Know

1. SO RHP Jordan Johnson

There’s no 2014 prospect that currently jumps off the page, but that doesn’t mean Cal State Northridge doesn’t have a few intriguing names to watch, at least on the college stage. Relatively unproven hard throwers Jordan Johnson and Kyle Ferramola, both sophomore righthanders, make up for their lack of command and overall polish with mid-90s heat, promising breaking stuff, and ample athleticism. Both guys very clearly have professional upside, but it will take time for them to get acclimated – or re-acclimated in the case of Ferramola, a Washington transfer — to college ball. [EDIT: After a little bit more digging, it appears that Ferramola is draft-eligible in 2013. I added him to the list above.] rFR RHP Louis Cohen and SO RHP Brandon Warner bring more experience than most second-year college pitchers (close to 100 IP last year combined), but neither currently has the stuff to help them separate from the herd. SO LHP Jerry Keel deserves mention both for his work eating innings as a freshman (91.1 IP in 2012) and for his [insert obvious joke here] as he tips in the scales at 6-6, 280 pounds. He’s worth watching.

(Ed. Note: I received an email asking about RHP Shay Maltese. I’m very much an outsider, so most of my roster information comes from surfing official team websites and whatever random newspaper clippings I can Google my way towards. As far as I can tell, Maltese is currently on Cal State Stanislaus’ 2013 roster. I know Perfect Game has Maltese listed on Northridge’s squad, so it could very well be that the more plugged-in staffers there know something I don’t. It’s worth noting that Cal State Northridge’s team page lists only returning players on the Fall roster, i.e. there are no freshman or transfers listed. If Maltese is a Matador this spring, you can put him at the top of the 2013 draft list, narrowly beating out a very similarly talented prospect in Ferramola.)